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Muslim Wedding Photographers work to make the most important day of your life to be covered as the best day of your life

Photography of Vibrant, Colorful and Extravagant Occasion by Muslim Wedding Photographers of New York
Muslim Wedding Photographers for Ceremony Photography and Videos

The vibrant Muslim wedding and soulful Valima ceremony strengthen your faith and trigger celebrations that embark you on a new journey. Let’s see how can our collaboration work to make the most important day of your life be covered as the best day of your life.

  • Affordable and Top Notch Muslim Wedding Photographers in New York

Saying “YES, I do!” in a city that never sleeps can be exciting, yet the most challenging part is finding a Muslim wedding photographer in New York who can give FOREVER life to the vibrant moments of your BIG DAY.

If you are a Muslim couple looking for a photographer who knows the nitty-gritty of Muslim Weddings, congratulations, you are at the right place – we make a real difference!

Photography of Joy and Celebrations of a Wonderful Union by Muslim Wedding Photographers

Muslim Wedding is not an Event It’s a Festival
Affordable Top Notch Muslim Wedding Photographers in New York

We are New York-based photographers specializing in Muslim weddings. Our team of dedicated cinematographers and photographers is passionate about wedding storytelling through lenses to capture fleeting heartfelt moments.

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Muslim Nikah Highlights

Wedding Video Highlights

We understand the Muslim culture, the 3-4 days full of festivities, and we add them colors to translate into incredible wedding photos.

  • What will you get?
  • Our wedding photography package includes:
  • The customized album according to your liking!
  • Personalized services to capture the families too beautifully.

Our unique and classic wedding photography style is deeply rooted in culture, norms, and the values of Muslims.

We provide creative, clean, and crisp wedding artistry photography services for Muslim couples that are romantic, fun, emotional, joyous & intimate.

We ensure your wedding is beautifully photographed from start to end. We capture Mehendi, Nikkah, Shaddi, and Walima in the most magical form as you perform the customary Salat al-Istikharah (a prayer to Allah for guidance) together.

Muslim Wedding Photographers to Celebrate the Completion of Your Faith and Union

Celebrate the completion of your faith and union with the colors of joy
New York-based Photographers Specializing in Muslim Weddings

Professional storytellers of your Muslim wedding traditions
Marriage plays a unique role in Islamic tradition, and therefore Muslims commonly refer to marriage as “half of the religion!”

The beautiful and heartfelt moments have deep roots and commitment to their faith. We understand a Muslim wedding is not just about a marriage contract, but a bond between families that gets stronger every day.

We have an industry standard for creative wedding photography. We capture every moment well, be it performing the Mahr, exchange gifts, and the emotions of joy and happiness.

We pay attention to every moment throughout the festivities and Walima as the newly-weds sit together for the first time while the father officially gives the bride’s hand to the husband and asks him to protect her.

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Muslim Wedding Photographers for Photography of Religious Event between two people of Islam Faith

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Professional Photographers of NY are storytellers of your Muslim wedding traditions

Top-notch deliverables with quick turnover
We offer 8 hours of wedding photography and the deliverables are available after a day or two. We provide affordable and customized photography services to Muslim couples in New York without any hidden costs.

In less than a decade, our talent, quality, and artistic creativity have blossomed. Today, we are one of the most famous Muslim wedding photographers in New York.

We capture emotions
We shoot through the moments during Nikkah’s charming, elegant & sacred ceremony as the two souls coming together. Our objective is to give life to your emotions. We take pleasure in walking to the room filled with bridesmaids who are awkwardly quiet yet emotional. We read behavior and interpret it as the correct emotion when it happens, and translate it into a two-dimensional image.

Bridal attire is the key element of the Muslim wedding, and we heavily spotlight that. We take detailed shots of the lehenga, sherwani, and jewelry. The outfits laced in vibrant colors give life to our artistic photography skills.

Family portraits
For us, both the families of the groom and bride are as important as the couple itself. We take time to capture the beautiful family portraits.

We understand the Muslim tradition of having separate rooms for males/females. Therefore our female photographers will be capturing shots too. But as per client request, we also provide male photographers & cinematographers.

Full-fledged Muslim Wedding Photographer in New York
As New York-based Muslim wedding photographers, we are proud to have captured the beautiful smiles of the Muslim bride, groom, and their families and help them cherish memories forever.

If you are planning your Muslim wedding in New York, and wondering about how much does a wedding photographer cost in NYC?– we love to hear all about your plans.

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Photography of the Symbolic and Solemn Religious event by Muslim Wedding Photographers of New York
Muslim Wedding Photography by Desi Photographers New York City New Jersey
Muslim wedding beautifully photographed from start to end
  • Muslim Wedding Photography In New York

Your wedding ceremony special day is one of the most important days of your life. Signing your Nikkah documents is a moment you’ll simply never forget since it’s a step into a new stage of your life with someone you love dearly.

  • Islamic Marriages:

It is a Sunnah in the Islamic religion to get married according to Allah’s will. “I created you from one soul, and from the soul, I created its mate so that you may live in harmony and love.” Quran: 7:189. That’s exactly why people want to commemorate this beautiful moment through pictures and videos so you can remember and relive every detail of this important day wherever and whatever you want.

Muslim wedding photography is much different than Christian weddings since the brides’ dresses, as well as the decorations and lightings, are completely different. Everything is more warm-toned and the gorgeous red of the bride’s dress is what needs to be in focus.

That is when you need a professional and experienced photographer to enhance this beautiful moment for you to remember and celebrate for the rest of your life. Here are some of the characteristics you can expect from Islamic wedding photography.

  • What Do We Do:

Islamic Weddings have two main events called Nikkah and Walima, also known as reception, which completes a wedding. On both days, the bride and groom spend hours getting ready to look their absolute best and have the best arrangements possible for their guests.

With the tears in the bride’s mother’s eyes, pride and happiness radiating through the face of the couple’s parents, and the pure joy in the smiles of the couple, these little moments and feelings are what makes the events so special.

Our team specializes in capturing all these precious moments and preserving them on the reel. You can look back at all the pictures and reminisce all the beautiful times you and your family spent together.

You can find several photographers claiming to provide the best clicks of your big day. However, there is a difference in Muslim weddings and we understand those sentiments wholeheartedly. From signing your Nikkah papers, to marriage sermon, and celebrating your reception, we will capture the beauty of your big day in our camera.

We will make sure you never forget how beautiful your dress was and how happy you both looked signing your life to each other. Whether it is receiving a warm prayer from your father, cutting the cake with your other half, or your traditional wedding attire, capturing every detail of your wedding is our priority.

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The day of your wedding is one you never want to forget. Wedding couples frame these captured moments and hang them up around their home or set them as their phone wallpapers simply because they love reliving that beautiful day all over again.

Call us today to make an appointment with the best Islamic wedding photographers New York can ever have so that your special day is commemorated the right way.

A wedding is the happiest occasion in any culture captured by Muslim Wedding Photographers
Muslim Wedding Photographers | CandleLight Photography Studio NYC
Vibrant Muslim Wedding Photography and Soulful Valima Ceremony Videography

New York is a running cosmopolitan city with some non-stop life. There is a considerable Muslim diaspora from Pakistan, India, and around in NY and NJ. The cultural roots and rituals, religious zeal, and unique style are prominent attributes of every South Asian living in any part of the world.

Life is so incomplete for you without the desi Tarka, and when it comes to marriage the perfect recipe of a Pakistani wedding is in our hands. Pakistani weddings have several colorful and joyous events, making the wedding a complete festival for the whole family.

This festive nature brings a lot of happiness and you deserve to live every moment and event to its fullest. So if you are anxious about covering your event with keeping its soul and essence alive and best camera skills, congratulations you have reached the perfect address.

Our professional photographers and videographer have got a broad experience of covering hundreds of Muslim weddings. Our cinematographers are aware of every event’s minute and minor details with their story, role, and significance. When you are looking for a perfect traditional wedding program or a blend of conventional and modern trends, the collaboration of your desires and our masterclass skills will produce the finest results.

The Mehndi event is full of fun, love, dance, and rituals that incarnate the love, joy, and fun in your life. Let’s capture every expression of the event with its purity, every dance on the dholak and music beat count with its whole story with outclass cinematography and build some finest video films for your movie nights and movie library.

The Nikkah is the most important and holy event of all the events. The moment you say Qubul Hai is when you place your foot on the accelerator of your new life. Let’s eternalize the divinity and sacredness of your Nikkah with our lenses and the skilled ones behind the lenses.

The story of your Barat, your glamourous and spectacular looks, your bridal attire, lovely ritual, i.e. Dudh Pilai, Jota Chupaai, And Rukhsati, full of emotions can get you the best time lined albums, video films, and bulk of candid and posed photo and video shoots and group portraits.

The bridal dress, the glamourous and stunning looks, and the shinning jewelry in each event have the potential of the best couple shoot for you.

Finally, let the last but not the least joy of your wedding event be uncovered and perpetual zed in your Valima.

Let’s work together and tell your fellows Shadi Ho Tou Esi. The whole marriage festive was full of lovely, passionate, emotional, and glamourous moments. Let’s none of them fade or blur from your memory with our flawless videography and cinematography.

  • Muslim Wedding Photography

A little intro to Muslim Marriage
Islam lays great importance on the institute of marriage and advocates it as a metaphysical union designed by Allah and hence, knows the value of sex and companionship.

Marriage is a highly-esteemed relationship and as advised by Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him),
“Marriage is my precept and my practice. Those who do not follow my practice are not of me.”

He also said,
“When a man has married, he has completed one half of his religion. so let him fear Allah regarding the remaining half.”
Marriage, according to Islam is a foundation of a family and a union of two souls on their way to Jannah.

Islam is a religion of divinity hence a true Islamic household is graced by divinity, dignity, and love.

  • A Muslim Wedding story of Roha and Nabeel.

Hello, and welcome to my wedding story. I am Roha, a 26 years old brown Muslim girl living in New York, USA. Having immigrated from Pakistan with my family at the age of 6, I was such an old-school when it came to love and marriage.

NYC Wedding Photographer and Event Photographer
I was such an old-school when it came to love and marriage

For me, it was always understood that one day my parents will bring someone home and tell me, ‘ Meet XYZ! He is the one we intend to get you married to.” As my parents did and as the parents of my parents did.

When I was a growing young girl, I was like a walking whale with glasses and often used to be fat-shamed in school. I was bad at understanding English colloquialisms. I was shy. I was a loner. I had confidence issues.

I never felt truly accepted. Long story short, I was a hot mess. I never wore shorts, attended any parties, or spent time with boys. I was an avid reader and all I did as a child was reading books, books, and books.

Much thanks to my determination to change me I grew up to be someone who looked quite acceptable with a satisfactory command on vocab and someone who was the opposite of a homebody and fairly successful in life.

After I graduated from the University of New York, my mother began the process of arranging a life partner for me while I was only 21 but I, being a respectful child complied with that. I was often made to meet prospects along with their huge ass families in the process. Some were very good, some were very bad but I kept turning them down for some reason I didn’t know. ( At that time!) Amma would often get annoyed and ask, ‘ What on the earth are you looking for?’
But being clueless myself, I used to tell her,” I just don’t feel the chemistry…”

How our paths crossed…
Never ever, in my dreams, had I ever thought that a girl like me would ever fall in love and find that chemistry with someone and that too, with Nabeel. (Ah! Someone, please tell me that too much blushing is silly..)

It was during my Ph.D. at the University when I realized that I needed to break out of my scholarly shell. So I signed up for Coffee Meets Bagel. By then, I had a better idea of what I was looking for. I was a skeptical hybrid looking for a hybrid. And then Nabeel, 30, A Ph. D student in Pharmacy from the University of Connecticut caught my eye and Oh my God! He was so handsome.

Fairytale Proposal Photographers NYC
Never ever, in my dreams, had I ever thought that a girl like me would ever fall in love and find that chemistry with someone and that too, with Nabeel.

Eager to know everything right then, I read all his details. He was 4 when he emigrated with his parents to Farmington, Conn. As principled and self-improving as I was, but more energetic and more intelligent and more excitable. My heart rang the bell and I knew that he was the one.

After he and I were matched, we started chatting in the chatroom and then switched to texting, and then phone calls, and then meetings and then finally marrying.

While conversing with him, everything seemed to fit in just perfectly. Despite our worlds and personalities clash, we used to get along really well. He was a bro. He was revolutionary and used slangs, and sarcasm, and exaggeration while I was too careful while speaking. He was funnier. He was cooler. He was more lively. Just everything that I needed.

When he proposed…
It was on November 30, 2018, that he drove to NYC to meet my parents and ask for my hand in a formal meeting. I still remember how nervous and intimidated we both were. It was a 5-hour long Formal meeting and Amma Abba looked more serious than ever. In a way, this experience was not different than that of an arranged marriage.

Nikah Ceremony Muslim Photographers NYC
It is not just the chemistry, not just the love, not just the equation with him, it is everything

I still recall in my head the words Abba said when finally the meeting was over, ‘ I am more amazed than happy on your choice. He is a tall, handsome, and confident man with bright intellectual eyes. Just the one I have dreamt as your partner.’ And then he hugged both of us and gave his blessings.
Our Wedding day…
Fast Forward to the wedding day, the day when our fairytale started. Feb 2, 2019! I still feel giddy remembering that date and amazed at how much I still feel attracted to him. It is not just the chemistry, not just the love, not just the equation with him, it is everything.

Our wedding ceremony was brief and only the close relatives were invited. I was dressed in this metallic wedding lehenga, heavily brocaded and full of embellishments, and Nabeel, in a black traditional attire, called Shairwani and a red ‘Kulla’ on his head.. I remember how my eyes saw him and refused to see anything else. The room was full of people and my eyes just stared ahead at his eyes. My entire focus, my entire energy was on him. Oh MY God! The man of my dreams, the love of my life was right there. I was there, He was there and what else, it was so wholesome.

Our Nikah…
For those of you who don’t know, Nikah, in Islam is a legal contract agreed between a man and the woman. Both the bride and the groom are to consent to the marriage of their free wills.

Our nikah took place in the afternoon on Feb, 2 at a nearby mosque. The imam sat cross-legged with us, our fathers, and a few other male relatives. After reviewing the wedding contract, the imam spoke and we acknowledged how badly we wanted to be with each other. I closed my eyes as we both repeated yes, yes, yes…
and we were married.

Nikah Ceremony | Muslim Wedding Photographers
Just A Love Story – I closed my eyes as we both repeated yes, yes, yes… and we were married.

Our Walima …
Our Walima took place the next day in a hall filled with 210 guests. Nabeel was wearing a Royal blue dress coat and looking as regal, as royal, as majestic as ever. I looked at him as I walked towards him in a coffee brown, heavily brocaded, and embroidered ‘Sharara’ that was more like a piece of jewelry than a piece of clothing. We looked at each other and the whole world froze.

Wedding photographers in New York City
We looked at each other and the whole world froze

I still look at him, and the world still freezes…
He is as necessary to me as ever. He has been, still is, and he always will be my greatest wish, my most cherished desire, my biggest blessing.

Special thanks to the Candlelight Wedding Photography Studio NYC
I remember how concerned I was during the whole ceremony for every moment to be photographed so beautifully that it would bring out the vibrancy, the joy, and the piety of the event in its true colors. I wanted every moment captured and nothing missed.

Our little smiles and secret sighs, the laughter shared with our friends and relatives, the precious and sacred emotion on Abba’s face, Amma’s contented yet watery eyes, the beautiful welcoming smiles on his parents’ faces, the intricate details of my lehnga, My henna-filled hands, just everything, I wanted everything to be saved forever.

I was reluctant while hiring Mr. Surinder Singh from Candlelight Wedding Photography Studio as it was my first experience with him as a photographer. Still, I cannot thank you and your team enough for understanding my concerns and doing your job with such artistic flair and a keen sensitivity towards Islamic customs and practice, people and emotions. I will always be a fan of your work and your customer for life.

Roha & Nabeel

How To Hire Good Muslim Nikaah Photographers

There are several photographers all over the world. All of them claim to handle any occasions or events, which are often far from the truth because some events are more difficult to handle than others. An example of the complex ones is the Muslim Nikaah. Hence, you need to know how to hire good Muslim Nikaah Photographers.

Although the original traditions involved in this kind of occasion are not so many, modernization and civilization seem to have brought up different kinds of Nikaah ceremonies, depending on the financial and social status of the prospective couples and that of their parents. This is why you do not only need photographers who are knowledgeable about Nikaah ceremonies, but the ones who are experienced in how it is being done in different parts of the world now.

One thing is to decide to hire experienced hands for your Nikaah, the other is how to figure out these experienced hands. The latter is very difficult because every photographer would claim to have the required expertise. Photographers, as well as other professionals believe experience starts with one assignment and they always hope to learn from the mistakes made therein. So, they may want to use your wedding as a learning field. This could prove to be a costly mistake for you as wedding are one-time events, except if you are thinking of a divorce.

Can you allow a learner or an apprentice to give you a haircut? Or can you allow a tailoring apprentice to tailor your materials? That is exactly what we are doing when you allow an inexperienced photographer to cover your wedding. Experts know the main events to expect and they have different ideas on the additional ceremonies usually added to further glamorize the occasion.

Some good photographers go as far as getting in touch with the organizers of a particular occasion to get every detail of all the rituals, traditions and events planned for the occasion. This would give them a firsthand insight on the forthcoming occasion.

You can also ask for the pictures or video of some o the Nikaah weddings that they have handled before. Good photographers always keep copies of their outstanding works to convince prospective customers. You can go through their pictures and videos and if you are satisfied with what you see, you can hire them. But if they do not present any of their works on Nikaah, please leave them immediately. It is either they have not handled a Nikaah before or their pictures are nothing to write home about.

Good photographers should have presence or representatives in several parts of the world, especially in the United States of America. Their list of addresses should confirm this. When you ask for their address, you should be given all their addresses. Assuming you are based in Florida and your Nikaah is billed to take place in New York. It is rather cumbersome to leave Florida for New York to hire photographers and if you decide to hire them in Florida, their air fares would be added to your charges directly or indirectly and it would cost you more. Your best choice is to hire photographers who have offices in virtually every part of the United States of America. You will hire them in your base in Florida and they would delegate the job to the New York branch of their office. That way, you would not have to foot any transportation bill and you would not also need to go through the inconvenience of traveling to the planned venue to look for photographers.

Finally, the last point on how to hire good Muslim Nikaah Photographers is to make sure these wedding photographers know the main details of the occasion. They should be able to list all the events of such weddings and in the right order too. If they do not talk about them, you should personally ask them. If they cannot list the events convincingly, do not hire them.

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