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Kerala Wedding Photography by Malayalee Wedding Photographers
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Marriage is the special bond between two people that keep them together with happiness and love throughout their lives. Both the parties dress up nicely and do their best to make their wedding day the most memorable day of their lives.

All those emotional memories are worth being captured into photographs that remind them of their love and the beautiful day. The bride and groom get dressed in the traditional Kerala wedding attire for their big day.

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When compared to other common weddings, Kerala weddings are quite different. Their rituals, traditions, and customs that have been passed on for centuries are very unique.

All of the Kerala families pay extra attention when performing all the rituals responsibly. There are three types of Kerala weddings, Muslim, Hindu, and Christian. All of the weddings are celebrated with joy and happiness so that both the bride and groom set off on their new journey with a healthy start.

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The bride and groom are dressed in the traditional Kerala wedding attire
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Kerala weddings are known to be unique as there are a variety of ways to celebrate them based on the religion of the bride and groom. Kerala weddings can be celebrated with either Muslim, Hindu, or Christian values.

This means that there are tons of events based on the religion, customs, and traditions that the bride and groom are following. If it is a Muslim Kerala wedding, it would consist of three major events, which are Nikkah, Rukhsati, and Valima.

All of them will have tons of precious teary-eyed moments along with lively and vibrant ones. If it is a Hindu Kerala wedding, there would be tons of events, rituals, and traditions filled with happiness and joy.

The Hindu Kerala wedding would be livelier and more colorful than the other two categories, Muslim and Christian Kerala weddings.

Last but not least, the Christian Kerala Wedding. This wedding is simpler and more elegant but it will still have several moments worth being recorded.

Fairytale Kerala Wedding Photography by Malayalee Photographers

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Our team specializes in high-quality photography and videography, which will help record and freeze all of the special moments on reels, for them to last forever and you to enjoy whenever you want.

As there will be multiple events and rituals, our experienced team will do their best and show their expertise in capturing the most heartfelt moments.

Our team will also use high-end photography and videography equipment to give you the best results. You will not be disappointed by our satisfactory results and will be content with the memories that you will get to relive once again.

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Capturing Precious Moments at Kerala Wedding Photography
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Everyone wants to preserve their special moments in pictures or videos so they can easily look back at them and relive the memorable time spent together.

To keep the memories and the love alive, most people set their wedding photographs as wallpapers so they can be reminded of the special day every time they look at their phone.

All in all, this proves the importance of high-quality wedding photography; not only does it make the bride and groom look their best but also captures the best moments along with the emotions and the story behind them.

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Kerala Christian Wedding – How to Capture the Best Moments

One of the main challenges faced by photographers when taking photos and videos is when they are hired for a wedding ceremony they don’t have any experience. Even the most experienced photographers will need a lot to prepare for if they want to capture the best moments. Since Christian weddings are so common, you’d think that every Christian wedding you see out there is the same.
But what if you are hired for Kerala Christian Wedding Photography? It may be Christian, but you will have to know about the traditions surrounding the state of Kerala and how they conduct their wedding events there.

What to expect in a Kerala Christian Wedding

Generally, Christian weddings involve both the bride and the groom’s agreement on when the wedding will take place. In a Christian wedding in Kerala, it is a bit different. There is the official intimation referred to as the Kettukuri, which is provided by the groom’s local church which is to be entrusted to the bride’s local church.

This is followed by Athiroopatha, which is the HQ of the Archbishop, who will administer the preparation of the marriage between the bride and the groom. It is like an orientation for both the bride the groom when facing adverse situations. There will be a Manasammadam, or willingness to be with each other that will take place any day except Fridays.

To conduct this phase, a Kurbana or prayer is done. Whatever happens in this phase, it will be recorded in the church’s register witness by two significant people of both parties. In the next 3 succeeding Sundays, the announcement of the Manasammadam will be placed on the church’s notice board. Anyone who objects to the marriage can be raised on to the Vicar of the church.

It depends on whether the families want those events to be taken, too. You will need to negotiate with them as your main concern is the wedding ceremony itself.

The wedding will take place either the bride or the groom’s local church. You will need to scope out the area so that you will know where you are going to position your cameras to take photos and videos of the ceremony.

Before you make it to the local church, you will need to take photos videos of what is going to take place in the home of the bride and the groom, as they are going to prepare themselves for the wedding. Keep in mind that there are slight differences on how their wedding is done from the usual Christian ways. It will help you if you can find an event in Kerala that holds a Christian wedding, too. It will give you a good idea how you are going to move your cameras around.

After the holy mass, the official marriage rituals are conducted. This is then followed by a vegetarian lunch that is prepared by the family of the bride. After the lunch, the guests of both the bride and the groom heads to the latter’s house. There will be a party that will take place in the afternoon, which is usually a tea party.

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