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If you’re looking for the most creative, experienced wedding photographer in New York, Candlelight Photography Studio is a perfect choice.

10 Top Reasons to choose CandleLight Wedding Photographers New York City NYC for your wedding day photography and videography

What is a wedding photographer? What makes a wedding photographer different from any other kind of photographer?
A wedding photographer is one who specializes in photographing weddings and their peripheral events: showers, engagement parties, henna ceremonies, receptions.

Wedding photographers have a special sensibility and know which moments to capture and how to do so in order to portray all the participants and the events in the right light, with the right ambiance and in a way that captures the joy of the moment.

A wedding photographer should have experience in doing various types of weddings and events in varied settings, and should be able to distinguish the most meaningful portions of each event and instill that same feeling in a still as that which occurred in life.

A wedding photographer is a special kind of professional who can put the essence of your wedding into an album that will take you back to the event the minute you open it.

Best Wedding Photographers in New York for Photography and Videography

Candlelight Studio, a team of Affordable Wedding Photographers in New York
Affordable Wedding Photographers to Keep Your Memories Alive to Cherish Forever

Top 5 questions to ask the wedding photographers before signing the contract.

What is a reasonable price for a wedding photographer?

The reasonable price for an average wedding photographer is anywhere between $750 to $1800.

What is included in wedding photography packages?

Most wedding photography packages include digital photography and videography. Some photographers also include the leather album in their packages.

Do I need two (2) photographers for my wedding?

You may need two photographers if the bride and groom are getting ready at two separate locations simultaneously.

How much does a wedding photographer cost in NYC?

The wedding photographers in New York City range between $800 to $3500. The cost varies based on the dates, locations, and the number of hours of the wedding coverage.

How long have you been shooting weddings?

CandleLight Studio has been recording memories for over 20 years. With over 1,000 shoots and sessions under our belt, rest assured that your event will be captured in vivid details for generations to cherish.

Who is the best Indian photographer?

The CandleLight photography studio is among the top 10 Indian photographers in New York City.

Wedding photography is a specialized field. Unlike wildlife or still life photography, where there will always be another apple or flower to photograph, there will only be one wedding – yours – and wedding photographers can’t afford to make mistakes.

Wedding photography is a one-shot deal, with each photo being the only one of its kind. The only one that will capture that specific grouping of people, that draping of your dress, that color of your bouquet. It is incumbent on each wedding photographer to have the kind of experience that will make it happen for you.

Wedding event photography is the only part of your wedding event that you will have – apart from the rings – that can take you back; after all the food is eaten and the band dismantled, your photographs and video will still be around.

Wedding Videography and Cinematography

Wedding Photography Cost of Wedding Photographers in New York
Looking for experienced wedding photographers and videographers in New York? Candlelight Photography Studio would love to create some memories with you.

Wedding photography and videography are critical parts of your wedding. They can help you to re-experience each event. They are the part of the wedding that you want to share with your children, to make the delight and event of the day come to life for those who were unable to participate in, or for you to relive on your anniversaries.

Wedding event videography can help you rehearse the music, renew your swears, and feel your feet as you dance. Cinematic style videography takes all the most vital moments of your wedding event and other occasions and brings them back to life. And great wedding event videography suggests excellent videographers, specialists who understand which minutes to catch, from which angles, and how to remain as inconspicuous as possible while still getting those shots that you’ll wish to keep in mind permanently.

Professional Photographers In New York Elevate Your Moments To Be Cherished

Experienced Professional Wedding Photographers to Ensure Extraordinary Results
Shape Your Love Story By Bringing On A Professional New York Wedding Photographer from CandleLight Photography Studio New York City
  • Who are the best wedding photographers for photography, videography, and cinematography in New York?

At Candlelight Studios, we are the Indian wedding photographers you need. We know exactly what it takes to capture the magic of your day. The lighting will make all the bridal colors pop to the angles that will do justice to all members of the party and the powerful perspective that will have you looking back at your photos in pure awe.

We have the best equipment for the job, and our wedding photographers possess a unique aesthetic that others in our field lack. We bring that extra quality to all our photo sessions that will leave you blown away with the end-product. We know precisely the steps to take to create a beautiful, long-lasting memory, and we would be honored to provide our services for your wedding ceremony. We are Professional Indian Wedding Photographers and Will Make Your Special Moments Extraordinary.

My Splendid Wedding Day Cherished With My New York Photographers

Lifetime Moments of Your Special Wedding Day Photos for Generations to Cherish
Superb Wedding Photographic Memories With Indian Photographers Who Will Transform Your Special Day memorable for a lifetime by capturing your moments on photos and videos.
  • How to find Indian wedding photographers in New York that matches your style?

Hiring a local wedding photographer gives you the choice of finding a photographer that matches your style, the style you want your pictures captured, and you can find a photographer that you can trust and connect with. Finding and hiring local wedding photographers near you is more affordable, practical, and personal. With a local wedding photographer, you can collaborate more closely before, during, and after the wedding for Bridal Portraits and or Candid photos.

Brooklyn New York Wedding Photographers Made My Amazing Wedding Video

Wedding Photographers in Brooklyn NY
Photo and Video Galleries of Your Special Moments captured by wedding photographers from CandleLight Photography Studio Brooklyn New York
  • When do New York wedding photographers charge an additional fee for traveling?

Sometimes you may have to pay an additional fee for a weekend buyout. The extra fee covers any income that may be lost because the photographer would be away and unable to return home for a Sunday occasion. Photographers also charge for real travel time.

Of course, charges and costs will vary from photographer to photographer and rely significantly upon the place you’re getting married in. If you are paying a weekend buyout expense, we might offer you a free rehearsal dinner shoot in return.

Having your photographer photograph the rehearsal dinner is a great way to become more acquainted with family members and meet your visitors early. It can be increasingly helpful for an outstanding photoshoot when the group is familiar and comfortable with the photographer.

Wedding Photographers of Queens New York Made My Wedding A Memorable One

Intimate Wedding Photography and Videos of the Bridal Party and Wedding Ceremony
CandleLight Photography Studio, the team of Indian Wedding Photographers from Queens New York Are Like Your Personal Artists bringing experience, expertise, and passion within a modest budget
  • Why hire local wedding photographers for destination wedding photography?

Hiring Local Wedding Photographers for Destination Weddings is advisable when planning a wedding away from home. Finding Destination Wedding Photographers Near You who are willing to travel will ultimately put you at ease on the Big Day. Please make sure the photographers you hire have travel experience, so you know they understand the logistics.

What is included in destination wedding photography packages by photographers in New York City?
Indian Wedding Photography packages are a Perfect Choice for your BIG DAY! We are professional wedding photographers, and we offer various packages from which you can choose depending upon the coverage you desire. It is to be remembered that wedding photography is not just about taking a series of photographs of the bride and groom. Any perfect wedding is not complete without covering all the events long before the marriage process begins. We offer photography, 4K videography, and cinematography with photo albums as our wedding photography package.

Wonderful Wedding Photography CandleLight Photography Studio Manhattan New York City (NYC)

Professional Wedding Photography and Videography at Affordable Prices in NYC
Traditional Wedding Photography Packages with Flexible Wedding Photography and Cinematography Prices by CandleLight Photography Studio Manhattan New York City (NYC)
  • Where can you plan destination wedding locations and find local photographers on a small budget?

How magical it is to get married in a place that isn’t familiar with our everyday lives. Be it an ice hotel in Finland, a straight-from-the-imagination chateau in France, an olive orchard in Italy, or an outlandish beach in Thailand.

Their honeymoon should be the second most memorable event of their new life together right after their wedding for the newly wedded couple. The reason because after all the craziness that a wedding involves, picking the best honeymoon destination is significant.

Hiring a local destination wedding photographer gives you the choice of finding a photographer that matches your style, the style you want your pictures captured, and you can find a photographer that you can trust and connect with.

We have been quite lucky to travel worldwide as destination wedding photographers to some of the most stunning locations such as Spain, Thailand, Ibiza, and Italy, and We have kept our pricing to the minimum.

Call us today to save 5% on your destination wedding photography packages.

Wedding Photographers Bronx NY Knows How To Deliver My Best Photos

Amazing Wedding Photographers Bronx NY for Posed Wedding Photography
Indian Wedding Photographers Bronx New York are the ideal and best choice to take formal Indian Weddings and Bridal Party Photography and videography
  • Wedding Photographers are famous for capturing precious moments!

Hi, I am Surinder, and I am glad you are here. Please let me understand how you would like your story to be told!
For bookings, queries, or information, please get in touch and find out for yourself how CandleLight Studio can make your wedding event dreams come to life.

Indian Wedding Photographers are ideal for taking pictures of formal Indian Weddings. The principal reason is that they understand all the traditions and customs that are associated with these events. These celebrations are reportedly combined with thoughtful customs and formalities combined with more fun and light moments and rituals.

These meaningful ceremonies are indicative of new beginnings in relationships. These relationships are not limited to the two people who are getting married and the two families and their extended families. Moments at these occasions are responsible for forging new relationships.

Book us now!
A talented photographer has the skills, tools, and capacity to make your wedding day dreamlike and magical. Are you ready to reach out for help styling and planning your epic NYC wedding photos? I’d love to help! Get in touch with me at the photography studio today to bring your vision into reality!

Get In Touch With Us
Finding a local wedding photographer is crucial if you want engagement photos, wedding photography, and a lovely wedding album of your Big Day!

Our friendly client service agents are devoted to addressing all your concerns and fulfilling any requirement you might have. We would like to speak with you! Please call, send a text or send an email so we might help you.

My Wedding Photographer from Long Island New York made me a Stunning Bride

Choose an Affordable Wedding Photographer Long Island New York for Your Big Day
Intimate Wedding Day Memories Captured by Wedding Photographer in Long Island New York
  • Studio Wedding Photographers for Bridal Portraits in Long Island New York

Many Indian brides choose to have professional bridal portraits before or after the wedding in our New York studios. This ensures gorgeous bridal portraits without the stress and time constraints of taking pictures at the wedding site.

  • Home Wedding Photography — Intimate Wedding Day Memories Captured at Your Home

One of the most touching parts of any wedding day takes place before the wedding itself. Let our wedding photographers capture those precious moments of the bride and her parents, siblings, and bridesmaids as they get ready at home.

  • Wedding Venue Photography — Why Your Wedding Photographers Should Be Familiar with the Venue

Wedding and reception venues have personalities all their own, making it essential for your wedding photographer to be familiar with local venues and their characteristics. Having photographed numerous weddings in New York City, we know the best locations for wedding photos at various wedding venues.

  • The Best Ways to Find Professional, Reliable Local Wedding Photographers Near Me

There are many ways to find a local wedding photographer, including Internet searches, browsing websites, attending bridal events, and word of mouth. You’ll likely do a combination of these methods. We would be honored to have the opportunity to share our concepts, portfolio, and local recommendations with you.

  • Why do I Choose The Best Wedding Photographers Who Live Near Me?

While you could hire a wedding photographer from another city or state, you’ll likely incur travel charges. Having a wedding photographer near you is more affordable, practical, and personal. With a local wedding photographer, you can collaborate more closely before, during, and after the wedding.

Features of Good Indian Wedding Photographers of Hicksville New York

Wedding Photographers of Hicksville New York Knows How to Get the Best Out of You
Hire Indian Wedding Photographers of Hicksville New York, and Your Big Day Can be as Perfect as You Want

Photography is a fascinating profession, although it requires a lot of skills and professionalism. Among the most challenging occasions to cover is an Indian wedding event. This is because it comprises of so many events according to Indian culture and tradition. Photographers that can successfully handle such an occasion should be Indian or have a vast knowledge of Indian culture.

Since a wedding is the most glamorous occasion in India and many other countries, any photographer who can handle an Indian wedding satisfactorily can take the photography of any other occasion. Hence, one of the features of good Indian photographers is expertise in covering wedding events.

  • Wedding Photographers are unique from culture to culture ceremonies

Weddings are among the most sacred yet joyous of ceremonies, and they are unique from culture to culture

Another feature is that they should handle both the photographing and the videoing of South Asian Shaadi, Punjabi Sikh Marriages, Muslim Nikah… Etc. It is not just to cover them, but to cover them satisfactorily.

They should be able to produce wonderfully outstanding pictures. Since Indian photographers are aware of each ritual’s significance, they should take the time to capture all of them as much as possible. Not only to capture them but to capture them in different fashionable styles that allow for easy documentation.

Wedding Photographers Staten Island NY take exclusive portraits that stand out!

Benefits of Using an Indian Wedding Photographers Staten Island NY for Your Wedding
High Quality And Beautiful Portraits Captured by Indian Wedding Photographers Staten Island NY on Your Special Occasion

They should pay more attention to the bride, the groom, and their different culture and traditions. They should also beautify all the pictures with different magnificent frames. Since most couples like to hang their wedding pictures on their homes’ walls, these photographers should try to make your pictures as beautiful as possible.

They should also be able to handle the videoing of these events so that anybody who can watch the video of any event can successfully claim to have attended the event. This is because all the main items of the events would have been well covered, such that virtually all that was witnessed by those that were physically present would be in the video. Since a wedding is a one-time occasion, it could be a very costly mistake if you do not allow experts to handle yours, a mistake that you may regret for a very long time.

Wedding Photographers Upstate NY Captures the Essence of your Wedding Day

Relive the Special Moments of Your Lifetime Event Forever captured by Wedding Photographers Upstate NY
My Professional Wedding Photographer from Upstate NY Put Me At Ease Before The Big Day

Good ones should not be confined to India or South Asia but should be in virtually every part of the United States. Apart from the wedding, they should handle other kinds of events like birthdays, company anniversaries, wedding anniversaries, valedictory parties… Etc.

The essential function to note is that they ought to be versed in almost all South Asian nations’ cultures and customs. This is very important because they should know what to expect in any event they intend to cover and should have adequately prepared for every tradition.

Suppose the wedding is between two people of different cultures and traditions. In that case, the marriage becomes complex, and only experienced photographers that are well versed in diverse cultures can handle the events satisfactorily.

Indian Photographers and Wedding Planners New York ensures that Your Memories stays alive

Wedding Photographer and Wedding Planners with the most affordable prices in New York
New York City Wedding Planner and photography studio specializing in engagement and wedding photography and videography in New York

One of the features of good Indian Photographers is affordability. Despite all the skills, knowledge, and experience required by their job, their charges should not be outrageous. Their costs are affordable to the common man. You don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to afford their services.

Don’t miss a moment of your wedding! While you’re busy interacting with guests, dancing, and eating cake, make sure every moment of the wedding you invested so much into gets recorded! Let the wedding photographers at CandleLight Studio NYC ensure that every moment of your special day is captured in professional wedding photos and videos.

All our wedding event photography and videography packages consist of FREE UPLOAD of chosen pictures and video on the Internet. With this complementary alternative, your friends and family from around the globe can quickly see your wedding event pictures and videos straight on the internet!

Candle Light studio is a renowned name in the photography industry. We capture the essence of all your precious moments for you to relive them in the future. We have been making our presence known since 2000; we are located in New York City. Since the day we have started our company, we only had one goal in mind: to make your most memorable day something that you and your loved ones can treasure for years to come.

Wedding Photographers and Videographers of NY are expert in multicultural ceremonies

Elegant Photos and Videos by a team of Wedding Photographers and Videographers of New York
Elegant Photos of The Bridal Couple and Pre-Wedding Photoshoot and videos by a team of Wedding Photographers and Videographers of New York

We provide our customers with premium wedding photography via our experienced professional photographers. Our team has covered over 1000 weddings that include American, Indian, Pakistani, and many more while capturing their culture and marriage’s heart and soul.

Candle Light studio also provides its customers with the option of cinematography. While photographs capture the moments, wedding movies enables you to relive those memories.

Locations Available
We are currently available in New York and New Jersey areas for photography and cinematography services

Wherever we provide our services, we make sure always to stay:
Customer Friendly. You can rest assured that our staff is here to cater to your needs.
Professional. Our team practices professional quality.
Creative. We strive to make each photograph we take be one of a kind.

As a company, we are here to serve future brides, couples who are looking to tie the knot. We make sure every one of our photographs is taken so that when you look back at them, you can feel the day it all happened.

A Pleasant Customer Experience
Our photographers and client service representatives are constantly available to assist you with any concerns or questions you may have. Our company believes that customer care is an essential part of our company. Visit us at our office to plan your most special day today.

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, and we will help you capture its’ essence like a pro, using only the highest quality equipment including the camera, aerial drones, and stabilizers. Our 4K videography is guaranteed to give you results that will stun you, and make your wedding day story, the envy of your friends and family.

Taking immense care and pride in strategic placement, our videography crew will use image stabilization and 4k high-resolution equipment, not to mention backup recordings, to capture your wedding tale in all its magnificent glory; all the while taking care not to intrude on you and your most personal moments.

Getting Married in NYC? Wedding Photographers of NYC offer minimal prices for your priceless moments

Getting Married in NYC? CandleLight Photography Studio NYC is the best choice to hire
Getting Married in NYC? Mesmerizing Photos Capturing My Wedding Day That I Will Always Cherish provided by CandleLight Photography Studio NYC
  • Exclusive wedding packages

Having covered more than 1000+ weddings since the year 2000, we have an in-depth understanding of the trends and styles of Indian wedding ceremonies, pre-wedding events, destination wedding photography, and videography, alongside a host of other memorable events you may want to create and record. Explore more about our diverse and budget-friendly wedding packages here.

  • We build custom packages around the client’s requirements:

Our customized, professional packages include the following:

  • Digital Photography and 4K Videography.
  • Flush Mount Custom Designed Digital Picture Album.
  • All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks are provided on USB Drive.
  • 4K Edited Video (with Titles, Smooth Transitions, and Matching Music) Provided on USB Drive.
  • USB Drives are Playable on Smart Televisions, Computer Systems, Laptops, and tablets, and so on that have a USB input.
  • Expert editing with Dynamic Titles, Unique and Smooth Transitions, and the option of Customized Music
  • TOTALLY FREE UPLOAD of chosen pictures, chosen video, and Trailer of the Wedding and Events on the Internet.

A dedicated photographer captures the essence of human beings and their feelings through their lens. While it’s hard to put a price on something priceless, we know we’ve got a price plan to suit everyone’s needs and budgetary boundaries. Talk with our friendly client service group today to discover more about the various packages we provide and to get started on your journey to creating magical moments to cherish for all eternity.

Why choose us?
We understand you will fall for our work.
We are genuinely excited to work with you and look forward to helping you capture all those priceless moments that go towards creating beautiful and evocative memories. With plenty of stunning emotions that help to make Indian wedding events stand out from other types of weddings, we will work hard to capture them all and give you a result to be proud of.

Our experience says it all

We are doing photography business since the Year 2000, and we are located in New York City. Our chief photographer Surinder Singh is certified by American Wedding Group Photographer and is distinguishable by his passion for candid and traditional Indian wedding photography. Having covered 1000’s of weddings and with many years of experience, all our photographers meet the wedding industry-leading standards. We are privileged to be members of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

Substantiated, vetted, and with decades of experience in wedding photography, our entire team is here to meet your needs. With our high standards of professionalism and commitment to quality, we will not disappoint you.
High-Quality Approach

The collective expertise that we’ve acquired over the years helps us deliver photography, cinematography, and videography services with 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our entire team is enthusiastic and dedicated and frequently goes above and beyond to ensure all the wedding projects we work on are delivered on time and in stunning high quality.

  • A professionally committed in-house crew

At Candlelight Studios, we know that our work is only ever satisfactory if our clients are satisfied. In striving for perfection, we ensure that we maintain constant contact with each client throughout each project to ensure that we always understand their exact instructions and needs.

Experts in capturing the wedding ceremony’s real feel with all its glitz and glamour, we will present you as a beautiful story to be retold time and time again.

  • Value for money

Wedding Photographers for Marriage Ceremony Photography

We value every penny that you spend on our service and are proud to offer various wedding photography packages that are affordable while guaranteed to be of the highest standard. We are more than qualified to meet all your exacting needs by offering unique photography packages that you won’t find anywhere else.

Wedding event photography is not just about taking a series of pictures of the couple. We know that it is about capturing every single moment in its perfection and putting those moments together to form a remarkable story of the happiest day of your life.

  • We are easy to work with and offer a simple, flexible approach to wedding photography.

Book the services of our trusted and skilled photographers using these simple steps for a stress-free experience-
Schedule an initial meeting with the Candlelight Studio that will enable you to get to know our creative team better and for us to understand more about your personalities and story as a couple.

We will provide you with insights into our working style, introduce you to our experiences and the team who do a fantastic job for our clients. We will also provide you with clear and transparent information on our selection of unique packages and pricing plans.

We will discuss all your requirements in greater detail and talk about the style that you might be looking for. Open to any changes that you may be looking for to make your project unique. We can also show you our wedding photography portfolio and videography to give you ideas and show our expertise and craftsmanship.

You will be given ample time to think through all the options available to you for your big day and can discuss your ideas and concerns with us at any time. With our creative experience and strong work ethic, we are confident that you won’t need to look anywhere else to fulfill your official wedding photography and cinematography needs.

Wedding Photographers for Church Ceremonies in New York NY

On our second meeting together, we will discuss your wedding day schedule in much greater detail and talk about what traditional ceremonies and rituals you might be including crowd gathering, and your precise style requirements.

With a brainstorming session on the possible concepts and styling, plus conversations about any other concerns and ideas that you might have, we will help you develop a photography and cinematography plan that will flow alongside the events of the day without disrupting it.

With detailed planning of creative locations for the pre-shoot event, you can then have a collective discussion with our photographers about all the final details you are looking for to assist in making your wedding as superior as it can be.

This day is the one for kickstarting the creative flow of ideas that best represents your vision as a couple. We will also assign a manager to you who will be available as your primary contact for any information that you might need. The manager will discuss your wedding itinerary, event times, and other outstanding details at any time of the day or night. Your manager will make detailed reports and send them to you regularly to ensure that you’re both on board with everything and fully aware of what is set to happen at each stage of the proceedings.

Modern Western Wedding Photographers of New Jersey and New York

We guarantee to integrate with the events surrounding your wedding day seamlessly and be prepared well in advance of each ceremony and ritual to ensure that no moment goes uncaptured. We will be seen, but in the background, and promise to make your guests feel as if we’re not even there, a great way of ensuring that everyone behaves authentically all the time!

We will also send you the webpage link to your photos and videos so that you can review your special day as captured by us, in case you may want to share it with your friends and family.

This last step is our expert and professional delivery of the final product. Only once we have thoroughly reviewed every image and every video and are fully satisfied with our work will we share our final product with you. Our team will meticulously ensure that every photograph we submit is the very best – and we will already be envisaging your positive response as you cast your eyes over our lovingly produced snapshots and videos of your special day. That said, should you wish to make any adjustments to the final product, we are always open to suggestions and will do whatever is within our power to help make them perfect for you, at a fee.

Wedding Photographers CALL 917-304-9878 for 2021-2022 Bookings

Let us make your wedding day memories real and beautiful.
With all your needs and desires taken care of from the moment of our very first meeting, we promise to deliver you our best, highest quality work and at prices that won’t break your budget. If we can assist engrave your wonderful wedding event moments into eternity, reach out to us today for a quote and book your wedding event.

A wedding is a way of uniting not just the bride and groom, but all the family and friends and giving them a day to cherish for the rest of their lives. Weddings are what we do best, and with our team of magic makers waiting behind the scenes, we are ready to help capture your happiness in our lenses and deliver your wedding story to you, in all its bridal glory.

At CandleLight Studio, we are available to discuss all your Indian wedding photography requirements and are on hand to help make your wedding visually stunning and momentously magical. Our service is available in New York, New Jersey, and other areas in the vicinity.