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Punjabi wedding photographers offer various Sikh wedding packages from which you can choose depending upon the coverage you desire.

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5 Minutes Video Highlights of Punjabi Wedding

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6 Minutes Punjabi Wedding Video Highlights by NYC Wedding Photographers CandleLight Studio at Affordable Prices

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7 Minutes Punjabi Wedding Video Highlights by NYC Wedding Photographers CandleLight Studio at Affordable Prices.

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  • Why Choose Sikh and Punjabi Wedding Photographers

Do you want your wedding to be a memorable one? Then get a Sikh wedding photographer so that your punjabi wedding pictures are photographed by someone knowledgeable in Punjabi Sikh tradition.

Punjabi Sikh weddings reflect Indian traditions and values in the most beautiful manner and are comprised of the following religious and cultural ceremonies: Akhand Paath, Engagement, Mendhi, Sangeet, Mayian, Anand Karaj meaning “Blissful Union” or “Joyful Union,” and Four Lavan (wedding vows or marriage hymns which take place during the marriage ceremony).

Punjabi wedding photographers are sensitive to the needs of families for the most traditional practices and ceremonies and that is reflected best by professional Sikh wedding photographers.

Punjabi Wedding Photography and Videography by CandleLight Wedding Photographers NYC
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An event as lively as a Punjabi wedding deserves the best photography and Cinematography

Punjabi weddings are one of the best showcases for the Punjabi culture. Everything from the wedding outfits, to the decorations and the traditions, reflect the true nature of the Punjabi culture.

With such a wonderful and bright event full of life, how could one not hire a wedding photographer? If you too are having a brilliant and culturally rich wedding in New York, here’s where you can get the best wedding photography. We will ensure that your wedding lasts forever!

We as wedding photographers provide the most beautiful images with the best results that will exhibit the wedding events in the most exciting and most culturally aesthetic way possible.

Local Punjabi Wedding Photographers for Sikh Wedding Photography

Punjabi Sikh Wedding Photography and Videography New York NJ
My New York Photographer Made My Special Punjabi Occasion with Wonderful Photo Ideas

Why you should choose my photography for your special day?

Punjabi wedding photographers, because they are familiar with the traditions and ceremonies, are better able to capture the mood and gravity of the various ceremonies. Sikh weddings are joyous and festive events in which families and friends from both sides are heavily involved.

Punjabi Sikh Photographers understand and respect the ceremonies that take place in the Gurudwara as well as those that take place in the homes of various family members. They are also more familiar with traditional wedding attire and are prepared to adjust lighting and lenses to better capture the photographs that will make your special day memorable.

It is always a pleasure for me to be able to participate in weddings in New York as a photographer. Especially when weddings have such a lively atmosphere and are close to home.

If you choose me and my wedding photography skills to capture your special moments, you will not have to worry about which angle suits you the best or which lighting will be perfect. I am confident that with my skills and my photography, any aesthetic turn of heads or arrival of guests wouldn’t be missed.

I specialize in capturing every tiny detail that suits your event best. I work on preserving every special detail of your big day by sparking the right excitement and smiles for the right image.

New York Punjabi Photographers for Sikh Marriage Ceremony Photography

Punjabi Sikh Wedding Photography Videography and Cinematography New York NJ
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Why are my packages the best?

Professional wedding photographers offer various packages from which you can choose depending upon the coverage you desire. It is to be remembered that wedding photography is not just about taking a series of photographs of bride and groom.

Any perfect wedding is not complete without covering all the events that take place long before the marriage process begins. Sikh wedding packages can include still photography, videography, albums, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs in your choice of standard or high definition and can be modified and personalized on a USB Drive. Your preferences and choices are always taken into account on top priority so that your wedding and events day can be preserved for your lifetime.

Sikh wedding photographers are also better able to produce Sikh wedding video DVDs that encompass the various ceremonies and traditions using traditional music and traditional dance and to edit these into movies that you will want to watch again and again.

Wedding photography doesn’t always come cheap. But if you hire me, you would not have to worry about that! I offer special feature packages for the brides and grooms separately, so when combined with my discounts and offers for your wedding day, it will be better than what you can find in the rest of the city.

I am a specialist in Punjabi wedding photography and I will make your wedding album look the most endearing out of all that you’ve ever seen in your family, friend circle, or social media. I don’t only work on getting the perfect shots of the beautiful bride or the handsome groom but I also tend to keep an eye out for any memorable moment, from the movement of a flower petal to the amazing cultural wedding dances of the family.

Punjabi Wedding Photography, Videography and Cinematography in New York

Punjabi Wedding Photos and videos
Punjabi wedding deserves the best photography and videos

What is my goal?

Punjabi weddings carry a strong taste of values and traditions; my goal is always to make sure that such beautiful wedding events get preserved in the right way.

I believe, that I will be just the right New York Wedding photographer. Plus, I give you more than just the average titanic poses but also work on capturing and saving natural smiles and excitement.

I believe that every moment of your beautiful wedding is special and can be captured in a way as special as the event itself. With my photography, you can enjoy your special day and not worry about the charges or the moments being preserved. I guarantee that when later on you look back at your wedding pictures, you won’t regret hiring me.

Where am I based?
I am a Manhattan New York City based wedding photographer, providing the best feature packages for the bride and the groom, separately and combined as well!

So, if you are having a wedding in New York, make sure to check out my wedding photography. I believe that once you take a chance with my photography, you will be proud of your decision and have the most wonderful wedding album.

Punjabi Photographers and Videographers for Religious Sikh Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography by Punjabi wedding photographers in New York
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If you would like to cherish your wedding moments for a lifetime, there is no better way than to consider Sikh wedding photographers.

When choosing any event photographer, it is always a good idea to ask about the equipment he or she uses, the amount of experience he or she has, and to see recent samples of the photographer’s work. Once you have decided based on these factors, you need to decide whether you have a desired level of personal comfort with the photographer.

If, after all of these factors to consider, you have actually chosen to contract the services of the professional photographer, make certain you get a written agreement defining precisely what services the professional photographer will offer you and just how much these services will cost.

It is your responsibility to let the photographer know the exact dates, times, and locations of all events and any special requirements you may have. In addition, you should discuss the payment requirements with the photographer so that you are both in agreement. All of these things should be written into the contract, which should then be signed by both parties and you will then be assured of the best possible photographic services and outcome.

Sikh Wedding Photography by Punjabi Wedding Photographers of New York City
Best Punjabi wedding photography
Punjabi Wedding Photography Styles for Stunning Memories in Your Photos and Videos

Surinder Singh a Punjabi wedding photographer is knowledgeable in Punjabi and Sikh tradition and he provides photography and videography services in NY, NJ, NYC, New York, Hicksville, Long Island NY, Edison, New Jersey. Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Suffolk County, Nassau County, Staten Island, Westchester County, and Upstate, NY USA.

To know more about Sikh wedding photography, photo albums, and video highlights of Sikh ceremonies you can refer to CandleLight Photography Studio Punjabi Sikh Wedding Photographers of NY/NJ.

A Good Photographer is a Bride’s Best Friend.

When a lady walks down the aisle on that special day, dressed in her beautiful wedding dress, ready to be joined to that special someone, she wants to have some memorable photographs of that day. A bride does not want just any photographer, but one who is able to capture the day with some outstanding photos of this momentous event. On this day of all days, a good photographer can be a brides best friend

Punjabi Wedding Photographers Capturing wedding photos that you will reminisce forever
Professional Photography and Videography by Punjabi Wedding Photographers New York

Indian photographers understand the importance of that special day in a ladies life. Using digital photography, Indian photographers capture the special moments of the wedding day to preserve special memories that a bride can look back on as the years go by.

There are many facets to a wedding ceremony, and dependent upon the culture, emphasis on certain aspects of a ceremony can be more or less. Indian photographers understand how important it is to capture those important moments in a ceremony, the special moments that mean the most.

Indian weddings can take place over a period of days. Indian photographers take photographs at multiple times and also at multiple locations. By working with the bride and groom and providing photo shoots at various time and locations, Indian photographers can catch the full essence of the Indian wedding ceremony. Additionally, by understanding the culture, Indian photographers know how to format and shoot the photos at the most significant moments in the ceremony.

When taking wedding pictures, it is important that the photographer pays close attention to the bride and groom and understands their wishes. We take into account the couples culture and their wishes to provide a photo package that they will enjoy for years to come. The bride and the groom are the main focus of the wedding; we work to ensure that our photography will honor the couple and this important event in their life.

In addition to Indian marriages, we also photograph wedding of different cultures and religions. Regardless of the culture or religion, Indian photographers will take into account the cultural background and the desires of the couple being wed when performing a wedding ceremony shoot. Though we specialize in classical Indian photography, we work with people of all background to provide a photo package that they will be happy with.

Capturing the Whole Event
A bride not only wants photos of herself and the groom, but a bride wants the whole event captured on film. To capture the emotion and grandeur of a wedding event, a photographer needs to take pictures of not only the bride and groom, but also of the wedding entourage and the friends and family that have gathered for the special occasion. Indian photographers record the faces and the emotions of all that are involved in the wedding, giving a bride the opportunity to witness at a later date the entire scope of the ceremony.

If you are planning a wedding, do not hire a photographer as an afterthought, but do the bride a favor and give careful consideration to hiring a quality conscious, skilled photographer. Because this is one of the most special days in her life, try to provide the best possible photographer to preserve this day.

Only Punjabi Wedding Photographers Can Handle Your Punjabi Wedding

A Punjabi wedding is a very long and complicated wedding. It involves a lot of events, rituals and traditions. It is very difficult for any photographer to handle both the photographing and the videoing of this very traditional wedding. Covering this kind of occasion requires a very good knowledge of all the rituals and traditions involved. This is why only Punjabi Wedding photographers can handle this type of wedding.

Do not be deceived that any photographer that has handled a wedding can handle a Punjabi wedding. It is far from the truth. Wedding ceremonies depend a lot on cultures and traditions which differ from country to country. If you do not hire specialists to cover your wedding, you would need to assign someone to supervise the photographing and the videoing of the event, so that no significant event is missed out. But specialists do not need any form of supervision as they already understand the importance and significance of every ritual and event. Hence, they will ensure they cover them as much as possible.

For instance, the photographing and videoing of a typical American wedding starts from the church where both bride and groom would meet. But for this kind of wedding, photographers have to split themselves into two groups. A group would cover the bride while she is dressing up in her home while the other group would cover that of the groom, as these are important parts of a Punjabi wedding and only photographers that are versed in Indian cultures or the ones that are experienced in this traditional wedding would understand such difference.

To further emphasize the fact that only specialists can handle these weddings, a little details of such weddings is given here. The first main ceremony in the bride’s home is called “Chuda”. It is very important and it should be appropriately covered. On the other hand, the first important event in the groom’s home is called “Vatna”. It should also be covered.

Apart from these two events, Punjabi style weddings have a lot of pre-wedding ceremonies and rituals that should be covered. They also have many post-wedding ceremonies and rituals too. Only experts that are aware of all these events make proper arrangements for all of them. It should be noted that the first pre-wedding event starts days before the main wedding. It is called “Roka”. This is when the two families involved meet to discuss and finalize the wedding plans. After Roka, there are two other rituals that should be covered properly before the main wedding. These rituals are called “Sagan” and “Chunni Chadhana”.

At the end of the main wedding, the post-wedding rituals begin immediately. These rituals involve a ceremony known as “Vidaai and Ashwirwad”. Towards the end of this ceremony, the bride’s brother(s) will accompany the new couple to the gate, after which they (the couple) would leave for their home.

A typical American wedding begins at the church where both bride and groom meet to be joined together, after which the couple would move together to the reception where it will end. Comparing the details given on both kinds of weddings, do you think a photographer who has been covering American weddings can handle a Punjabi style wedding? Rather, it is a photographer that has been handling Punjabi style weddings that can easily cover an American wedding with incredible ease.

In conclusion, considering all the chains of events involved in a Punjabi style wedding, it is obvious that only Punjabi wedding photographers can handle your Punjabi wedding successfully.

Surinder Singh a Punjabi Wedding Photographer provides photography services in NY, NJ, NYC, New York, Hicksville, Long Island NY, Edison, New Jersey. Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Suffolk County, Nassau County, Staten Island, Westchester County, Upstate, NY USA.

Sikh Wedding Photographers Capture Everlasting Moments

Many large coastal cities in the United States are rich with diverse cultures and people groups. From block to block, various individuals practice their constitutional freedoms, worshiping the god of their choice and living in their separate styles. However, some of American culture has seeped into these varied cultures, such as photography. The problem is no individuals of the eastern religions wish for a loud, culturally obtuse American to snap photographs at their wedding. The employment could very well mar the beauty in the ceremony. So Sikh Wedding Photographers have taken up their cameras and come to the rescue.

Along with taking pictures, the Indian Desi Wedding Photographers film videos. In literal terms, the videographers film the videos. Serving on a job, while the photographers snap the pictures, the videographers record the classical and documentary stories. Videos families will delight in for years to come.

More specifically, the Sikh Wedding Photographers serve happy Indian couples and their families in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and all throughout the Tri-State area. They realize not all families find pleasure residing in the big cities, so they gladly travel the distance to snap photos for Indian families requesting for their skills.

Locations where Indian Desi videographers film and photographers shoot may not always coincide either, a fact potential customers should keep in mind. While photographers work just about everywhere in New York, customers may not find videographers in their locality. Fortunately, the Sikh photographers are truly willing to travel.

Anand Karaj the Sikh Wedding Ceremony usually takes place at a Gurudwara which is captured by Sikh Wedding Photographers and Videographers.

To best please their valued customers, Sikh Wedding Photographers closely listen to and then adhere to what the bride and groom desire. They completely comply with cultural traditions and rituals and provide their customers with breathtaking photos and videos, work which will grace home walls.

The price rate is almost unbelievable considering the top quality work the photographers serve. At $499, the starting rate is a price any couple soon to marry should have the ability to pay. And once the potential customers see the work the photographers have done, they will readily pay more.

Sikh Wedding Photographers are a few of many photographers who work for Indian Desi photographers. The other photographers and videographers are located all throughout the east coast and serve at many religiously ritualistic wedding ceremonies, including Punjabi, Pakistani, South Asian, and Muslim Nikah ceremonies. Most often, the photographers can be found working at New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, Hicksville, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, and other cities in Tri-State USA.

To preserve the reverence and beauty in Indian style weddings, soon-to-be wed couples and their families should hire Sikh Wedding Photographers to take pictures and video the ceremony and documentary. The service will instill the joyful memories and paint them in a light no average photo camera or video camera could produce. Ensuring the happy couple will remember their special day many years later. Even when they begin to forget the names of their children, they will have the photographs and videos to remind them of how their lives began.

Capturing the most beautiful moments
The Best Images to Capture in Sikh Weddings

Western weddings are always clad in white, but when you get a job to take photos videos of a Sikh wedding ceremony, you will need to bring more photographers than what you usually do in order to capture the best moments in that wedding. Sikh wedding ceremonies are all colorful, boisterous and extravagant.

This won’t be a smooth sailing experience for first-time photographers to take photos and videos of this kind of wedding. But with the tips below plus research on your own regarding how Sikh weddings go, at least you can get ready whenever such moments happen, and you are there to take it.

The traditional attire of the bride
Wearing the bridal gown is not so new in the wedding world, but you should be ready when the bride wears the chunni.
This is the traditional covering on the head of the bride. The chunni is considered to possess a sentimental meaning for the family and the bride. The one that places the chunni is someone of importance in the bride’s family.

Bridal shot
Every kind of wedding always has that bridal shot, which is an essential part of wedding photography. Be mindful of the bride’s family’s opinion about this shot as they are going to say something about it. You can be creative in how you are going to do this, but be aware of the kind of portrait the bride wants. Make sure you also include this in your workflow.

The Turban Tying
This is the first thing that the groom will have on. This is the traditional covering of the head for the Sikhs. Every male that attends the Sikh wedding ceremony must wear the turban. Like how the bride’s family’s most significant person is the one to place the chunni, the groom’s family’s most significant person is the one that will tie the turban. You are free to take any shot that pleases you.

Wearing of Kulgi
This will be worn on the groom’s turban. This is traditionally worn by people of high status. This is pinned by the members of the family that are close to the groom. There are a lot of people that are involved in this process, thus making it a challenge to take photographs.

Formal greeting with the family
There will be a small ceremony after everyone has arrived at the temple, which is the greeting or ‘milni’. Make sure you are ready when both families enter the temple as this is where the exchange will happen.
The lavan will take place at this moment, and this is where you are going to keep your cameras ready. This is the heart of the Sikh wedding, and the wedding can only take place in the Gurudwara. The lavan is composed of verses, and each of it is recited by their priest. There are 4 lavan and after each of them, the groom and bride will walk around their Guru Granth Sahib. At this moment, make sure you are not intruding on the bride and groom’s space. For more details about capturing photos and videos check out CandleLight Photography Studio NYC

Modern photography in traditional ceremonies
Tips for First Timers Punjabi Wedding Photography

Is there something different with taking photos in a traditional wedding ceremony from a contemporary one? There are heaps of differences, and that is not only with the clothes that they wear. The ceremonies need to be observed carefully, too.
However, traditional wedding ceremonies today are usually mixed with modern styles, especially how after the exchange of vows and the party takes place. If you are tasked to take photos in a traditional Punjabi wedding, you may want to meet with Punjabi wedding photographers so that you will get an idea how you are going to go around taking pictures of the whole event, whether this is the photos videos, exchange of vows or the after party.

A Punjabi wedding is widely known as a Sikh wedding, and you’ve got to expect a whole lot of vibrant colors that fill the event, whether this is the bride, groom, the families or the guests. It can be chaotic if you are not used to other kinds of wedding events. Expect your photography work to become more impulsive and challenging.

The start of the wedding
The early days of the wedding ceremonies are for the Barat, which is composed of people that will accompany the groom. This party will depart from the house of the groom then reaches the Gurudwara, the place where the wedding will take place. It is usually located near the house of the bride.

When the Barat arrives, the bride’s side will welcome and then receives the incoming party. The event starts with the introduction or Milnea, then the priest will perform the Ardas. Both families are also going to exchange their greetings as well. This exchange normally takes place inside the Gurudwara’s hall area. This is then followed by some snacks and tea.

Main wedding
The main wedding is known as the Anand Karaj, where the photographers can get really busy. There are certain parts of the wedding that photographers need to respect, especially for first timers really.
After the tea, everyone will get into the main prayer hall, the place where the formal ceremony will take place. The main ceremony comprises of the following:

The singing of the Gurbani – Kirtan

The groom, bride and their respective families will join in the prayer or known as Ardas

The Kirtania Jatha will then sing the “Palla tande lagee.”

Laava – this is the part wherein the bride, and the groom are going around at the set. Make sure that you keep your distance in this part.

Ardas and Sagaan – this is the part where the parents of the groom and the bride will bless the latter two, which will be then followed by the other elderly people

The last one is the Kara Parshad, the part where everyone is served with a sweet pudding that is blessed.
The main ceremony lasts for around two or more hours, depending on the flow of the ceremony. Every event is considered sacred for both the bride and the groom. Both are expecting the photographer to take the best moments of their lives.

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The real spiritual wedding – amongst Sikhs and Muslim the wedding events are performed in Punjabi or Urdu; amongst Hindus, the wedding event is typically carried out in Sanskrit. There are commonness in routine, tune, food, dance, and gown. The Punjabi wedding event has numerous routines and events that have actually progressed given that standard times, consisting of numerous well-known Punjabi dances.

Anand Karaj (is the Sikh marital relationship event, suggesting “Blissful Union” or “Joyful Union”, that was presented by Master Amar Das. It was initially legalised in India through the passage of the Anand Marital Relationship Act 1909 however is now governed by the Sikh Reht Maryada (Sikh code of conduct and conventions) that was provided by the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC). It determines that just those who follow the Sikh faith might wed under the event, for that reason, Sikhs can not wed individuals proclaiming to other religious beliefs under it.

The Anand Karaj generally occurs at a gurdwara (Sikh temple), although not always so; the marital relationship might likewise be carried out at the bride-to-be’s house or any other location where the Expert Granth Sahib (Sikh holy book) has actually been set up. The location should be ideal and the Expert Granth Sahib need to be set up following the correct treatment if the marital relationship takes location someplace other than a gurdwara. Any Amritdhari (male or lady who is a stringent adherent of Sikhism) might carry out the wedding.

Punjabi wedding event customs and events are generally carried out in Punjabi and are a strong reflection of Punjabi culture.

Pre-Wedding Routines:

Dholki: Can be one day or numerous days, normally high profile in a banquet hall, women sings conventional tunes, and it is the eastern variation of the western Bridal shower. Now a days individuals employ DJs and have a dance celebration followed by supper.

Mangni: The Engagement. Normally extremely high profile. This when the young boys’ side of the household goes to the ladies’ side with presents, jewellery, and other items, to verify the engagement.Usually even an exchange of rings happens.

Mehndi: The Mehandi event happens in the environment of a celebration. The bride-to-be and other women get mendhi (henna styles )done, on their feet and hands (most women get it done just on their hands however the bride-to-be gets it done on both hands and feet). For the bride-to-be the mendhi is sent out by the future Mom in Law.

Rokka: In the woman, this event and the kid dedicate to go into a wedlock, and will not think about anymore matrimonial propositions. Ardaas is done, followed by exchange of presents.

Jagoo: The Jagoo event is where the household dances and sings in the wonderfully embellished wedding event house. It is a loud event, filled with pleasure, dancing, fireworks, and food. And if the household wants the women’ dholki (women night of singing) and mendhi will follow the mayian and supper.

Ubtan: This routine requires that the bride stay at house in her old clothing for a couple of days prior to her wedding event. Both, the ghara ghardoli and the ubtan events are likewise carried out for the groom at his home.

Wedding Event Process

Sehrabandi: his loved ones bless his sehra or turban.

Sarbala/Shabbala: A young nephew or cousin likewise puts on comparable clothes. He is called the sarbala/shabbala (caretaker of the groom) and accompanies him.

Varna: The groom’s bhabi lines his eyes with surma (kohl). After this, the groom’s cousins and sis feed and embellish his mare.

Jaimala: After Milni, the couple can be found in the middle of the circle where the household is standing, and put a greatly made garland made from flowers on each other to state, they accept each other and will enjoy and cohabit with one and other.

Milni: (implies “Intros”) The Ardas is carried out by the priest (Giani) followed by the official intros of the primary male gamers in the families. Example eldest both is Chachas (daddy’s more youthful sibling) will come together and exchange garlands of flowers and cash. After or throughout the wedding event, girls will do the very same thing, however a much smaller sized affair.


Pheress/Lavan: Depending Upon a Hindu Punjabi Wedding Event or Sikh Wedding Event, the Groom and bride will stroll in tow around the Expert Granth Sahib 4 times at the set periods, Hindus around the Agni, (spiritual fire).

Juta chhupai. This is when the lady’s young loved ones get the groom’s untended shoes and conceal it away to be returned after the event for a cost which is Kalecharis of gold for the bride-to-be’s siblings and of silver for her cousins. This cheerful custom-made is called juta chhupai.

Post-Wedding Routines:

Vidaai/Doli: Vidaai marks the departure of the bride-to-be from her adult home. Her bro’s accompany the bride-to-be.

Routines Observed at the Groom’s Home:

The groom’s mom carries out the conventional aarti with a pitcher of water. The bride-to-be must, with her best foot, kick the mustard oil that is put on the sides of the entryway door prior to she goes into the home.

Phera Dalna: the freshly weds check out the bride-to-be’s moms and dads on the day after the wedding event. The bride-to-be’s sibling typically brings them.