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Everyone wants to look their best on the wedding day as it is their most important day. They want everyone and themselves to remember the memorable day and feel the emotions all over again.

From the heartfelt vows to the enthusiastic and romantic first dance, all the events and the ceremonies hold a special place in their hearts. They start a new journey with their beloved partners with the family members feeling proud and happy for the new couple.

Church/Christian Marriages:

Most church/Christian marriages are known for being extremely simple and sophisticated. Even if they are super extravagant, they are done in a classy and elegant way.

The church weddings usually consist of only two simple events. The first event is the romantic and classy marriage ceremony where the bride enters the church and onto the aisle with her father, whose eyes are filled with proud tears.

Once the bride reaches the altar, the priest then completes all of the wedding rituals and pronounces the bride and groom and husband and wife. The couple then exits with the church filled with happiness and proud cheers, onto the next event; the reception.

In this event, the couple treats both the families and relatives with good food and spends quality time with their loved ones. All the events are filled with joyful moments that deserve to be preserved in the form of pictures and videos.

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It is still been a practice that the groom and his groomsmen go into the church through a side door. The bride-to-be will then stroll down the aisle with her daddy. Sometimes when both her daddy and stepfather raised the bride-to-be, she might inquire both to escort her

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Church/Christian marriages are known to be very simple and elegant. With the luxury white dresses and sophisticated settings around the church, everything stays classy and beautiful. Most church weddings don’t even have many rituals, just the basics.

But even those are very important to the bride, groom and their families. As the ceremonies are being completed, the parents tend to tear up and get emotional since their daughter is leaving their house forever.

But at the same time, they are happy that she is starting a new journey with a good man. The groom’s parents feel proud and happy for the couple as well.

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People at the reception get busy dancing around, having fun, and enjoy the food, and this makes the event even livelier and vibrant. All these emotions, feelings, rituals, and ceremonies are special to be recorded and captured so everyone can enjoy them later.

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Our team consists of skilled wedding photographers that capture all the sincere, heartfelt moments without a hassle.

From the rituals to the random moments, they are experts in covering the entire event in just a bunch of photographs. They make sure that all the feelings and the memorable moment are captured in the pictures, as well as the videos.

Not only that, but we compile all of the moments in such a way that if you look back at them, you get to relive the exact moment all over again.

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Most people value their wedding photography a lot as it captures all of their special moments and feelings. Some even print them out to hang them in their rooms or decorate them on their side tables. People also share them with their loved ones so they too can see and feel what it was all like.

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