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  • Transforming your magical moments into timeless works of art

As a wedding photographer in New York, seeing real couples pledge themselves in love to one another is an endlessly rewarding experience. For over 20 years, Candlelight Wedding Photography Studio has been capturing newly-weds across New York and documenting their love stories on film.

It’s those little moments captured that make our work so loved by our clients. From the subtle glances and smiles during the ceremony, the kiss on the bride’s cheek as her father hands her away, to the unexpected and joyous events that spontaneously occur during the day. We see it all and create memories that will last a lifetime.

  • A Wedding Photographer in New York with a One-of-a-Kind Approach

Your wedding is unique, but all nuptials are filled with love and emotion. Every image in the album of wedding photography by Candlelight Wedding Photography Studio will echo your individuality, revel in your joy, and show just how special your wedding really was.

As you and your loved ones enjoy your big day, we will blend seamlessly into the background, using an unobtrusive and experienced approach to organically capture every little detail that would have been otherwise forgotten.

As a renowned wedding photographer in New York, we pride ourselves on our ability to take not only the image shots you asked for but also the images you never knew you wanted.

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  • Lifelong Memories of your Celebration

Our many past clients have all placed their trust in us to capture those intimate moments that immortalize their special day, and they have been rewarded with an affordable wedding photography package that will be loved for a lifetime.

From the excitement of the bride’s morning preparations to the belly laughs during champagne toasts, right up to the bride and groom driving away into the night. Not a moment is lost.

Wedding photography is why we do what we do. And we’re destined to be the wedding photographer in New York that documents your love story.

  • Choose an Expert to Capture your Wedding Day

Whether you’ve planned an intimate wedding, an elopement, or a formal affair in a stunning garden, rustic barn, beach, or rooftop. Candlelight Wedding Photography Studio from Manhattan New York will capture all the special moments to be cherished for generations for the rest of your life.

Be it those traditional scenes or the more emotion-filled candid shots. We will deliver high-quality wedding photography in New York that will tell your story.

Working at your wedding with you, your family, and your bridal party at every step of your wedding journey, we will ensure the images of your special day are perfect in every single way. As your chosen photographer, we are here to listen to you, understand your vision, and always live up to your expectations.

Important 5 Questions to Ask your New York Wedding Photographers

Wedding photographers in NYC cost between $750 to $1500 for wedding photography for up to four hours.

Two (2) wedding photographers are required when the bride and groom have events at two different locations simultaneously.

Most wedding photography packages include high-resolution digital photography, high definition videography, and a photo album.

The reasonable price for a wedding photographer is $750 for four hours of high-resolution wedding photography.

New York wedding photographers charge $150 an hour for a minimum of four hours of wedding photography.

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  • Trust us, and We Will Deliver Treasured Memories

CandleLight wedding photographers Studio is located in Manhattan, New York. We know all the best spots in the city and beyond. With extensive knowledge built up over years of experience, Candlelight Wedding Photography Studio is well-known within the wedding industry for delivering the finest service that goes above and beyond.

We have developed invaluably close relationships with many of New York’s most desirable and sought after wedding venues through the years. Meaning we know all the top spots to make you look your absolute best.

If you are seeking a New York wedding photographer with years of experience and a creative approach, Candlelight Wedding Photography Studio is your perfect choice.

Please feel free to call and get in touch via our contact page, and let’s begin the journey together.

If you’re looking for the most creative, experienced wedding photographer in New York, Candlelight Wedding Photography Studio is a perfect choice.

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  • Preserve Your Big Day With The Best Wedding Photographer in New York

Wedding memories are remembered forever, and this is why they are captured and recorded for a lifetime through the photos, so can you can relive your lovely moments for years and years.

Your photos are the best way to represent the wedding’s key moments, and they tell a beautiful story of your special day.

Only a true artist knows how to store, capture, and gather a moment into an artwork. And as we agree to that, we hire photographers to cover some of the best events of our life.

NYC Weddings are exceptional occasions, and only a few photographers know how to capture the event’s true spirit. When ever you are looking for the very best professional wedding photographer to make sure your big day is captured from the right angles, I am the one you are looking for your big day photography.

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I specialize in wedding photography, the one who will charm your wedding album. Wedding photography of your big day is not just like any other photography. You will need a specific eye to capture happiness, the vows, and the moments you share as your promise to share your lives with your partner.

I am a professional photographer in New York and aspire to make any wedding taking place there an unforgettable moment for all those who attend the day.

  • Make Your Big Day Last Forever With Top-Notch NYC Wedding Photography

If you are searching for a knowledgeable photographer who will make your big day all the better, give me a chance to preserve the moments in time. When handling your wedding photography, you don’t have to worry about what angle will suit you best, what poses you should go for, whether your pictures will have the aesthetic effect, or under your budget.

I will take care of all of that. I offer special feature packages for the brides and grooms separately. Trust me with your wedding photography, and I will leave no stone unturned to get you what you want.

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  • Why Should You Hire Me?

I will bring the right confidence and excitement to ensure that the wedding couples get what they wanted at such an honorable event. Moreover, I will not leave you hanging on the titanic pose only (on a lighter note), but having fun and enjoying the wedding couples photoshoot is the aim of my wedding photography.

  • And it does not just end with bride and groom photos

We make sure that all the aspects of your wedding day are covered. We will keep an eye out (and a lens) to click all the factors that are a part of your special day, like your relatives wiping happy tears as you exchange rings with your partner, the smiles on the beautiful faces of bride and groom as they cut the cake, and many more.

So, if you want a professional and creative Destination wedding photographer in New York for your big day in New York, hit me up!

  • Live Your Moments Forever With Top Wedding Photography in New York

It will not matter what the occasion or the event is. There is nothing like taking pictures of the event so that you can travel back to it when you miss it in the future.

And when it comes to any special occasion, mediocre photography done averagely with a phone won’t do the trick. That’s why people go for professional photography. And that’s what I’m here for you to assist with your wedding photography.

  • My Vision for Photography

For centuries people have tried to preserve their memories and tried to hold on to pieces of the past. After all, why wouldn’t one want to sit down one day and look back at the happiest moments in our lives?

I am a certified wedding photographer based in New York, and this is a philosophy I follow. I try to spread to others through my work by helping them snag onto a part of the happiest times of their lives. Though my philosophy remains the same, my work is a bit more specific, focusing on weddings.

With my camera, I will capture every strip of tulle and every fluff of mesh in a way that is unique to my signature. Ages from your big day, you will open up your wedding album and flip through moments of ecstasy paused in time, from the first look at the bride to the flower girl’s laughter. You will find your spouse eternally turning to the tunes no matter which way life itself turns.

  • What I Offer

What sets my photography work apart from others is that I tend to focus on nitpicking the most precious moments, choosing to place as much value on the bridesmaids as on the bride.

Besides that, my work displays a grasp on diversity, as my clients are American as well as Indian and Pakistani, and often belong to many other ethnic groups. The diversity of cultures allows me to enrich my work with a beauty unique to each culture.

You will not find the diyas that I cover in an Indian wedding or pictures of the nikkah in a Pakistani wedding resembling an American wedding. Each culture pulls a separate persona out of me that allows me to connect to the concerned culture on a deeper and more vulnerable level.

  • Get The Best Destination Wedding Photography in New York

I will help you decide what you want. In poses, sceneries, and angles, I will help you construct a story worth a million words. It would help if you did not stress how I choose the best angle, as I will decide that with you. Together, we will leave no nook or cranny uncovered in the chase for the perfect picture.

Rest assured, though, that it will not be all business. We will have a fun time that will turn your photo ops into just another part of the wedding instead of yet another chore to be completed and put aside.

Being a photographer from New York, the city that never sleeps has allowed me to construct dreams while I’m awake, and I know just how to make yours come true.

I will cover all sorts of American, Indian, and Muslim wedding photography. If you aim to find the best wedding photographer in Brooklyn, New York, I am the one!

We offer Bridal Photography at outdoor locations like Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and other parks and wedding venues in Jersey City for candid photo sessions and engagement photos.

Every timeless image in the album of a wedding ceremony and event photography by Candlelight Photography will echo your uniqueness, revel in your happiness, and reveal how unique your wedding event indeed was. As a prominent wedding event professional photographer in Brooklyn, New York, we pride ourselves on our capability to not just take the shots you asked for, however likewise the images you never understood you desired.

  • Manhattan Wedding and Engagement session Professional Photographers

How to Discover the Right Wedding and Engagement photo session Professional Photographers in Manhattan? Fearless photographers to take beautiful images of Your Big Day with Candid and Photojournalist approach.
Central Park in Manhattan, NY, is the most romantic and exciting setting to take beautiful wedding ceremony images. Our Top ten wedding photographers are available for hours of coverage for extraordinary wedding photographs.

Many wedding clients prefer to do the documentary-style photo session on Brooklyn Bridge. Our professional photographers will take beautiful images for the wedding book, which is available as an online photo gallery.

Choosing the best wedding event professional photographers for your wedding event can be easier for your wedding venue in Brooklyn, New York. Our online customer service staff is always available to answer the questions you may have regarding wedding venue photographs.

When you call to talk to wedding event professional photographers in Manhattan, please mention the hours of coverage of your wedding ceremony and engagement session photographs.

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CandleLight Photography Studio is the Right Wedding Event Professional Photographers in Manhattan for wedding photographs and online photo galleries.

We provide high-resolution digital Wedding Photography, artistic Cinematography, Cinematic style 4K Videography services in New york city City (NYC), New Jersey (NJ), and surrounding locations.

We have a group of expert Indian wedding event professional photographers, videographers, and skilled cinematographers who are trained to make your exceptionally important day especially unforgettable.

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Candlelight Wedding Photography Studio concentrates on catching minutes of destination wedding events, and our photography website showcases some of the work we have provided for others. Do not hesitate to search around our website to see if our artistic style is what you are searching for in your wedding photo album and videos.