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NYC wedding Photographers will cover Jewish weddings in the best way possible, from the bride’s entrance to the first kiss and from the first dance to the family portraits.

Whether a Jewish wedding is Reform or Orthodox, it’s a day filled with traditions and rituals to make the event even more memorable for the happy couple.

From walking up to the chuppah with your parents and signing the ketubah to breaking the glass and hearing the crowd shout “Mazel tov!”, a Jewish wedding has endless traditions that bring you even closer to your family and partner.

All these things are what differ a Jewish wedding from a Christian wedding, which is why the photography should be different too.

If your wedding is in New York, we’re the best photographers to hire if you want your white dress, the chuppah, and all the wonderful traditions to be highlighted in every picture and video.

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The Jewish bride and groom stand under the chuppah ready to be wedded while their friends and family share this beautiful moment with them

There are a few days more important and precious than your wedding day, which is why you always want to remember those moments filled with love from your significant other and family.

There’s no better way to commemorate this unforgettable day than with beautiful photography to remind you of that amazing day while your friends and family share beautiful moments with you.

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What We Do:
As we said, a Jewish wedding is a truly unforgettable event since there are so many segments that are special and deserve to be honored in form of exceptional photography, and we’ll offer you just that. It all begins with the bride and groom being called up to the Torah for a blessing as well as another blessing from the rabbi.

The guests at the ceremony throw candies at the blessed couple to wish them a sweet life together and, in our experience, capturing everyone’s smiles during this moment is a truly special thing. The signing of the ketubah is what makes the bond official, which is why you should let us photograph this affair to always remember the day you officially tied the knot.

The veiling is an intimate and special moment between the bride and groom and requires expertise to capture in a way that this tradition is remembered beautifully forever. The couple then proceeds to say their vows under the chuppah which symbolizes the home they’ll be building for themselves.

This ceremony is a tear-jerker that is held close to the hearts of the bride, groom, and their families. Simply put, vows are never meant to be forgotten which is why you should let our best photographers from New York film and photograph this special and intimate tradition expertly. According to Ashkenazi tradition, the bride will circle her husband 3 to 7 times to guard him against evil spirits and the couple will then exchange rings.

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The ceremony nears the end with an exciting and picture-perfect tradition of breaking the glass while the guest crowd yells “Mazel tov!”, and this is a moment we’ll surely capture. After the ceremony, the couple breaks their fast while spending 8 minutes in yichud to bond and rejoice.

These are all of the traditions and rituals of your wedding that we’ll commemorate with our photography as well as the beautiful traditional attire of the bride and groom as well as all the happy families and friends that are there to celebrate this important day with you.

Magical Moments of Bat Mitzvah Celebration Photography by Jewish Wedding and Event Photographers
Bat Mitzvahs photography by New York Photographers
Bat Mitzvah is a very important event for a kid and their parents. We make it more memorable by saving those precious moments with our Lenses

Schedule your appointment to make sure every minute of your Bat Mitzvah Celebration is covered and captured with love and expertise by the most experienced photographers in New York.

Creating Bar Mitzvah memories with Jewish Wedding Event Photographers
Save the emotional memories at Bar Mitzvah
New York Photographers know how the Jewish parents feel Bar Mitzvah of their Son. We capture those emotions and love as your kid comes of age

We specialize in Bar and Bat Mitzvah Photography and Videography.

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