Top 10 Wedding Video Highlights by Indian Wedding Videographers

Relive your special day with an Emotional and Wonderful Story captured by Indian Wedding Videographers of New York

Wedding Highlights by Indian Wedding Videographers
Cinematic Style Videography by Indian Wedding Videographers
  • Indian Wedding Videographers capture details including voices and mannerisms

We are a team of professional Indian wedding photographers, videographers, and talented cinematographers who are available to make your incredibly important day especially memorable.

5 Minutes Video Trailer of Full Day Wedding and Reception

Video Trailer of Full Day Wedding and Reception at Affordable Prices

Nothing like having an Indian videographer to capture the details, people’s faces, expressions, Wedding Vows, and the most special moments in your life. Candlelight Studio offers Wedding Photography, Cinematography, and Cinematic Style Videography services in New York City (NYC) and New Jersey (NJ).

3 Minutes Video Promo Reel of Multiple Events

Wedding Highlights Video Promo Reel by Indian Wedding Photographers New York City
  • Indian Wedding Videography is bound to catch something you missed

Wedding videography captures the sights and the sounds of your day, evoking a feeling and portraying the day’s emotion. The bride and the groom are the main focus of the wedding; we work to ensure that our photography and videography will honor the couple and this important event in their life.

5 Minutes Video Highlights Reel of Full Day Wedding and Reception

Full-Day Wedding Highlights Video Trailer by Indian Wedding Photographers New York
  • Indian Videographers are passionate about capturing weddings and creating meaningful relationships

Wedding videography and cinematography capture and document your marriage ceremony without missing the smallest detail. Weddings are live events and of course, there are no retakes. You definitely do not want to miss your wedding film.

20 Minutes Highlights Reel of Full-Day Wedding and Reception Video

Full-Day Wedding Video Highlights Reel by CandleLight Photography Studio New York

This new technology with high definition videography adds up all your moments and converts them into a movie, which is one thing that you would like to watch later.

Highly standardized cameras are the assets of videographers, so utilizing them at every angle gives an impressing shot. People love to customize their wedding videos with credentials, titles and subtitles. A melodious song or a soulful beat playing at the background suiting the mood of the occasion will certainly give special effects to it.

Additionally, you can particularly count on an Indian wedding videographer for more colorful and glamorous essence. You would rather love to upload your best pictures and videos on internet at free of cost to share with friends and family staying far away.

Every single photograph has its own recitation, beautifully weaved like a fairy tale. Henceforth, if marriage is on your card and the time is flying away swiftly, do include an excellent wedding videographer on your list to make D-day remarkably memorable for lifetime. All is needed is more poses and poses. So keep posing.

It is your big day, and you want to make sure that on your wedding day that everything is all settled, including the filming of the event. After all, who doesn’t want to take pictures and video your wedding day with the person that you love the most?

Now, the question here is; where can you find the right wedding videographer? There are a lot of them, and all of them don’t produce the same results. So, which one of them is the right person for the job?

It is imperative to have your wedding day be videotaped because one day you want to remember the moment where you smile at the person you are going to be with for the rest of your life, and it has to be captured beautifully. So how are you going to grab the right person?

Indian Wedding Videographers of CandleLight Studio NYC

Indian Wedding Videographers New York City | New Jersey
My Wedding Toast Beatifically Taken by Wedding Photographers and Videographers of New York

Benefits of Hiring Indian Professional Photographers and Videographers

Are you planning for your wedding? If so then you should consider hiring Professional Photographers and Videographers. There are several benefits hiring professionals to handle all your wedding photos here are some of them:

  1. Convenience
    There are tons of issues to plan for before your wedding. While you’ll want the wedding photos to be handled well, it’s much less stressful if you let trained professionals deal with everything. They’ll have the knowledge, skills, and experience to make sure everything is done properly.

Let’s face it. There’s a million and one things to do when planning for your wedding. If there’s one less issue to deal with, then it will make the entire process as smooth as possible. That’s why you should consider hiring professional photographers. The photo studio can deal with everything from albums to proofs, so you can focus on other matters.

  1. Cost
    This might be surprising. Doesn’t it cost more money to hire professional photographers? In theory, it is but consider the fact that they also have all the equipment needed to shoot, edit, and package your photos. That turns into big savings.

If you were to buy or rent all the equipment needed to handle the wedding photos yourself, it would be quite expensive. In fact, it’s simply not practical because of you probably there’s no guarantee you’d get your money’s worth if you wouldn’t use the equipment later.

  1. Experience
    A photo studio has the experience needed to produce top-notch pics from your wedding. On the other hand, even if you have some experience and know-how taking photos, it’s unlikely you can produce the same caliber of photos and experience that a professional studio can.

In fact, you can find photographers that have tons of professional experience taking wedding photos. This can give you peace of mind since you’ll know that your wedding photos are in good hands. On the other hand, if you were handling everything yourself there’s no guarantee about that.

  1. Equipment
    There’s nothing wrong with using a smartphone camera to take a selfie in your day-to-day life. However, when snapping wedding photos—not so much. A professional photo studio will have all the equipment needed to take high-quality photos on your special day.

That’s not all. The company will also have the equipment to edit the pictures, so they’ll be even better. Such software can be quite expensive.

  1. Time
    There’s also the issue of the time involved in taking and processing all your wedding photos. Time is money, and unfortunately, there’s often a lack of both when planning for the wedding. That’s why you should consider hiring a professional photo studio.

They can save you a ton of time by handling all your wedding photo issues. That will free up time you can spend on other issues related to your wedding. They’re just as important, so it’s critical to set aside time to make sure everything is handled properly.

If you’re looking for Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers, make sure to visit CandleLight Studio for all your wedding photography and Videography needs.

Memorable Wedding Moments by Indian Wedding Videographers

Indian Wedding Videographers and Photographers in New York City and New Jersey
Looking Wonderful on Your Wedding Day with Professional Photography and Videography

Benefits of Using an Indian Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Why choose an Indian wedding photographer and Videographer when there are dozens of qualified wedding photographers all vying for your business?

Indian wedding photographers understand the Indian culture and its rich wedding traditions. They know what to expect, and when, and are not caught off guard when a special moment occurs.

For example, if the bridal couple will undergo the Haldi ritual prior to the wedding, the groom will arrive at the bride’s home. Upon greeting one another at the doorway, the groom places his foot on the bride’s foot in a symbolic gesture of support and protection.

Indian wedding photographers anticipate this moment, and are ready to capture it as it happens. In contrast, a photographer who is unfamiliar with Indian wedding traditions may miss the moment completely or focus on less symbolic aspects.

Another important benefit involves the photography itself. Indian wedding photographers are skilled at photographing Indian couples, intricate henna designs, and vivid colors. Imagine your wedding album filled with smiling faces, gorgeous scenery, and all of those important details you worked so hard to create.

In addition to familiarity with Indian wedding customs, choosing an Indian wedding photographer can help put guests at ease. Visiting relatives may feel more comfortable with photographers who speak their language or understand their culture.

  • What to Expect When Working with Indian Wedding Photographers and Videographers

As beneficial as it is to hire an Indian photographer and Videographer, exceptional photography and videography is no accident. It takes talent and communication.

Once you have an Indian wedding photographer lined up to shoot photos at your wedding and any pre-ceremony rituals, you’ll need to discuss your needs and expectations. For example, if both the bride and groom will be going through the Haldi ritual at the same time but at separate locations, you’ll need to discuss the logistics of photography with your photographer.

Does the photographer have an assistant who can capture the groom’s part of the ritual while he or she focuses on the bride? Would it be better to stagger the ritual’s schedule so the photographer can capture both moments?

Communicating with your photographer in advance is the key to a great wedding shoot as your needs and desires can be better accommodated. For example, if you prefer candid wedding photography over formal wedding portraits, your photographer needs to know about this so that the final photos reflect your wants. Thus, expect to spend some time in consultation with your photographer before the big day arrives.

Because of the diversity of India, Indian wedding traditions are also diverse. Hindu, Bengali, Kashmiri, Gujarati, Sikh, Parsi, Indian Muslim, and Indian Christian weddings have their own unique flavors and customs. During your consultation, let your photographer know which rituals and traditions you will celebrate so that the photographer can plan accordingly.

Top Question about Indian wedding photography answered by CandleLight Studio Photographers NYC

Four-hour wedding photography is $750 with 400 to 600 high-resolution photos.

Reasonable prices for Indian wedding photographers range between $750 to $1200 for digital wedding photography, including 400 to 600 high-resolution images.

CandleLight photography studio NYC has the best Indian wedding photographers available for wedding and engagement photography in New York and New Jersey.

All high-resolution photos without any watermark are delivered within one week of the event date. The photo albums depend on the complexity of the package, which ranges from 4 to 6 weeks.

Between 400 to 600 high-resolution photos are delivered for four hours of wedding photography.

What to Expect from Indian Wedding Videographers of New York

Where Can I Find the Right Indian Videographers for My Wedding
High-Quality Wedding Photos and Videos of My Beautiful Wedding Reception
  • Indian Wedding Photography and Videography with a Personal Touch

Expert and well experienced Indian Wedding Photographers capture the essence of each and every wedding ceremony. They know that a marriage between the bride and the groom is also a holy union between the bride and groom’s family.

Our work highlights our innate passion for photography, especially Indian wedding photography that is known for its customs, ritual, and traditions. With our great sense of shape and form, we try hard to bring about attention to detail in all our work and continuously evolve by observing the changing preferences of our clientele.

Whether you are looking for traditional or contemporary wedding portraiture or wish to have enchanting boudoir photography, we at CandleLight Studio have the expertise required to do it all.

To capture the best moments of your day, choose CandleLight Studio for your wedding photography and video needs. Register with your e-mail and reserve today to get 5% OFF on all Packages

At CandleLight Studio, we want to capture the magic of your unique wedding with our expert wedding photographers and Videographers.

  • No. 1 wedding Videographers in New York City
  • Key Factors When Considering Wedding Photography and Videography

Are you in the market for a studio specializing in Wedding Photography and Videography? If so then it’s important to consider the most important issues when selecting a company. Here are some of the most important ones:

  1. Location
    If you’re living in the New York area, then it goes without saying it’s a plus if the company is operating out of the NYC metro area. That said, you should also consider how close the studio is to your home or office.

There are likely going to be times when you’ll need to visit the company’s office in person. In that case, it’s a plus if it’s somewhat close to wherever you live and work in New York. On the other hand, it could become an issue if the company is far from there.

Also, consider that there might be emergency situations before or after the photos are shot at your wedding. In that case, you’ll want to contact the photo studio immediately to clear up any problems, for example. It’s a plus if the company is somewhat near your home or office.

  1. Policies
    Before choosing a particular photo studio to do some research about their policies regarding issues such as post-production. For example, after you receive the digital proofs do you have the legal right to post the photos on your Facebook page?

These are important issues because they can involve legal issues. If you have questions about a company’s policies or terms/conditions, make sure to ask about them upfront. It’s better to know about them before the company starts snapping photos at your wedding.

  1. Experience
    Make sure to check out how much experience a particular company has taking wedding photographs. If it’s a startup company, you might want to think twice about doing business with them. On the other hand, if the company has several years or even decades of experience then it’s likely one you’ll want to consider.

It’s also helpful to ask about how much experience the company has done business in the New York area. The reason is it’s a niche market like other cities. If a company has a ton of experience in the area, it will be easier to deal with them because they’ll be more familiar with the wedding venue, local customers, and so on.

  1. Flexibility
    This is one of the most important features to look for in a photo studio. It goes without saying that each one will have their policies, terms & conditions, etc. That’s OK. However, it’s important that they also provide some flexibility and offer customers more options.

Just one of many examples is the number and types of packages the company offers. More packages mean you’ll be more likely to get the package that’s best for your needs. On the other hand, fewer options will make that less likely. It could also prevent you from having an excellent experience dealing with the photo studio, and affect your wedding day itself.

If you’re looking for excellent Wedding Photography and Videography services in New York, make sure to visit CandleLight Studio for all your photo and video needs on your big day.

Indian Wedding Videographers for Freezing a Moment Forever
Editing your Wedding Videos for a polished finish Highlights
My Wedding Dance Remembered with Professional Photography and Videography
  • Top wedding photographers and Videographers in New York
  • Hot Tips to find Wedding Photographers and Videographers in New York

Are you looking for Wedding Photographers and Videographers? If you live in the New York area and are planning for your big day, make sure you choose the right photographer to capture all the big moments. Here are some helpful tips to find the best photographer and Videographers:

  1. Verify the shooters
    A large studio will have multiple photographers, so it’s important to know who will be the lead photographer for your special day. It’s important to make sure he/she has the style, methods, and personality that you can work with. This doesn’t mean you have to agree on them 100% of the time. However, you should be OK with their work.

Keep in mind that you’ll be paying a somewhat high amount of money to have your wedding pics taken. You have every right to make sure the lead photographer will help to bring to life your vision for the photos. If that’s not the case, then you should probably select a new lead photographer or possible a different photo studio.

  1. Ask about postproduction info
    This is an important issue. It involves matters such as photo proofs from the wedding event. There are many issues to ask about. How many pics will be taken approximately? Will the resolution be low or high? Can you get prints yourself?

These are all important questions. Post-production issues are just as important as the photos taken during your special day.

  1. Check if your personalities match
    You don’t have to become best friends with Wedding Photographers and Videographers. That said, you should consider whether or not you get along fairly well with the photographers regarding personalities. If they clash, then it could create a lot of problems while you’re working with the photographer about different issues before or during the wedding. Just make sure you can stand working with the company’s photography team.
  2. Ask about terms & conditions
    When you visit a website, the terms & conditions are all the legal stuff about what’s required of you and the company. Make sure to learn about the particular rights you have regarding the photos that are taken. For example, you should ask about issues such as posting digital proofs the photo studio sends you. These are important issues because they’re related to legal issues.
  3. Compare different packages
    Make sure to get the package that includes everything you want. Your wedding is a special day, so it’s not only important to have the pics you want, but also the packages. Set a budget so you don’t spend more than you can afford.

On the other hand, it’s alright to splurge a little since it’s not every day you’ll be getting married. Just make sure the package includes all the photos you want. For example, you’ll likely want a set of photos for the wedding party. Compare packages to find one that includes all the photos you need, and also consider the value that you’d be getting.

If you’re looking for one of the top Wedding Photographers and Videographers make sure to visit CandleLight Studio NYC

Drone Photography by Indian Wedding Videographers
Relive your special day with an emotional video making your Wedding A Wonderful Story
Family Photos and Videos in My Wedding Package, Are More Memories to Treasure
  • Here’s what you are going to do in order to find the Indian Wedding Videographers in New York

Be sure that your videographer shares the same tastes like yours. When finding the right videographer be sure that person shares the same vision as yours. It doesn’t work that way if you pick a person who thinks that your ideas needed to be changed because it doesn’t match the own vision. After all, videography has a different style; it is better to have your styles match in order to produce the same results.

Be sure to do your research first. Now, before you’re going to grab that man first do your research beforehand. Learn as much as you can of his skills, and his experience, maybe he isn’t the right one base on the results that you produce. Better to check first before you make your final decision.

Look for a referral. Another way for you to look for more choices is to ask other people for a referral. People who have experience with a videographer and have contact with them, can tell you some comments and reviews and you might find that it is worth it to listen. Who knows, the person that video graphed your best friend’s wedding day might work out for you too.

Interview them in person. Lastly, it is best to meet the man face to face. Where you can discuss with them about the payment, you can even ask them about their sampled work, and ask as much question as you can in regards to this project. After all, you want everything to be perfect.

Try to find that if that person can be booked for 5% off if it is today. Now, once you get everything wrapped up, it is time for the big day at your wedding. At the wedding, don’t micromanage them. These are the reasons why you chose them in the first place. You trust their skills and their discretion, so you have to leave them to do their job. In the end, the result of it all will be worth watching.

Why should you hire wedding video editors?

Have you seen all of those wonderful wedding videos that are professionally made? Isn’t it amazing how those wedding videos seem to tell a story from start to finish, of a wedding? You too can get that same video for your own wedding.

You just need to hire professional wedding videographers in order to capture footage of your wedding expertly. And just as important for your wedding videos are video editors. You should hire wedding video editors to stitch up and create a storyline for the footage that cameras have captured on your wedding day. If you are going to search for a wedding video editor, you can find one at

Hiring those people for your wedding video editing will be one of the best decisions that you will ever make. And why should you even pay the extra price for a wedding video editor? That is a good question; there are actually so many reasons why you should do so.

One of the most important reasons for hiring a professional wedding video editor is that you will get a more professional looking wedding video. Any kind of video does not automatically look amazing. It needs to be edited.

If you want that same polished professional look that an edited video has for your own wedding video then you will also need to get your own video editor too. This requires you to search through different professional wedding videographers. Most people who shoot wedding videos will also edit the videos too.

However, to truly get the same wonderful effect that many other wedding videos have, you will need to get your wedding video edited by a specialist. Try to find someone who specializes in editing wedding videos if you want to get the best wedding video ever.

Wedding video editors will have their whole jobs revolving around wedding video editing. These wedding video editing services are some of the best that you can hire. So another reason why you should hire a wedding video editor is that your wedding video is in good hands.

If you want to ensure that your wedding video is touching and uplifting, and if you want to share your wedding video with other people, then you should consider hiring a wedding video editor. Only through a professional wedding video editor, will you be able to get a wedding video that is polished, professional, and beautiful.

Remember if you want to find professional video editing services, then do not hesitate to check out this website at These video editors are some of the best in the business. And when you hire them to edit your wedding video, you can rest assured that your wedding video is in very safe hands.

They will color correct, grade, edit, and so much more to improve your wedding video. And the finished product will be a video worthy of your exceptional wedding day. Hire a wedding video editor right now; you will definitely love how your video turns out in the end.

  • Photography and Videography of extravagant Indian Weddings by CandleLight Studio

Versatility is not a quality you can put a price on, but it is a significant factor in the skillset of photography of extravagant Indian weddings.

  • Choosing a Photographer for an Indian Wedding Photography and Videography

Choosing a wedding photographer for an Indian wedding is an excellent choice for any Indian couple who wants every moment to be captured in its full glory. As with any service provider, it’s important to do your research.

You can start by visiting various websites, viewing portfolios of Indian wedding photography, or asking friends for recommendations. Meet with each photographer you’re considering to see their work, find out about their wedding packages and prices, and determine who’s a great fit for your wedding.

Finally, ask for references and find out directly from other couples about their experiences. Register with your e-mail and reserve today to get 5% OFF on all Packages!

  • What Do Professional Indian Wedding Photographers and videographers Do?

Primarily one has to realize there is no one type of Indian wedding. Each and every Indian wedding has its own unique customs, rituals, costumes and timings depending on the caste and religion.

Although, a wedding photography revolves around the bride and groom, experienced Indian Wedding Photographers try to capture the relatives, guests, jewelry, decorations, and much more.

Please visit CandleLight Studio photographers and Videographers in NYC for your wedding photography and videography.