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Gujarati Wedding Photographers for treasuring your special day
Preserve your memories of your union with your love with professional Wedding Photography by Gujarati Wedding Photographers New York
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CandleLight Photography Studio is the most talented wedding photographer for your full-of-life Gujarati weddings. They capture all of your precious moments without a hassle.

The wedding day for every bride is one of the most memorable days in the life of the bride and groom. From the engagement ceremony to the teary-eyed Vidai, all the events hold a special place in their hearts

  • Gujarati Marriages:

Gujarati weddings are known to be super extravagant and vibrant due to their enthusiastic celebration spirit. But they also make sure that they celebrate all their traditional wedding rituals.

Every couple would want their heartfelt moments captured in form of pictures and videos so when they look back at them after many years, they get to relive it all.

Gujarati weddings are usually different from Christian weddings as events, rituals, and dresses are very different. This is why you decide that you need to hire an experienced, professional Indian photographer to enhance all of those hearty moments.

Here are some of the topmost important ritual things to expect from a Gujarati wedding and how our skilled Indian photographers cover it all.

What We Do:
Gujarati Weddings are filled with a bunch of lively and energetic events that make the creating of the special between two people even more memorable.

The first event in most common Gujarati weddings is Sagaai. In this event, the couple exchange rings and confirms that they are getting married. The event is filled with happy moments and excitement.

Then comes the Mehndi where the hands and feet of the bride are beautifully decorated by henna while the family members dance to the latest songs. This energetic and vibrant event is filled with excited smiles and happy laughter.

In the end, comes the Vidai, which is the most emotional event of them all. Parents are seen with sad but proud tears in the eyes while the bride leaves her home to join the groom in the journey of life.

Our team makes sure that we capture all of the precious moments that the bride and groom spend with their families. We specialize in preserving the memories on the reels so you can look back at them and relive the happiness once again.

You may find photographers who proudly claim that they can capture all of the happy moments of your big day.

However, we understand the need to capture all the sentiments, both happy and sad, so you can get the full experience all over again when you re-watch the videos and pictures.

As both the bride and groom spend a good amount of time getting ready and looking their best, we make sure that all of the intricate details of the outfits all well as the overall looks are recorded as well.

This way they can be reminded how breathtakingly amazing they looked on their special day. All in all, we ensure the coverage of every single event, ritual, and of course, the moments close to heart.

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The day of your wedding is one of the most unforgettable days of your life. Most couples usually frame the precious captured moments and decorate them around the house. Some even set them as their wallpapers only because they love to relive the special moments of their special day.

So if you plan on doing the same, then wait no more and contact CandleLight Photography Studio now.

Through our official website you can book the most skilled and experienced Indian photographers New York can get so that your special Gujarati wedding is commemorated the right way.

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CandleLight Photography Studio Services is the premier Wedding Photography and Videography service in the New York/New Jersey area. With years of experience and photographers and videographers with the expertise you need to make your wedding memories last forever, CandleLight Studio is your best bet for quality.

A CandleLight Photography Studio representative will happily meet with you to discuss your wedding requirements, as well as requirements for your engagement and henna and any other events you may have, to provide the best in high quality, tailored services.

You can choose a package or create a package of services that will best suit you. And you can check the CandleLight Studio website to see samples of other events, so you know before you even meet with them what kind of work they do.

CandleLight Studio takes pride in its work and in every album and video it produces.

Gujarati Wedding photography capturing the priciest moments of your Unique day

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CandleLight Photography Studio Creates Stories That Remain in Your Hearts

Indian Wedding Ceremony Photography by The Wedding Photographers of New York

Of all the participants in your wedding, the Wedding Photographer may be the most important – after the celebrants, that is. The Wedding Photographer you hire is the one person who can make your wedding last forever, because after the ceremony is over, after the food has been eaten and the beverages consumed, after the dancing and the honeymoon are over, only the photographs and video remain.

The Wedding Photographer and Videographer capture for eternity the most important moment in your lives and provide proof in the form of beautiful albums and videos full of memories of the various events, the ceremonies and receptions and guests, relatives and friends with whom you shared these special moments.

They will be around forever, for you to show to your children and grandchildren, and will remind you of the love and joy of your marriage.

Wedding Photography: Creating Stories That Remain in Your Hearts

Good Wedding Photography and Videography is as much an art as any other specialty photography. It requires sensitivity on the part of the photographer. It requires expertise in lighting and venues and ceremonies and religious and cultural traditions. It requires that you and your photographer develop a rapport so that the photographer can create and tell the story that will remain in your hearts forever.

Good Wedding Photography follows you throughout the day, from event to event, to make sure that each is recorded along with the people in your life who are sharing the event with you. And those are the memories and stories that you want to capture in your albums and DVDs.

Those are the stories that you want your loved ones to see again and again, after the wedding, in the beautiful albums on your coffee table. A marriage is a time of joy, and a good Wedding Photographer can help you to relive this joy in photos forever.

Relive Your Special Moments with Wedding Videography and Cinematography Services

You can relive your special moments with expert videography and photography services because the experts know exactly which moments to capture, exactly which angles to use, exactly what lighting makes you and your guests and your flowers and your day shine.

There is no other word. You want this wedding to shine. And you want the love and the joy and the excitement to live forever. And good videography can do this for you.

Good videography and cinematography are key to making a wedding video that takes you back to the exact moment when you said, “I do,” and meant it with all your heart. And good wedding videography will take you back to the dance floor as you and your guests dance in celebration of your big day.

Capture Vibrant Colors in Your Indian Wedding Photos

Any photographer can capture a photo, but professional Wedding Photographers can capture the vibrant colors of your wedding in your Indian wedding photos.

Indian weddings are known to be among the most colorful of all wedding traditions, and professionals with their top quality equipment and lighting can capture all of it – every color in your and your guests beautiful wedding attire will stand out.

Your album will record every color in the spectrum, highlighting what each guest wore, as well as your own traditional wedding outfits and your henna designs.

Indian Wedding Photographers are especially sensitive to this aspect of the wedding and take photos that emphasize the beauty and color range of each event.

Gujarati Wedding Photographers photos that will make your think back to your special day

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Capture Special Moments of Your Gujarati Wedding with the Best Photographers in New York
  • Capturing the Perfect Moments
  • Which Gujarati Wedding Rituals You Should Cover

Covering for a Gujarati Wedding Photography means that you need to observe rituals involved in this event.

Gujaratis celebrate their functions and festivals filled with lots of dances, colors, splendor, and ornate decors. The same way is expected from a Gujarati Wedding. It is filled with rituals, joy, and dance. It is the perfect setting for photographers and videographers to take photos and videos of the event.

  • Before the Official Wedding

The Sagai first takes place, which is the engagement ceremony. This is wedding’s formal ceremony where the families of both the bride and the groom promise a relationship for the rest of their lives. The bride will make a visit with the matli, which is a sign of good luck. A short ceremony follows with food and sweets served to the guests.

Another ritual is performed at the places of the bride and groom, which is known as the Mandap Muhurat. A priest will perform the small pooja wherein the family takes in the blessing from the groom and the bride. This is a ritual performed a couple of days before the wedding.

The Griha Shanti is a ceremony followed from above, wherein the small pooja is completed and the perfect time and date of the wedding are decided according to the zodiac signs of the groom and bride.
The members of the family from both the bride and the groom will then perform a traditional Gujarati dance, the Garba, which is done the night before the official ceremony. This is a ceremony where both families greet and get to know each other well. Expect a lot of dances in this ceremony done by hands and sticks that hit each other.

The Pithi ceremony, which is done the day before the wedding, is where both the bride and groom invites their close friends and relatives in their respective places.

Main Wedding Ceremony
On the day of the wedding, the groom performs the Barat, which is a parade where he rides on the horse. He is dressed according to tradition is accompanied by his family dancing to traditional music.

The welcoming of the groom or Ponkhana, is a ritual where the family of the bride welcomes the groom. The bride’s mother then performs the aarti to the groom. The groom steps forward and crushes the earthen pots in front of him.

This signifies that the groom has the power in overcoming any obstacles throughout his married life.
The ceremonies then start after the groom is welcomed into the mandap. A prayer to the god of peace, prosperity and happiness known as aradhya daivat, is performed.

The father of the bride is required to wash the feet of the groom with ghee, yogurt and honey.

This is then followed by the arrival of the bride, known as Kanya Agman. The bride comes with her maternal uncle on the mandap, wherein she reaches for the curtain that separates her from her groom.

There are post wedding functions that will take place after the main wedding, which are the Vidaai and the Ghay Nu Laxmi.

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Gujarati Wedding Photographers creating memories close to your heart

Making Spectacular Photographic Occasions Just For You And The Groom
The Groom Filling Sindoor Photos are an important tradition in Indian weddings
  • Capturing the Perfect Moments
  • How to Choose the Right Gujarati Wedding Photographer

Every wedding deserves the best photographers. And these photographers must be reputed to take the best wedding events, whether this is traditional or contemporary.

Below are some tips that will aid you in finding the right people on taking up the Gujarati wedding photography.

  • Prepare your budget

The kind of photographers and videographers that will take photos and videos of your wedding is affected on how much you are going to spend for it. The problem with some clients is that they only think of how it is okay to have their picture taken as long as there is a memory of what happened, which is why they don’t mind going for the cheaper.
However, this event only happens once in a lifetime, and the pictures taken only are taken once, too. While you may have a budget, it is not much of a big deal if you are to pay a little more. The best photographers usually charge a very high price, but if you ask clients that have worked with them, you will always hear how they are really worth it.

Get at least 3 referrals. The reason why you need to get 3 referrals is because you get to compare their services and the prices they offer to you.

The best ones have a reputation, and the name of their service resounds in the world of photography, especially when it comes to weddings. The first people that have the best resources on where to start are friends and families. They know a name or two when it comes to the best wedding photographer in Gujarati.

When you’ve got at least three names, make an appointment with each of them and make sure they can present to you a portfolio of the best events that they’ve taken.

A Gujarati wedding is different from a modern, contemporary wedding, so make sure that the detail of every phase in the wedding is taken, especially with the placing of the chunni, tying of the turban, greetings, exchange and the main ceremony. You can always ask for second opinions from other people, especially from the average ones, as to what they think about the pictures the professionals took. They may not be experts in how to take photos, but the public can discern what is beautifully taken and what is not.

Check their websites
Photographers these days are not only limited to showing their portfolio personally. They also place their best shots on their websites for all people to see. If they specialize in weddings, you will see a lot of weddings on their website.

Some photographers cover different events, so don’t dismiss them if they don’t focus so much on a wedding. You might find their work on weddings to be much better than those who have worked closely with weddings. You should also consider how creative they are in taking advantage of the environment they are working on.

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Remember your wedding day with Photos from Gujarati Wedding Photographers
Wedding Photography - Tips for Amazing Makeup for The All-Important Day
Gujarati Wedding Photography and Videography New York NJ
  • Why You Should Hire Professional Photographers
  • Photos you can relive your life by

When it comes to taking pictures, it is a fact that almost anybody can take them these days. Thanks to the presence of digital cameras and mobile phones with good cameras attached to them, it has become much easier for people to snap and shoot photos. Still, when it comes to instances where you need professional-looking Headshots, you know that you are going to have to bring the experts in to do the job.

A number of photography experts can be found these days. But you need to remember too that not every single one of the names that the Business can offer is going to make a fine choice. You will want to make sure that you have the best Professionals take the pictures that you need for you here are some of the things that you will need to look into before you decide whether they would be worth their service fees or not.

Check their portfolio
Before you decide to bring any of these providers in, you will need to know first if they truly have what it takes to get you the kinds of pictures that you want. The best way to determine this is to take a look at their portfolio. This is a compilation of the works that they have done before and will usually tell you whether they have the picture-taking style and approach that you know is right for you.

Their body of work should speak for itself. It will tell you whether you are looking for a hood professional or not. So, you can trust that you will indeed have somebody who can deliver well when you already have his body of work to refer to when basing your decision.

Consider his personality
Working with these photographers can be a very personal experience. Naturally, you need people that you are going to find easy to be around, it would be no use hiring one that you do not feel a good connection to. You will need to connect with the camera and the person behind the camera in order to come up with the right pictures. This is why you have to truly take the time to check if they have the right attitude and the right approach when dealing with their clients. Naturally, you want to choose a photographer that you will have an easy time being around with.

See if he is a professional
Just because he offers photography services does not mean that he is going to be a true professional in every sense of the world. You have to get him rated in terms of the kind of experience has in the field. You need to make sure that he is easy to be around, but that he has the necessary skills and capabilities to ensure that the photographs that he will deliver to you at the end of the day are exactly the kinds of pictures that you expect.

Good pricing
Make sure that you know how much it is that he is going to charge for his services. You will want to know how much you need to set aside as far as fees go. This is essential so you can determine whether you can afford the costs involved or to, comparing packages from different providers is not a bad idea too.

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Photography that matches the brilliance of an Indian wedding by Gujarati Wedding Photographers
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Gujarati Wedding Photography Videography and Cinematography in New York NJ
  • Why Indian Wedding Photographers Are Chosen For Traditional Events

Indian Wedding Photographers are ideal to take pictures of ceremonial Indian Weddings. The principal reason is that they have an understanding of all the traditions and customs that are associated with these events. These celebrations are reportedly a combination of serious customs and rituals combined with more fun and light moments and rituals.

These very important ceremonies are indicative of new beginnings with respect to relationships. These relationships are not limited to the two people who are getting married but also to the two families and their extended families. Moments at these occasions are responsible for forging new relationships.

Each community and caste has traditions and cultures, which are unique to them. It is interesting how this varies from community to community. This would be of much interest to any outsider that was invited to attend such an occasion.

Hindu ceremonies have a tradition where the sister-in-law will hide the shoes of the brother-in-law. The shoes will only be returned if the jija or brother-in-law pays some money for the shoes. While this would most certainly frown upon at any western marriage ceremony, it is considered a very enjoyable and fun-filled activity.

Other communities practice the ritual of covering the bride and groom’s hands. This is done so that ill omens and the evil eye can be warded off during the pheras. Parsee ceremonies have a situation where the brother-in-law gives gifts to the sister-in-law. This is done during the ritual of Haath.

Another tradition is where the groom puts his hands in water and may not remove the hands until money is paid. Dhovanu is where the groom is threatened to have milk thrown on his shoes. Chero chorvanu is where the couple is tied with seven strands of thread and these are removed when the couple is standing on the pavement.

The mother-in-law of the groom will try to catch the groom’s nose when the baraat arrives. This is so that he will always remember he took the parent’s daughter away. Furthermore, he has to commit to being forever responsible for the bride’s happiness.

The Gujarati community practices a fun-filled ritual of mixing Vermillion, milk and water together. Then coins and a ring are thrown into the mixture. The bridal couple is then given seven chances to retrieve the ring from the dish. Who ever wins will be considered to be the dominating personality. The people will then declare that the winner will be in charge of the relationship. This is all done among much laughter and gaiety.

The Punjabi sect has the bride wearing red and white bangles given to her by her maternal uncle. This is so that the bride will have good luck in her new home. The Punjabi also wears ornaments that are gold or silver-plated tied to the chudas. These are known as Kaleeres. The kaleeres have leaves on them and it is believed that the bride will have as many friends attending her wedding as there are leaves on the Kaleeres. As Indian Wedding Photographers are aware of these customs, they are deemed to be the best option to take the pictures.

The basis for a satisfying and pleased life
Te santu jard– istayah sampriyau royisnu sumansyamanau |
Pasyema sharadah shatam jivema sharadah shatam shrunuyam shardah shatam||
” We ought to have the ability to live a stylish life that has lots of shared love and heat. Our beliefs need to be advantageous.
We must have the ability to see for a century, live a healthy life of a century and listen the music of spring for a century.”

The sage of the above pointed out vedic– aca, has actually highlighted that the basis of delighted and satisfying married life is the sense of unity, intimacy and love in between hubby and better half. They must have sex, marital relationship is not for debauchery however it need to be thought about a life spiritual and long social duty. Married life is a chance for 2 individuals to grow from life partners into soul mates.

The pre-wedding events consist of engagement (including vagdana or oral arrangement and Lagna-Patra composed statement), and the arrival of the groom’s celebration at the bride-to-be’s house, typically in the form of an official procession. The post-wedding events include inviting the bride-to-be to her brand-new house.

An essential thing to note is that despite the fact that the modern-day Hinduism is mainly based upon the puja type of the praise of devas as preserved in the Puranas, a Hindu wedding at its core is basically a Vedic yajna (a fire-sacrifice), in which the Aryan divine beings are conjured up in the Indo-Aryan design. It has a deep origin in the ancient event of sealing the bonds of friendship/alliance (even amongst individuals of the exact same sex or individuals of various types in mythological contexts), although today, it just makes it through in the context of wedding events. The main witness of a Hindu marital relationship is the fire-deity (or the Spiritual Fire) Agni, and by law and custom, no Hindu marital relationship is considered total unless in the existence of the Spiritual Fire, 7 encirclements have actually been made around it by the groom and the bride-to-be together.

In India, where most Hindus live, the laws connecting to marital relationships vary by faith. By the Hindu Marital Relationship Act of 1955 gone by the Union Parliament of India, for all legal functions, all Hindus of any sect, caste or creed, Sikh, Buddhists, and Jains are thought about as Hindus for the sake of the Hindu marital relationship Act– and can, for this reason, intermarry. By the Unique Marital Relationship Act, 1954, a Hindu can wed a non-Hindu using any event supplied particular legal conditions are satisfied.

Ancient system of Hindu-Vedic-marriages was completely clinical. It did not separate in between female and male as is being done currently.

Hindu wedding are generally carried out a minimum of partly in Sanskrit, the language in which most holy Hindu events are carried out. The regional language of individuals included is likewise utilized given that a lot of Hindus can not comprehend Sanskrit.

They have numerous routines that have actually progressed considering that conventional times and vary in lots of methods from the modern-day western wedding and likewise amongst the various areas, households, and castes such as Rajput wedding events and Iyer wedding events. The Hindus connect a great deal of significance to marital relationships and the events are extremely vibrant and extend for numerous days.

Just as Hinduism is tough to understand and contrast versus the more recent, book-defined, structured religious beliefs such as Christianity and Islam, India’s widespread wedding event customs are likewise tough to classify simply on a spiritual basis. They have a closer resemblance to ancient cultures such as Greek, Roman, Chinese and egyptian.

Modern Hindu Wedding Event
Modern Hindu wedding events are typically much shorter and do not include all of the routines of the standard event which often went on for 5 days. The wedding event is typically performed under a wedding event mandap, a canopy generally with 4 pillars, and a crucial element of the event is the spiritual fire (Agni) that is witness to the event. Prior to the wedding event celebration leaves to the Hindu temple, the priest will often position a coconut under the tire.