Spanish Wedding Photographers will add unique touches to your ceremony

Your wedding is important and so is every happening of your wedding day. Hire Spanish wedding photographers for best photography and videography.

Spanish Wedding Photographers for moment to be captured in its full glory
Gorgeous Wedding Videos and Photography by Spanish Wedding Photographers
  • Spanish Wedding Photography and Videography by CandleLight Wedding Photographers NYC

Are you on the lookout for a New York photographer who can capture your Spanish wedding just right and preserve it in time beautifully? Well, for that you have come to the right place because I will provide you with just what you have been looking for.

I know that culture plays a vital role in any wedding, and that is why photography takes techniques. Spanish weddings follow catholic traditions and I believe, that is an apple for any aesthetic lover’s eye like me. Everything from the wedding outfits, to the wedding decorations and the traditions, reflect the true nature of the Spanish Culture.

Whether it is a small gathering of family and friends or a big wedding, if you want high end, modern yet different photography for your big day, you should check out my works!

Choosing the Spanish Wedding Photographers for Your Big Day

Capture the Dreamy Hispanic Wedding by NYC Wedding Photographers
Your dreamy Hispanic wedding memories are saved in the best and high-quality pictures by New York Wedding Photographers
  • What makes my photography the best?

I specialize in wedding photography and have a keen eye for capturing the big day in all its glory. As a professional wedding photographer, I know how to capture the right moment and turn it into a piece of art. I keep my eyes sharp for the simple flow of the bride’s veil or the handsome groom’s smile; I’ll work to my best extent that the photography turns out to be like a dream.

Spanish Wedding Photographers Perfect Choice for your BIG DAY!

Delivering High-quality Photography for Your Wedding Will Always Be in Style
Spanish culture is unique and shown best in festivities like weddings, so preserve it with my wedding photography!

Do I offer any discount?
I know how expensive weddings can be. From fancy clothes and venue to the food, when you want a good wedding especially in the city of New York, everything is expensive.

That is why I offer special feature photography packages. My feature and discount packages are separate for both the groom and the bride, along with combined.

The purpose of this package is to make things easier for those covering the wedding costs but still get to relive the big day in the future.

So, I offer my packages which are not only affordable but also just the right choice for your wedding to seem fresh every time you go through the photos.

Spanish Wedding Photographers for Magical Moments of Your Special Day

Looking for a Spanish wedding photographer in New York? Here I am!
My Spanish Wedding Photos by My New York Photographer Are Full of Smiles

It is a wedding photographer’s job to capture every moment, every smile, and every twist and turn of that wedding dance floor so perfectly; that every time someone opens that wedding album, they’d get a rush of nostalgic feeling.

And if that is your goal for your Spanish wedding in New York, I am just the guy you have been looking for! I can assure you that my wedding photography will not let you down.

Your love, your joy, your vows, your rings, your feelings, and all those moments that make the event special will be immortalized with my photography.

Picture Perfect Photos by Spanish Wedding Photographers of New York
Spanish Wedding Photography and Videography
Stunning Spanish Wedding Photography Backdrops to Look My Best on The Big Day

What is my goal?
My goal is to capture your love in time, to freeze every emotion like smiles and tears and laughter to be relived over and over again in the future.

My goals include capturing your vows so beautifully in your wedding album that you would feel the intensity every time you look at the pictures.

Stunning Bridal Portraits by Local Spanish Wedding Photographers
Spanish Wedding photography will keep your big day alive forever.
As You Plan Your Big Day You Need A Professional Wedding Photographer

I am a New York based photographer, who will turn your special day into a beautifully preserved artwork. If you hire me, then rest assured that quality will not be on your list of worries.

I will make sure your wedding day continues to feel special even after years of your marriage. I cover all types of weddings, from American to Indian, Muslim, Spanish, Afghani, all kinds of cultural marriages that are to take place in New York, so hit me up!

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