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Premiere Pre-Wedding Photography by Indian Wedding Photographers NYC. Extraordinary Wedding Memories don’t just happen. Professional Photographers make them happen.

Pre-wedding photography for making an incredible love story
Pre-wedding photography for capturing the beauty of the bridal couple

Need the best photographer for your pre-wedding photography? CandleLight Wedding Photography Studio can be the best solution for you for your wedding events. Our professional photographers will make your bridal entry look fantastic and capture the moment for life.

Wedding memories are the memories that you cherish for your lifetime. It can be the soundtrack of your life that you can listen to and relive every moment of your wedding.

Whether it is an American wedding or a traditional Pakistani or Indian wedding, the Vibe will be a lot different. When living in America and looking for photographers in New York, you might have to be a little more specific according to your events.

For your traditional Indian or Pakistani wedding events, you might need a photographer who knows how to capture these events and has worked with the ethnic groups. Well, you got us!

But how will you get the best photographs from your pre-wedding photography? Let us help you out with that as well. Candlelight Photography Studio will capture excellent pre-wedding Photography on Your Wedding Day.

Pre-wedding photos and Videos are the Keepsakes for Tomorrow

Pre-wedding photography by CandleLight Photographers in NYC
Happy bride in a surreal location and the traditional look by NYC wedding photographers
  • Find out the best photographer

Without the best wedding photographer, you will never be able to have the best photos of the most significant moment of your life.

Whether it is an engagement or a Mehendi ceremony, you must find an experienced photographer to cover your wedding and pre-wedding events. Your Shaadi is important, but the photography for the pre-wedding events makes a huge difference as well. We are here for you. CandleLight Wedding Photography Studio can be the one for your pre-wedding photography.

  • Practice the Pose

We know you are anxious about having the best photos from the best and most significant events of your life. We always recommend our brides to practice what they have in mind.

You might have seen a lot of pictures of the happy brides that you want to look like. You might have seen many poses and many other details that you want in your photographs as well. Well, now is the time that you practice the postures you want in your pictures.

Trust me; it never hurts to practice a little to get the best photos from the pre-wedding events. You will be moving forward from this step. Therefore, capturing this important event will make a huge milestone.

Special Moments of Pre-wedding Photography in Central Park New York

Cost of Outdoor pre-wedding photography in NYC
These Special Moments of my pre-wedding by Professional Photographers Tell My Wedding Story
  • Relax the Face

You will not like your pictures with the face clenched and tortured. Try to wipe off all the anxiousness from your face. Close your eyes, inhale, and stay calm, and let your face relax a little.

You can also ask the photographer to count when taking a photograph. It will alert you and make sure that you do not close your eyes.

Pre-wedding photography questions answered by CandleLight Wedding Photography Studio in NYC

Central Park NYC and Dumbo in Brooklyn NY are perfect locations for taking pre-wedding pictures

Most photographers include pre-wedding photography in their wedding photography packages

Candlelight photography studio gives all high-resolution photos with any watermarks on a USB thumb drive

Professional wedding photographers cost between $750 to $1500 for digital wedding photography in NYC

CandleLight Photography Studio has the best wedding photographers available at affordable prices for NYC weddings

Pre-wedding Photo Session Including Photography and Videography

Pre-wedding price charges by NYC photographers
My Wedding Photographer Made My Day One To Remember Forever
  • Live the Moment

It would help if you stopped worrying about the Pose you want to have in your photographs or the expression you want. Try to enjoy the moment and leave it as much as you can. If you put in so much effort for the photographs only and do not enjoy the actual moment, you will regret it later. Therefore, enjoy it the most and have the most fun you can.

The memories last longer. Don’t hesitate to laugh. Remember, you will look a lot more beautiful when laughing. And leave everything else to the photographer.

But remember, the process of finding out the best photographer can be a little challenging. You can find the best one through reference, or you can do a little research of your own to make a list of the best options.

Pre-wedding Photos and Videos at New York Outdoor Locations
Wedding photography packages include bridal party pre-wedding photography
Shape Your Love Story By Bringing On A Professional New York Photographer

Do you want to find out the best photographer and videographer who can cover your pre-wedding events? Do you want your engagement pictures to look perfect? Are you looking for photographers who are capable of providing you are dream photographs?

Well, do not hesitate to contact CandleLight Wedding Photography Studio for all your photography-related queries and requirements. We offer the best photography services for your wedding.

Pre-wedding Photography to Help You Remember Your Special Day
Pre-wedding Photos and videos for a wedding album
These Iconic Places In New York Will Make Your pre-wedding Photography Unforgettable
  • Top 10 Pre-wedding shoot Ideas

Most photographers include a pre-wedding photoshoot in their package because they feel it is important to know their clients before the wedding day. This way, the client can get a sense of their photography style and allay their fear of taking photos so that they look more natural and relaxed on the wedding day.

Pre-wedding shoot takes mostly 3 months before the wedding day. Usually, natural light is used outdoors, which is more flattering and allows the photographer to capture the couple naturally. Often, photos of the couple are taken individually and together to learn how they will be photographed on the wedding day.

A photoshoot before the wedding offers countless advantages. Develop a relationship with your photographer because having a stranger with you on your wedding day is a long day. Understand how your photographer works and see the results of your photos from the day before the wedding. Rest assured that your photographer will be taking amazing photos of both of you on your wedding day.

Wherever you choose to have your pre-wedding shoot, embrace the experience, as it’s a great opportunity to have some relaxed, spontaneous images together with a professional photographer as you may not have had any pictures taken professionally of the two of you before.

  • Here are some pre-wedding shoot ideas:

A vintage-inspired shoot
If you are a classic lover, who just loves the different hues of blue matched perfectly with the classic outfits then opt for this pre-wedding photoshoot. This one stands out from every shoot. Adding different props like Gramophone or old telephone just increases the beauty of such shoots.

Pre-Wedding shoot locations in New York
New York; one of the most dynamic cities in the world and probably the best of the best place to exchange vows is a dream of many when it comes to getting married.

From the imposing stone columns to renaissance-style décor to all-natural ceilings of wildflowers, New York City wedding venues are breathtakingly serene and beautiful.

For couples-to-be who are looking for their pre-wedding shoots, finding a photoshoot location that matches their style can be difficult and confusing because New York is so big that even residents of this artsy and picturesque American metropolis admit that they have not seen everything!

As an NYC based photographer who has had the privilege of photographing couples all across this extraordinary metropolis, I know the smallest details about all NYC pre-wedding and wedding photoshoot locations so we have listed 10 of the most exquisite pre-wedding photoshoot locations in NYC.

Central park

“Let the park live in you until it sings you a song.”
― Zack Love, Stories and Scripts: an Anthology

Central Park is one of the most romantic photoshoot locations in NYC. I have photographed dozens of couples all across this iconic park, I, based on my experiences, have shortlisted my personal favorites to the following spots in Central Park.

Bethesda Terrace Arcade
This exquisite construction is located smack in the center of the park if you enter around 70th street from either side and head toward the middle.

Constructed in 1860, the terrace is a wellspring of solitude amid the busiest (and, perhaps, most intense) urban communities in the world, where you may discover performers singing opera to take advantage of the ethereal acoustics the tiles and the exterior provide. The terrace is remarkable for being the only spot in the world that uses exceptional encaustic tiles in its roof. It’s also one of the most epic romantic wedding destinations for wedding photoshoots in NYC

Bethesda Fountain
Loaded with tourist attractions and traps, Bethesda Fountain is regularly flanked by tourists from all around the world. You need a lot of tolerance for the jampacked crowd while taking photos at Bethesda, Thankfully, we know quite a few approaches to photograph couples in a way that makes the area look virtually vacant except them, even on crowded days.

Of course, a smart plan for a central park pre-wedding photoshoot would be to plan on off-days and off-hours when you can benefit as much as possible from the park being unfilled — and evade steady photobombs from unmindful tourists.

The Loeb Boathouse
Just a short stroll north of Bethesda Fountain, you will find the boathouse with a fleet of 100 rowboats for rent, weather permitting.

Row yourself into an ideal position on the water for your NYC pre-wedding photos to truly capture the romance of this moment, right in the center of New York City.

Bow Bridge
This 60-foot long bridge made of ipe, a South American hardwood, sits pretty much mid-park at 74th Street. it is one of the most amazing pre-wedding photograph locations in NYC.

Presented in different movies and symbolic of New York City’s refined, cosmopolitan side, it’s a must-do for any decent couple’s NYC pre-wedding photoshoot

Top of the Rock
Perfect for a dreamy and quixotic photoshoot, located a mile north of the Empire State Building, the Top of the Rock is the rooftop deck of one of the skyscrapers at Rockefeller Center, where you’ll discover NBC Studios and Radio City Music Hall.

It’s best to arrive right when it opens at 8 am or not long before dusk, our favorite time for photos there. This helps in avoiding the crowds and timing your meeting to match with the day’s best natural light. I have done dozen of pre-wedding photoshoots at Top of the Rock and I just love how beautiful and close-to-the-fantasy the photographs turn out.

The Brooklyn Bridge
For couples who are not acrophobic and fine with aggressive cyclists, NYC’s pre-wedding pictures on the Brooklyn Bridge is worth the walk. Whether you start in Manhattan or Brooklyn, it’s best to arrive super early, as the walkway can get packed before 8 am.

We typically advise taking the subway to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall station (the 4, 5, and 6 trains stop there, including the 6 expresses) and starting on the Manhattan side. You can also get to the Bridge by taking the J train to Chambers Street or the R train to City Hall.

From there, it’s about a 10 to 15-minute walk to where you’ll likely start taking photos on the bridge, so you may want to bring comfortable walking shoes and change into your pre-wedding photoshoot footwear once you get closer to the middle of the bridge.

The Greenwich village
if we have to pick our favorite neighborhood in New York City, Greenwich Village would definitely make our list of finalists. We love this area for feeling as curious as its name would suggest, while as yet having the Big Apple clamor.

While you can discover an array of agelessly romantic NYC pre-wedding photoshoot locations in The Village just from strolling the narrow streets somewhere in the range of sixth and seventh Avenues, there are some particular spots inside this area of the city that we love to remember for our meetings here.

Riverside Park
The four-mile stretch of greenery on the west side of Manhattan , Riverside park runs from 72nd Street up to 158th. Well-known for effervescent blossoms in the spring and summer, it’s not as occupied as the city’s other parks.

Riverside Park offers a cut of sweet, sweet isolation to help the romance factor of NYC pre-wedding pictures.

Grand Central Station
Searching for a famous rainy day wedding photograph area? Grand Central is what you are looking for. Not exclusively is it in a split second recognizable, yet its vaulted gables, drop chandeliers, and charismatic metro signs make it a rich alternative for the couples who are into good architecture. What’s more, truly, it’s going to consistently be occupied.

However, there are a couple of side areas that are not as crowded as the primary terminal near the clock tower. However, while you can take wedding photos in Grand Central (and you won’t need a permit if your photographer isn’t carrying extra gear), wedding ceremonies of any sort are not permitted.

There’s no shortage of ageless, romantic locations for pre-wedding photos in New York City. All things considered, the question arises: What’s the best NYC pre-wedding photograph area for you? To determine your perfect pre-wedding meeting area, consider the spots that mean the most to you as a couple. Perhaps it’s the area where you had your first date, or possibly it’s where you had your proposal.

Ready to design your own romantic NYC pre-wedding meeting?
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Reserve your date with us to have your romantic NYC pre-wedding photos captured somewhere significant to you.

If you’d like assistance planning and styling your pre-wedding photograph meeting, we’d love to help, so let us know in the details of your inquiry. Book now!

Street style or Modern-Art
If you’re an artsy couple who loves the contemporary chic street art vibes, head straight to Art District or studio. Sitting pretty between colorfully building or paintings these colorfully painted walls offer you an open-air art gallery feel at almost no cost.

Water Lovers
If you and your partner love swimming or ever thought about creating nearby beach concept and are searching for very different pre-wedding photoshoot ideas, then this is just for you. Posing near the beach or underwater wearing way different costumes and enjoying the water dance is just so adorable. Do try out this pre-wedding photoshoot idea and cherish the fun, love, and romance you feel when you are in the water with him.

Lover of trees and flowers
we often miss those green lands and forests feel. So, if you also love to get clicked in the middle of nature’s beauty, then this pre-wedding photoshoot idea is best for you. Get that soothing feeling that you wanted since forever with the essence of love.

In-house Prewedding shoot
Not to forget this comfy and real-me pre-wedding photo-shoot idea because this is surely the cutest and the most romantic one on the list. Whether you are a Netflix couple, who loves enjoying web series together or just a couple who love lazy Sundays, this intimate shoot concept is every couple’s hidden secret desire.

Light the Night
how about a Pre-wedding shoot at night? Under the lamp, sharing special time by the lakeside or just counting stars. Pre-wedding night photography has a charm of its own as most photographers will do a pre-wedding in day time or the famous golden hour. This is one of the coolest ways to have different pre-wedding photos.

Showcase your passion for something other than your partner
Whether you two are poles apart or share a passion, you know that the things you feel strongly about have contributed to making you the person that you are.

So, if it’s reading, pick a favorite book or surround yourself in a library. If you love traveling, sit on suitcases or use old boarding passes. Serenade with a guitar if you love music, play with Xbox for the love of video games, or cook together. Just express your passion as much as you want to express your love.

Make it a nostalgia trip; use games or items you loved as a kid as props
Whether its hide and seek or winning the queen in carrom or ruling the court; your childhood games can easily be a part of your wedding. In fact, why not try and incorporate comics or other things you loved as a kid, into your photoshoot.

Marriage may be an adult decision, but that is no reason to give up on childhood innocence.

Time Travellers
Go back in time to another era with portraits with a vintage feel. Sepia tones, muted colors, and overall mood of nostalgia makes these very special keepsakes. If you’re planning your shoot at home, a vintage portrait session makes you feel like you have gone back to the times you have long lost. It’s a fun way to connect with the person that you were before you become one with another.

Boating and bike and cars as props for your prewedding shoot
It is important to share different joyful moments while having your prewedding shoot. How about spending time on boats or your favorite bike, sharing sweet smiles for your photographer to capture the moment. Make the most of your pre-wedding shoot and enjoy the moment.

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How to choose your wedding Photographer- Different Wedding Photography Styles
You only have one chance when it comes to your wedding photos, and since all photos are the only memory that will stay with you forever, it is important that you hire the best wedding photographer you can afford. and hire the best person to record your wedding day.

It’s an investment you will happily make years later when you return to your wedding album and relive those special moments and emotions.

Wedding photography is about capturing emotional moments.

It’s about bringing back good memories of your wedding through the beautiful photos. It’s more about smiling at times you didn’t even know happened and seeing the excitement and emotion on the faces of your lover, loved ones and friends and most importantly. Have a story that you will take with you forever.

After you’ve chosen your date, booked your venue, and bought clothes.
You are already thinking about who to hire for your wedding photography. There are a ton of things to consider before making your decision, ranging from your wedding photography styles, budgets, and decorations that will set the story on fire.

In this article, we’re going to cover the types of wedding photography styles in more detail, and while people in the industry are familiar with these styles, they are still confusing for future couples.

Not only do remember that you are choosing a style of photography, but also determine the concepts of your wedding.

The decoration style will best match the story your wedding photography is telling when it is captured on the destination.

The choice of the style of photography you want for your wedding should be determined by these three things.

  • The desired picture styles.
  • The time you want to spend with the photographer on your wedding day creating the amazing concept you want to achieve.
  • Most important is your own personality and your comfort in front of the camera.

There are many different types of photography, from vintage wedding styles to editorial wedding styles to artistic or contemporary wedding styles.

Perhaps more confusing is that all of these wedding styles are used in different ways by different photographers, which ultimately means that it is up to the couples to ask lots of questions and do a lot of research before choosing a photographer. That way, the couple can count on a full set of completed wedding photos created to define their personality.

Don’t rely on the top five or six shots from multiple weddings when choosing your wedding photography styles.

Here are some wedding photography styles:

  • Traditional Wedding Photography styles

Many people view traditional wedding photography as endless, suffocating group photos where everyone looks as stiff as a board. Worse, the various collections of people seem to last forever.

I think there is a trend towards decline in traditional wedding photography, but the actual frame is still the same for most wedding photographers. Photos can be more elegant, but the actual experience of the day for the bride and groom is very similar.

There is always a trade-off between the type of work a photographer does and the time it takes to take pictures. More formal photos take longer to set up and complete. Any photographer who produces posed artwork takes some time to produce his or her best work.

It is important that you know how long it will take and how it will fit into your day. There are photographers who spend a few hours taking formal photos. Make sure you like to have more time for your wedding day.

If you are not comfortable in front of the camera, this type of photography may be more difficult. A good photographer should be able to help you and calm you down, but for many people, it can still seem a little intimidating.

  • Artistic Wedding Photography

This type of photography is essentially an evolution of traditional wedding photography and offers a contemporary take on traditional photos, although these are two terms that have been somewhat overused by the photographic community.

So do your research again. At best, this genre can create romantic moving images, but some photographers can use the same poses which can feel a little impersonal. Ask about lots of shoots and don’t be afraid to share your own ideas at your pre-wedding reunion.

  • Editorial Wedding Photography

This type of wedding is inspired by glossy magazine fashion editorials and can produce fantastic high-end imagery at best. To successfully produce this on a wedding day, the photographer needs to be very organized and would likely need an assistant to help take some of the shots ahead of time, although it depends on their style.

Do your research to ensure that the deadlines required for this type of filming are in line with your plans. If you really like this type of photography but don’t want to spend too much time on your wedding day, consider booking a separate photo shoot after the wedding.

Often described as a trash can or a photo shoot, having a separate photoshoot may be the best way to get the wedding day you want and the photos you will love without wasting much of your wedding day. It also means you and your photographer can choose the perfect time of day for the right light and have the flexibility to move it around if it rains.

In many countries, especially the USA, high-end wedding photography is divided into three groups: the engagement shoot, the wedding day, and an editorial shoot. Don’t necessarily think that everything has to be done in a day.

  • Vintage Wedding Photography

Vintage wedding photography is a style that has become fashionable lately but is difficult to quantify in many ways. Vintage can mean anything from using old cameras during part of the wedding to taking a different approach to post-production to create digital files that look “vintage”.

There are some great photographers out there, but keep in mind that if you receive files that have been heavily edited in a particular style, you run the risk of your photos looking rather dated a few years later.

If I were to hire a vintage-style photographer I would personally love to film at least part of the wedding, I’m not a huge fan of fakes. As always, ask questions, look at examples, and make an informed decision.

Our recommendation
There are a lot of styles of wedding photographers out there but the main thing is to look beyond their portfolios because it is the competence of the photographer you are hiring that really matters.

Years of Experience, personal service, and communication with somewhat of professionalism are what ensure a consistent standard of photography from wedding to wedding, and the consistency and ability to deal with the different shooting conditions that present themselves throughout a wedding day. Their portfolio should show a good balance of shots from bridal preparations to the first dance. Ask questions about how much time it will take to complete all the important formal and couple photoshoot.

7 Unusual Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding photography has come a long way, from direct portrait shots to unbelievable modern-day masterpieces. The priorities have changed, but the joy of revisiting the memories and the emotions remain the same.

What makes wedding photography special? It is not the pictures we, but the memories they bring us along is what makes it special.

The typical stand-and-click style wedding photography is considered old school in the new trend. So, how has it shaped up? Let’s see some of the unusual wedding photography ideas.

1.Using masks:

This one is simple to set up, but the effect is spellbinding. Sky’s the limit for ideas to use the mask in a wedding shoot. Two major variants are a big hit among the clients.

All girls shoot:

As the name implies, this idea involves ladies only. As in the picture above, the participants are gathered in front of a big tree and a green grass terrain to match the tree. Different styles of masks, such as animal themes, baby themes, celebrity themes, etc. are distributed. This adds a super fun element that catches the eyes instantly.

The result will be vibrant if participants are in colorful attire, rather than uniform clothes. The ladies choose their own pose and are clicked in a burst shot.

All boys shoot:

This time, it’s boys that would rock the stage. A similar theme is chosen and boys are dressed up colorful. The only difference is the boys should pose aggressively like they are going to attack someone. Things like these create memories. When you look at the pictures, say, after a couple of years, the joy you get is priceless.

Who doesn’t like movies? Wedding photography themed on movies is a raging trend now. There are tons of ideas and movies to choose from. The primary motive is to relive the moments of the photoshoot.

The example in the picture above is a ‘star wars’ themed wedding photoshoot. The couples are left with their own wedding clothes. Volunteers are dressed up as popular movie characters and props are added to bring it to life.

To make it more personal, we, at CandleLight Wedding Photography Studio ask the couple about their favorite stars, movies, and movie scenes. We surprise them with the set up that resembles their close-to-heart movie scenes. The joy on their faces when they see the idea is priceless.

  1. Profession themed
    Ok, while some people have favorite movies to remember at their wedding, others love to include their profession. In the above picture, a firefighter groom is so passionate about his profession and wanted his wedding photoshoot done in front of his favorite vehicle, the fire engine. It can’t get better than this.

4.Instagram booth
It is no brainer that Social Media has become a part of our life. When it comes to posting pictures, Instagram is the new photos hub of the world. Posting our lives on Instagram has become ritual, to say the least. And Instagram wedding photo booths are becoming a popular shootout idea. It would be fun to post these Instagram booth photos on Instagram.

  1. Give it a twist
    The basic idea here is to provide a twist for a regular wedding event. In this picture above, the groom’s friends join the Bride in cosmetic preparation, and this precious, once in a lifetime, the moment is captured. How cool is that?

Look at this another example:
While a romantic shot is what is the norm, this ‘bride kicking groom’ idea is a brilliant one. Shot at the perfect moment, this pic will last in the couple’s memory for a long time.

The couple’s parents kissing while the couples watch is another example of a funny twist in wedding photography.

  1. Mess is beautiful
    The mess is perfectly accepted in wedding photography. It adds a jaw-dropping punch that will surprise the couple. Here is proof:
    Beautiful, isn’t it? This winning idea in wedding photography has no limit on creativity. Here is another one:

The intimacy factor is the reason these pictures are a hit.

7.Rain and umbrellas
There is a never-ending love between couples in love and rain; and it reflects in wedding photography as well. Umbrellas are excellent props to use with the rain photoshoot.

Not only the couples, but the pals will also cherish the memory too. Here the transparent umbrellas add up to the flair.
This perfectly timed picture takes advantage of the rainy weather and the tree is pushing the beauty of the click to greater heights. The smiles of the couple say it all. Notice the lighting inside the umbrella. These nuances in the pictures are what makes our wedding photography stand out.

What is our take?
Some of the clicks may be controversial and might generate negative comments in the community. End of the day, it is the cherishable memory that matters the most. There is no right or wrong in creative wedding photography until it doesn’t hurt the sentiment of anyone.

CandleLight Wedding Photography Studio is bound to respect all cultures and races and create stunning memories of the wedding at the same time. What are your ideas for an awesome wedding shoot? We are happy to hear from you!

Professional Indian photographers at CandleLight Wedding Photography Studio are diligent and spontaneous with all of our service offerings. We provide different wedding packages tailored to suit the need of our soon-to-be couples.

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