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Unlike western wedding ceremonies, the South Indian Wedding ceremonies involve some customs and rituals. Each part of it bears symbolism that aids in the married life of the couple.

Being one of the many photographers hired for the event, it is your responsibility to capture every moment that is significant for the bride and groom to see. It is also your responsibility to see any cues whether the family wants a certain part taken, especially from the bride’s side.

Before you embark your first South Indian Wedding photography, it is best that you get yourself close to a similar wedding where you get to observe the following pointers that are considered special for both the bride and groom.

You might also want to take a look at a video or two online to give you an idea where you should stand and take photos of the couple.

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The eve of the wedding
On the evening before the big day, the groom goes in a procession in a ride adorned in flowers from a temple. The parents of the bride will be escorting him to the Mandapam marriage.

A band known as Nadaswaram will lead this procession. After the groom reaches the marriage hall, an official espousal ceremony will be conducted. The God of Initiation, Ganapati, will be invoked here to guard against any hindrances.

Other gods will be presiding over the ceremony as well, referred to as the Nandi Devatas. At this point, you want to take a photo of where the branch laden with a leaf from the Pipal tree is set up here. Five married ladies will perform a ritual for it by washing the branch with milk.

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Official start of the ceremony

This is then followed by the dhoti presentation, plus a saree to the couple. This will be performed to appease the nine astral planets that rule above human destiny. The official marriage ceremony starts with performing the Vratham separately on the groom and the bride.

The bride will be tying the holy thread around her wrist. The groom, he prepares for a whole new chapter for his life, turning as the Grihasta or householder.

Inside the marriage hall

The fathers of both the bride and the groom will face each other, which will then formalize the last ceremonies on betrothal. This will be done while the Vedic priest performs a chant on hymns in which the names of the bride, the groom, and the names of three generations of their ancestral families are mentioned.

The groom and the bride are then lifted to their shoulders by their respective uncles. In this position, they will exchange flower garlands that symbolizes perfect union. It is also a symbol of accepting each other through exchanging their fragrances.

The bride will sit on the lap of her father and will be given away, in a symbolic manner, to the groom. The ring that is made out of Kusa, which is on top of the bride’s head with the Mangal Sutra on top of it will be poured with water through the aperture.

The evening of the wedding is the final time for all people invited, including the bride and the groom to rejoice and relax.
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Things You See at a South Asian Wedding

There is always something in a South Asian wedding that really surprises most people, especially those that aren’t familiar of the tradition. Seeing all those colors, the dancing and the food, it does make everyone enjoy what such weddings can bring.

The bride faces a lot of decisions when it comes to planning their wedding, especially when hiring a professional to take up on the South Asian wedding photography. This will include a bunch of photographers and videographers that will take photos and videos of the event, to record all that happens for the future generation to see.

As a photographer hired for the South Asian wedding, it is a must that you are familiar with the event. Locals already know what to expect from such a wedding, but for the unfamiliar, here are things to keep in mind.

The South Asian wedding is one of the forms of Muslim weddings. The kind of ceremony that you will witness will depend on the cultural background of the bride and groom, so it is expected that you have to talk about this with your client.

Before the party

Haldi is turmeric, is placed on the groom and the bride by the relatives and family as a way to cleanse them in their respective homes. According to tradition, the bride is expected to wear green as a color of the henna or yellow for turmeric.

The week of the wedding festivities starts with the Mehndi. As henna is placed on the bride’s feet and hands, the party of the bride throws a sophisticated event for her. All her friends, cousins, and sisters will perform songs and dances.

The wedding’s venue

South Asian weddings can either be Hindu or Islam. If it’s the latter, the wedding ceremony can take place either at the mosque or banquet halls.

If it’s the former, the choora ceremony takes place on the morning of the wedding day. The uncle of the bride sets up 21 bangles of white and red placed on the bride’s arms. A Bharat procession takes place, which is the opening act of the wedding.

This is where the groom rides on either an elephant or a horse. Some get exaggerated with either a luxury car or a helicopter, which will be welcomed by his family. There will be an entourage of drums and music while everyone dances to it.

This is followed by the Jai Mala, where both seniors of the bride and groom meet and exchange the flower garlands.

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The best times in pictures
Tips on South Asian Wedding Photography

South Asian weddings are colorful and very energetic events that can take a couple of days to fully finish. When it comes to South Asian wedding photography, expect a lot of situations that are more difficult compared to the usual wedding that the Western world has.

It can also be tricky when your client tells you of terms you are not aware of, like the differences between a panigrahana, nikkah and a mandap. Here are tips from expert photographers on how professionals should be taking photos and videos of South Asian weddings.

Ask for help
Don’t be shy about asking other experts for help if you are starting out or just new in the industry, especially when it is your first time taking photos of traditional weddings in South Asia.

Photographers specializing in South Asian weddings advise that newcomers must experience the second shoot and must do it a lot in order to get that feel and experience. Avoid copying the style of others.

Since photographers are considered artists, too, they need to develop their own creative style in taking photos by attending different workshops and spend money on investing in their own careers.

Investing in your own kit
It will be a disaster if you can’t prepare for the whole event. The advantage of having the wedding shoot these days is that you can take as many shots as you can since photos and videos are taken in as raw data. However, the weakness of this technology is that it can use up a lot of battery. You also need to invest in extra equipment, too, if you want to take the best photos from such events.

You also want to invest in the portable light as well. But the most important one of all is to invest in a lot of patience since this is a South Asian wedding you are taking up on. Generally, taking photos of any events barely gives you any rest, but expect a higher energy when you are tasked to take South Asian wedding photography. English weddings will give you some break for a meal, but don’t expect something like that in a South Asian wedding.

From their tradition, they are expecting you to take pictures of their guests, and the main celebrants are eating, which is a culture not found in other weddings since the latter finds it rude to take pictures of people eating. You’d be very lucky if you are given 5-minutes of downtime.

Learn more about the wedding rituals

Traditional Asian weddings can last up to 5 days because of the number of rituals involved that should be observed. In an Indian wedding, the traditional mehndi ritual that takes place at night is where the bride, her friends, and family will be adorned with beautiful henna, accompanied by singing and dancing.

It is your responsibility to familiarize with the with the narratives of a wedding as early as you can so that you know when to capture the best moments. What you are used to with Western weddings may not be seen in South Asian weddings.

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South Asian Wedding Photography

Weddings have always been the most important day in anyone’s life and for this reason, it becomes all the more important to entrust the precious memories of your wedding day in hands of best photographers and videographers that best meets your needs and is passionate about creating marvelous and artistic photographs.

Being a reputable South Asian wedding photographers based in New York, we cover weddings in NYC, NJ, New York, NY, New Jersey, Tri-State and rest of East Coast USA. No one understands the richness and extravaganza, which are the essence of South Asian wedding, better than we are.

We understand that South Asian wedding photography should always accentuate on the burlesque of colors, music, dance, playfulness, family and friends, which altogether makes the special day of the bride and groom memorable in true sense. We ensure to capture all the excitement and little moments occurring during the various rituals of South Asian wedding, so that no one misses it in the chaos of the wedding.

Our work highlights our innate passion for photography, especially South Asian wedding photography that is known for its customs, ritual, and traditions. With our great sense of shape and form, we try hard to bring about attention to detail in all our work and continuously evolve by observing the changing preferences of our clientele. Whether you are looking for traditional or contemporary wedding portraiture, or wish to have enchanting boudoir photography, we have the expertise required to do it all.

Our South Asian wedding photographers endeavor to create an unforgettable experience that will celebrate the rich tradition of South Asian weddings like never before. They pay complete attention to the likes and dislikes of bride and groom and are open to suggestions so that the photos and videos bring out the true culture and vibrancy, which is the epitome of any South Asian wedding. Besides capturing the images in-camera, we also retouch the photos and ensure that result is fine art prints.

We ensure that your South Asian wedding photos and videos are just as you always wanted them to be, which obviously will be cherished by you and your loved ones forever.

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New to South Indian Wedding Photography?
Want to capture something different from the usual wedding? You’ve got to visit South India and witness a wedding you have never seen before. Assuming you don’t have any idea what to expect from South Indian weddings, here are some tips from professional photographers when taking photos and videos of Indian weddings.

Working with local photographers
It will help you a lot if you get to work with local photographers since it will give you a better insight on the flow of events when taking photos of local weddings. It can be a challenge to work with them, but the experience is worth it. It is common for Indian weddings to have more than one team of photographers to capture the event. If you are hired by the bride’s family, don’t be too surprised if the groom’s side has one of their own, too. They have their own plans, but it is best to be professional about it, since it is like that in India.

The main challenge here is that you will have to compete for the space you once thought was yours when you scoped the area. To avoid confusion during the wedding day, you need to coordinate with the other party and find out if they hired their own team of photographers for the wedding. You want to work together and come to an agreement with the other team so that you won’t be fighting over the space that you thought was yours to setup with.

Get ready to deal with old technology
Being a photographer that has access to all the latest technology in capturing videos and photos, keep in mind that not every part of the continent has the same access as you do. The videographer that you might be working with might still be using the hot halogen lights, which are still commonly used in South Indian weddings. There are talks about how the Indian couples want to look pale in the video, so the only way to do this was to use the halogen lights. It is how they want to look lovely and fair not only in videos but in photos, too.

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South Indian Weddings

South Indian Weddings is a tradition that has been observed for many years now. Indian weddings have become a popular tradition in itself, that go on for months and even two tears at some points. All the to be married couples like to adopt new trends and new styles in the wedding business these days over the old traditional ones. South Indian Wedding Traditions is based on different customs from other parts of India but they all revolve around a theme which is the same and it is the exchange of vows by the groom and bride before God and his angels. As per the tradition a couple can marry themselves on the auspicious occasion of Trivandrum and they can also get married under the Full moon of Rajasthan.

The Indian Wedding Tradition is based on three major principles. First of all, the bride has to be presented with the ‘Sarpagandha’ flower which signifies eternal love. It is then the duty of the priest also plays an important role in all ceremonies in Indian Wedding.

In the Indian wedding ceremony, the bride is adorned with colorful traditional jewelry that is in full view of everyone. As per the tradition only the bride is allowed to wear the jewelry so there are no ‘Gods’ to be seen at the party. The jewelry worn by the bride includes the hair clips, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, earrings etc.

In some of the Indian Wedding Ceremonies, the bride also performs some dancing that is followed by the music. The bride also does the ‘Chandan Kaan’ dance to the tune of the ‘Chandan Kaan’ chant. The ‘Chandan Kaan’ dance is performed by a dancer that is also known as ‘Taj Mahal’ dancer or ‘Queen of Dance.’

In some Indian wedding ceremonies, the bride also gives a small amount to her father’s family or relatives to help them survive the day of the wedding. This is in remembrance of their role in arranging for the whole event and also because they are expected to live up to the expectations of the bride in future marriages.

Apart from the ‘Chandan Kaan’ dance, the South Indian Wedding tradition also demands that the bride and groom have to give each other a flower as a symbol of everlasting love, fidelity and love. The bride has to wear a sari to match the dress of her groom and the groom also has to wear a kurta (loose salwar).

The southern part of India is famous for the exotic cuisine and as a result the South Indian cuisine is famous all over the world. This is what makes South Indian Weddings and South Indian Photography very popular. People from all across the globe are coming to South India to get pictures of the exotic culture and the South Indian Weddings traditions.

As a matter of fact, this is one of the most popular areas of India where couples come to get pictures of South Indian Wedding. Many South Indian wedding photographers make it their specialty to create pictures of South Indian Weddings and to create a lasting impression on the minds of their clients.

South Indian Wedding photographers can be found all across the country of India. They have set up their own studios, which have become a rage in the industry of South Indian Wedding Photography. They have also started to offer their services through the Internet, as it is very easy to deliver images on demand, especially for those who have the option of ordering through Internet.

When you go for a South Indian Wedding, the South Indian Wedding Photographer will be able to help you get the pictures of the entire affair on time and with excellent results. In some of the South Indian weddings, the guests would also participate by dancing along to the music of the traditional drums and dance as a part of the ceremony.

You can also look forward to getting South Indian Wedding Photographs that have a spiritual aspect to them. Many South Indian Wedding photographs are taken to mark the passage of good luck and auspiciousness. A few of the popular South Indian Wedding Pictures include the bride and the groom wearing the traditional ‘Raksha-Raksha’ combination as well as the couple dancing together.

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