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Guyanese Wedding Photographers with artistic eyes will make your wedding more colorful than you can imagine.

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Guyanese Wedding Photographers for making Your Indian Wedding Day memorable
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  • Revive your traditional Guyanese weddings and capture the best moments with our skilled photographers in New York.

5 Minutes Video Highlights Reel of Guyanese Wedding at Golden Terrace by Wedding Photographers NY

5 Minutes Video Highlights Reel of Guyanese Wedding
  • Preserve Your Unique Guyanese Wedding Moments on Reel with Our Skilled Photographers

The wedding day is one of the most important days for both the bride and groom. They try their hardest to look their best on their special day. The couple and the families spend a good time together to seal the special bond with happy and positive memories.

5 Minutes Video Highlights Trailer of Guyanese Wedding at Astoria World Manor NY

5 Minutes Video Highlights Trailer of Guyanese Wedding

Before we talk about why our photographers are the ideal option for you, let’s discuss a little about what Guyanese weddings are like.

Photo Album of Isabella and Navin Wedding and Reception

Guyanese Marriages:
Guyanese marriages are very different from the usual Muslim, Hindu, or Christian weddings. Their traditions, culture, and rituals are different from common weddings. Guyanese couples pay extra attention to traditional rituals and do their best to perform them the right way. They value their culture and traditions more than the wedding event itself.

Wedding photos of a lifetime by Guyanese Wedding Photographers of New York

Guyanese Wedding Photography and Videography in New York NJ
Traditional Guyanese wedding photos captured by skilled photographers in New York

The Guyanese bride and groom are dressed in traditional wedding dresses. They are completing their wedding ritual on the Mandap.

Guyanese are known for their lively and vibrant celebrations. They are also very passionate about their traditional cuisines; there is a Guyanese tradition where both the families serve the guests with high-quality, delicious food, and further to the dance floor for some fun.

Guyanese weddings are very extravagant where both the families and the relatives enjoy all the events and ceremonies to the fullest. Now let’s talk about how our experienced photographers can cover all of those events and capture the best moments for you to look back at.

What We Do:
As mentioned above, Guyanese weddings are super extravagant and filled with lively moments. From the teary eyes of Vidai and Vows to the happiness filled Sangeet and First Dance, traditional Guyanese weddings have it all.

We understand the need to capture all of the important and heartfelt moments in all of these events and ceremonies. Everyone wants to look back at those emotion-filled moments and relive the feelings again. Our team specializes in capturing the best moments and freezing them on reels for you to enjoy afterward.

Our team also has the right filming and photography equipment to get the best shots. So wait no more and get the best out of our expertise now!

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Reviving the old traditions on the wedding day can be very special to the bride and groom, as well as their families.

Completing all the rituals and ceremonies end up with happy smiles and proud tears. All of that precious moment spent together is worthy of being captured and preserved for later times. Most people print out their special wedding moments so they can hang them around the house.

Some even set the pictures as wallpapers on their phones. This way, they are reminded of the precious moments they spent together and how that day tied them into such a beautiful bond.

If you too want your wedding memories to be captured the right way, then wait no more and book an appointment in New York now! Get your special day commemorated the right way!

Hire Guyanese Wedding Photographers to make your day special

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Guyanese Wedding Photography Videography and Cinematography in New York NJ
  • Recording all events through photos
  • How to Pick the Right Guyanese Wedding Photographer

How do you create great wedding memories? Is it by getting your family involved in the preparations first hand? Or is it something to do with capturing the moments that you want to reminisce when you look back at them when you reach old age? If it is more of those lines, you are looking for the best wedding photographer.

Guyanese wedding photography demands that the photographer knows extensively about the culture and traditions of a typical Guyanese wedding, so that they can capture the best photos and videos of the event. Here are some ideas that will help you get started with finding the right photographers for your wedding.

Interview wedding photographers
The photographer that will work on your wedding will not just be taking pictures. The best photographer knows and understands on how to take photos on the most opportune moment, making it fun to look at whenever the couple goes over the wedding photos in the future.

These photographers know how to take the best poses not only from the bride and groom but also from the guests. They are able to prepare their photoshoot without interrupting the wedding, especially when it comes to the most important part of the bride and groom.

They are especially good at choosing the most excellent backdrop and lighting. When you make an appointment with them for an interview, ask what is innovative and fun for them and ask for references from their past wedding photos.

Guyanese Wedding photography capturing the priciest moments of your special day

Shape Your Lifetime Wedding Memories with Professional Photography
Recording all Guyanese wedding events through photos and videos
  • Assess their portfolios

It will be easier for you to assess their portfolios by visiting their official website. The reason why you should visit their website rather than their own office is because they post the best of the best photos from the weddings they have worked with before.

These photographers may not only be working with weddings, but also with other events as well. You should also take a look at other events that they worked with as this will give you an idea whether or not they are good at capturing candid shots and many other creative ideas that you can never see from common photography. If you have a particular shoot that you like from their portfolio, you can ask them if they can do the same for your own.

  • Personality

It is important that the photographer you work with is approachable and easy to work with. What can you do from a very skillful photographer who rarely communicates with you? It will be a disaster if they happen to capture scenes that you don’t want to be in, but that rarely happens in a wedding since it is all fun and joy.

Choose a photographer that your guests will never feel uncomfortable or distant with. You and your guests should be able to enjoy posing in front of the camera, without getting all too shy. The photographers are invisible – what matters is that all the moments you want to remember are captured in those photographs. This will make your photos joyful and more natural.

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Guyanese Wedding Photographers for the magic of your big day
How to Pick the Right Guyanese Wedding Photographer
My Casual Wedding Moments Captured Before the Glitz and Glamour
  • What to Expect from a Guyanese Wedding

Taking up Guyanese wedding photography usually, means you have a lot to prepare for. The wedding traditions in Guyana are similar to most Hindu weddings. And for that, you need to prepare ahead of time to avoid missing out on moments or when to keep a distance in certain points that are held sacred by the bride and groom.

The Guyanese wedding is celebrated with a blend of traditional and the contemporary. As one of the photographers or the ones taking the video of the wedding, it is your job to learn more about the Hindu wedding culture in Guyana.
Preparation of the wedding

The wedding is usually held on a Sunday. You should expect a series of functions that are to be conducted by both the groom and the bride. On Friday night, the bodies of both the bride and the groom are rubbed with a mixture of turmeric and olive or coconut oil. This is the night known as “Dig Dutty Night” or Matticore. A paste is then applied on the body to purify it for their married life. It is also a symbol to pray for blessings for their marriage. At this point, usually, the bride and the groom do not allow photos of them as this is held sacred.

During the exchanging of gifts ceremony, also known as Tillack, the family of the bride will present the gifts to the family of the groom. These gifts are filled with jewellery, land, car, house and money. In return, the groom gives the family of the bride clothing.

During the Mehndi, which can either be held during Sunday morning or Saturday afternoon, the women in the wedding will rub their skins with laki, which is a dark red dye. The darker the color is, the stronger the bride’s love symbolizes. This is also the time when the bride and her girlfriends have a night out. All their hands are painted with the dye.

Guyanese Wedding Photos that exude the love you share as a couple
Professional Wedding Photos That Shine The Spotlight And Show Off My Dress
Preserve Your Unique Guyanese Wedding Moments on Reel with Our Skilled Photographers

The Main Wedding
Prepare your wedding by clarifying the schedule of the official wedding ceremony. Guyanese weddings, like all other Hindu weddings, take place on Sunday mornings. Lately, it has become a norm for weddings to take place on Saturdays.

Sacred vows are exchanged, showing the groom’s fidelity towards his bride, promising that he has no other eyes except for her alone. The other women in his life will be either a family member, sister or his mother. It is also a part of his vow to provide security and protection to her. The bride, in return, promises not to shame in in public and will remain loyal to him.

A variety of vegetarian food will be served at the reception. There won’t be alcoholic beverages in the event.
Typical meals included in the event are the pholourie, dhall, rice, puri and the “Seven Curry”, which is a blend of vegetables like channa, calaloo and “kheer”, which is a type of rice pudding.

During the ceremony, the groom and the bride sit on little benches for their prayers. They are referred to as the “Dulhan and Dulha” or in Hindu as the “Maharaja” and the “Maharani”.

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Why it is Beneficial to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer
“Make your wedding day as special as it should be”

A wedding is a very important occasion to a person’s life. It s a milestone, and every couple out there would want to make sure that their special day is immortalized in pictures and images that they can look back on to reminisce the day that they finally made their vows and their ‘I do’s.’ This is the reason why proper attention should be given on how you want your photographs to be taken on your big day.

While there are a lot of people who might resort to just taking the pictures themselves, this is not something that you want to do on your big day. You will certainly want to employ the help of an expert in Jewish Wedding Photography to make sure that your images are properly captured for you. If you think that this is just but an added cost for you to cover, it might help make it easier for you to decide when you take a look at the reason why it is beneficial for you to seek out the services of one.

Professionals are committed
When you choose to hire Photographers for the job, you can trust that he will be committed to the task at hand and to you. His services will be secured for the entire length of the event and you can trust that his focus will only be on you, on your better half, in the setting, in the event as a whole you can trust that they are going to be there on the actual date to ensure that your photos are taken and snapped in such professional perfection.

Guyanese weddings are a mixture of Christian and Indian weddings. Guyanese are mostly located on the South American side. This is why most of the traditional Guyanese couples have two weddings, one with the Indian customs and traditions, and the other with the Christian wedding traditions.

They are experienced
You would not just want to have any Photos Videos for your big day, but rather very efficiently and perfectly shot ones. Naturally, you want to have somebody who is very skilled and capable of taking the kinds of pictures that you know will be a great representative of how special your big day is. They have experience in the job and will likely have been doing this work for years and years now. You can trust that they will deliver.

Expect excellent results
They have all the experience and the training needed in order for them to capture your special moments the best way. You cannot really bank on the artistry and the style of the photos if you have them taken by some acquaintance or a friend with a camera. If you want the shots to be professional and aesthetically pleasing, it is the professional photographer that can make that come true for you.

It is money well-spent
When you think of pictures on your wedding day, you would not want just to see anything that is blurry and shaky, but one that is polished and really beautiful to look at. There is no rewinding the events of the day, and if you want to be sure that you will have loads of images and videos that you can look back on through time, it is always the professionals that can get you such desirable results.

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Common Types of Pre-Wedding Photography

Are you planning a wedding? If so then you should consider various Pre-Wedding Photography styles. These photos are just as important as the ones taken during the ceremony. Here are some of the most common ones:

  1. Preparation
    This is a major event for the bride and bridesmaids. It includes getting ready with their gowns and makeup in particular. These can turn into money shots when the photographer is able to capture a magic moment as the wedding party gets ready for the big event.

One sort of X-factor is the use of mirrors when taking snapshots of the brides and bridesmaids. This can create some amazing images and effects when the photographer uses certain techniques to take some amazing pictures.

  1. Couple
    One of the most common and best types of pre-wedding photos include the bride and groom. This could be indoors or outdoors and either formal/informal.

These are the “stars” of the wedding ceremony, so it’s important for them to be featured in many of the pre-wedding images. When searching for a wedding photographer make sure that they have experience taking these types of shots. The reason is that they’re critical to improving the quality of the overall wedding album.

  1. Objects
    These types of images focus on things rather than people. Some examples are makeup tools, rings, gowns, and other things. These are also important photos because they focus on items that are key to the success of the wedding.

In fact, sometimes these photos can be just as tough to take as pictures of the wedding party. The reason is that they’re inanimate objects that lack the facial expressions and body language of people, for example.

These photos can still have a major effect on the viewer. In fact, it’s a good idea to find a wedding photographer who can take such shots effectively. They represent key elements of the wedding. For example, the ring represents the endless love of the bride’s/groom’s love for each other. The makeup’s vibrant colors represent the celebratory feel of the wedding itself.

  1. Outdoors
    This is an excellent location where professional photographers can snap photos of the bride/groom, bridesmaids, etc. with natural backgrounds. It’s a great environment to take photos because there’s not only the wedding party included but also the natural world as a backdrop. This definitely helps to add an added dimension to the photos.
  2. Portrait
    These types of pics usually involve the bride although they can also include the groom, bridesmaids, and so on. They can also be indoors or outdoors.

These are great photos because they put the wedding party members front and center. That’s a plus because they’re the main players at the event. Featuring them in photos adds some of the best subjects to the wedding photos.

You can find Pre-Wedding Photography at CandleLight Photography Studio NY.

It’s important to look for a wedding photographer who can take these types of photos effectively and efficiently. It will help to make one of the biggest days of your life even better. On the other hand, choosing the wrong photographer could be a disaster.

A wedding is a significant and precious day for anyone because the day of your marriage is that day which changes your life and fulfills with enjoyment and permission. So, do you like to capture or apprehend the day of your life when your life is getting full of enjoyment and happiness.

If yes, then allow us to capture that gorgeous moment of your marriage in pictures so that you can keep it with you throughout your vitality and with the help of your valuable wedding day visualizes you can able to recall the day many things shifted in your life and you get lots of permissions by your elders.

A wedding day is that activity when to lovers or two people together vow to tell each other whole lives. We can capture all those activities for your lovely reminiscence book.

We can capture all your subjective moments with all those who people matter in your life which is a significant and valuable person in your life will be on your marriage day, Wedding is a valuable and important activity or junction of your life which does not come again in your life that is why it’s vital that why it is important to capture all that special propensity of this day.

We are doing this job by the several years and our understanding that the real-life wedding couple has that vibes which we can’t find in any type of films or emotional songs because the emotion which we feel by any real married couple.

we can’t find that suspicion in any false or reel file wedding couple. We will capture your wedding pictures activity in that frame in such a way that you can live that minute in the future and understand how many times you were living in that moment, at that moment, you can capture as much emotion and as much laughter as you can in a frame.

This day is very important special for a bride because on that day she does her life completely in the name of the person whom she loves very much, this is the auspicious day on which a bride promise to leave her home and leave her parents and spend her life with a person she loves dearly. When a bride walks down the aisle to her couple, everyone’s eyes get wet with the tears, we can capture such moments in the wardrobe of your memories.

There are some tiny and happier important moments in every marriage that are very precious, it is not so easy to all that precious eternity or duration mind’s book but we can help you to capture all that moments.

The first achievement in a girl’s life comes when a person or somebody whom that girl loves very much, proposes that girl on his knees, from that day until the marriage day, what a girl guesses, if all these beautiful times will be old for her, no it is not possible, we can provide pearls of all your remembrances to you by rare pictures. “Yes” and “I do”, these two bizarre words that bring such a modification in your life after which two several people become a pair forever as a couple. The life of any individual is fulfilled only when he won the golden moment of marriage and it is still savior after which he always keeps it in his remembrances and we can capture all the moments which make you are remembering all-time new. We want to apprehend all that small and slight, little moment for you that makes your life wonderful, beautiful, and gorgeous.

Despite all this, the most significant step is engagement to put up with the main step in marital life is marriage after that. We also believe that the first stage of your life becomes outstanding and valuable because it never comes back in your life again so, we capture beautifully all that outstanding time of your life on a gorgeous shelf. We can imprison all the special moments of your engagement and all that valuable minutes you spend with your important people existing in your engagement rather than for your memories like chuckling with your friends and those personal moments with your parents.

You can keep these images as remembrance with you for the next various years and also you can use these to remind your colleague and family all those glorious and incredible things so that they too can recall those days when you take the first step in your new life with your life partner.

On your wedding day, our preference is you and your supporter so that we can make you feel good and prosperous because your wedding day is made just for you and if you feel happy then we can apprehend your beautiful and natural and normal look pictures.

We can take your fantasy wedding as you used to see it in the picture. It is a matter of realizing that marriage is an emotional matter, in this, you vow to spend your life with somebody you love. We can capture such memories for your memories by bringing them better for you.

We want to capture all the outstanding moments of the wedding for you in pictures which give rise to a wedding very impotent and gorgeous for you because the wedding is not a celebrational moment but a marriage is a so very emotional and personal instant for anyone.

It is not a simple thing to apprehend the valuable day in the camera lens, that is why we do this assignment with huge responsibility and it also has an emotional interest. We are very ready for our work, if you believe us, then we can deliver your significant day’s eternity decently in an image.

We realize your intention very well, that’s why we can able to apprehend your every valuable marriage moment as a bright moment. We understand that every photographer has several skills and styles and we understand that discovering the photographer to match your conception is nothing less significant than discovering the heart.