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Every Wedding Picture tells a story, and Afghani Wedding Photographers will help you tell yours in your Ceremony Photography and Videos.

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Afghani Wedding Photographers Helping You Remember Your Special Day
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Afghani weddings are best known for their cultural richness. Not just that; Afghani weddings are rich in customs, traditions, and values.

When a wedding is that rich and vibrant where every moment is just as beautiful as the next, it requires a responsible wedding photographer who knows how to capture every moment and freeze it in time. I specialize in wedding photography.

Everything from the wedding outfits, to the ceremonies and the decorations, reflect the true nature of the Afghani culture. If you too are having an ethnic and aesthetically rich wedding in New York, here’s where you can get the best wedding photography.

I guarantee that if you hire me as your wedding photographer, your wedding memories will last forever!

Capturing the Beauty of Feelings of Afghani Wedding Photography in New York

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Hire CandleLight Photography Studio as your wedding photographer to preserve your lovely Afghani wedding forever!
  • Why should you choose my photography services for your big day?

I specialize in Afghani wedding photography. That’s why I know how to capture every emotion and freeze it in my photographs for you to feel them every time you open your wedding album.

I always consider it a huge honor when I get hired to cover enriching and beautiful weddings that are so close to their cultural values. And when I do get a chance to cover such events, I put my heart and soul in every single picture that I take.

I believe that every smile and every happy tear has its value, and it needs to be captured. I specialize in capturing every tiny detail that suits your event best.

Real Wedding Memories Captured by Afghani Wedding Photographers

My Wedding Photographer Suggested Be at Ease and Not Pose for Every Photo
CandleLight Studio Captures the essence of the rich Afghani wedding culture!

When I am your photographer, you do not need to even think about what angle suits you the best or which lighting will make you look your best. Just leave it all to me!

I know sometimes how stressful and confusing it can get for brides and grooms to pose for their wedding pictures. That is why I do not force the couples into uncomfortable mirror poses or the average, uninteresting poses.

I capture real emotions and real smiles! For me, the more natural it is the better! I make sure that every click of my camera catches the captures the essence of the wedding in its most attractive form with the vibrance of the culture in full show.

Hiring Afghani Wedding Photographers Because Wedding is Precious

Your Special Day as Wonderfully Captured By New York Professionals
Nothing will capture the essence of your Afghani wedding like CandleLight wedding photography Studio

Why are my photography packages the best?

After being a professional wedding photographer for so many years and after participating in so many beautiful cultural weddings; I have realized how expensive weddings can be.

And when you want the best wedding photography for your big day, it doesn’t come cheap. But if you hire me, you don’t have to worry about that!

I care about my customers and that is why I offer special feature wedding packages for both the bride and the groom, separately and combined!

If you combine the discounts and the offers, I assure you that my packages will be the best of the best in the entire New York City!

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What is my goal?

I think a good photographer is one that does not only take a picture but one who knows how to apprehend the feelings, the joy, and rejoice in his photography.

I specialize in capturing the best angles of the best so that when you look back at it in years to come, you can travel back to the event beautifully.

I am a New York-based photographer, living in the city makes our life go on very fast. My goal is to take such shots and preserve those memories in a wedding album so beautifully that every time you open that album; it takes you back to the day you tied the knot with your partner.

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