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Indian photography studio NYC, the Wedding Photographers in New York, NY primarily focus on Tying the Knot photos of the couple.

Wedding Photographers Near Me New York City | Indian Photography Studio (NYC)

My Wedding Event Emphasizes the Wedding Highlights Video Trailer by Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me in New York City.

  • Transforming your magical moments into timeless works of art

CandleLight Photography Studio has been recording wedding memories for over 20 years. Whether you have a traditional Indian wedding or a modern Western wedding, our photographers and video producers are unmatched and extremely detail-oriented. CandleLight Studio has been capturing memories that last a lifetime, and we have the portfolio to prove it.

As a wedding photographer in New York, seeing real couples pledge themselves in love to one another is an endlessly rewarding experience. For over 20 years, Candlelight Photography Studio has been capturing newly-weds across New York and documenting their love stories on film.

It’s those little moments captured that make our work so loved by our clients. From the subtle glances and smiles during the ceremony, the kiss on the bride’s cheek as her father hands her away, to the unexpected and joyous events that spontaneously occur during the day. We see it all and create memories that will last a lifetime.

10 Reasons to Hire Indian Wedding Photographers near me in New York

My special moments captured by Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me in New York
Indian wedding photographers near me even captured my nervous smile!

I found the creative and imaginative team of Indian wedding photographers near me in New York who will fluff and twirl every tulle and chiffon to perfection.

The Wedding Photographers in New York with a One-of-a-Kind Approach

Your wedding is unique, but all nuptials are filled with love and emotion. Every album of wedding photography by Candlelight Photography Studio will echo your individuality, revel in your joy, and show just how special your wedding really was.

As you and your loved ones enjoy your big day, we will blend seamlessly into the background, using an unobtrusive and experienced approach to organically capture every little detail that would have been otherwise forgotten.

As a renowned wedding photographer in New York, we pride ourselves on our ability to take not only the shots you asked for but also the images you never knew you wanted.

What Did I Get for Choosing Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me?

Professional Wedding Photography by the best photographers of New York City
We are professional wedding photographers of New York who will make your wedding day memorable forever using our professional photography equipment.

CandleLight Studio, the Indian wedding photographers near me, captured not only our special moment but the smiling faces of our guests, the trim on the chairs, and everything we planned so meticulously, only to forget about on the big day completely!

  • Lifelong Memories of your Celebration

Candlelight studio’s team of New York (NYC) Wedding & Portrait Photographers will capture the day so you can relive and remember the special memories of your wedding for many years to come. These are the images your grandchildren, and future generations will Cherish.

With photographers who have an eye for Perfection, a dedication to excellence, and quality equipment, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with Candlelight studio.

Our many past clients have all placed their trust in us to capture those intimate moments that immortalize their special day, and they have been rewarded with an affordable wedding photography package that will be loved for a lifetime.

From the excitement of the bride’s morning preparations to the belly laughs during champagne toasts, right up to the bride & groom driving away into the night. Not a moment is lost. Therefore, we do what we do. And we’re destined to be the Brides Best Friend and Wedding Photographers in America that documents your love story.

  • Wedding Photography Tips: 5 Questions To Ask Your Photographer Before Shooting Your Wedding event

How much does a wedding photographer cost in nyc?

Cost of Wedding Photographer

The average cost of a professional wedding photographer in New York City is $799 for four-hour wedding photography.

Who are the best new york wedding photographers?

Wedding Photographers in New York

The candleLight photography studio is among the top 20 best wedding photographers in new york.

What is included in wedding photography packages?

NYC Wedding Photography Packages

The wedding photography packages offered by CandleLight studio includes digital photography, a video trailer of wedding highlights, and a custom-made photo album. We also have several packages available so that you can customize the right package according to your requirements.

How many photos should you get from a wedding photographer?

Wedding Photographer NYC

The candleLight studio photographers usually take in between 400 to 600 digital pictures at a wedding. They provide all photos with no watermarks within one week after the event.

Do you need (2) two photographers for your wedding?

Photographers for your wedding

Suppose the bride-to-be and groom are getting ready at two different places simultaneously. In that case, you might require two professional photographers to take pictures before the wedding.

Surinder Singh Wedding Photographer New York City NYC

Wedding Photographer Surinder Singh New York City NYC
Surinder Singh is a culturally sensitive professional wedding photographer in New York, capturing weddings for over 20 years

Surinder Singh is a culturally sensitive photographer capturing weddings of various nationalities and religious backgrounds for over 20 years.

Surinder Singh is a culturally sensitive professional wedding photographer experienced in photographing and capturing weddings and events videos of various nationalities and religious backgrounds.

Surinder Singh knows the absolute importance of a wedding day and creates memories of a lifetime by capturing every moment of your big day.

Surinder Singh is certified by the American Wedding Group (AWG) and has covered over 1000 weddings in New York, NYC, New Jersey, NJ, and their surrounding areas.

Surinder Singh founded this CandleLight Wedding Photography Studio in New York out of his passion. His selection of wedding and event professional photographers as a staff member, reliability, and excellent abilities led him towards success. CandleLight Studio was prevalent within a couple of years due to our understanding of varied cultures and customs.

CandleLight Studio NYC Photographers covering New York Weddings are certified by the American Wedding Group (AWG), and we are professional members of PPA, the Professional Photographers of America. We are also associated with WPPI, the Wedding Event, and Portrait Photographers and videographers International.

For booking of your events, please call today to speak with one of our professional wedding photographers. Our friendly customer support agents are devoted to addressing all your wedding and event photography concerns and will be glad to answers any questions you may have. We want to speak to you!

Candlelight Studio offers Wedding Photography, Cinematography, and Cinematic Style 4K Videography Services in New York City, NYC, New Jersey, NJ, their surrounding areas, and Houston, Texas.

10 Tips to Find Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me in New York

Different Styles of Wedding Photography by New York Photographers
New York Wedding Photographers are experts in timeless images of both posed and candid (photojournalistic) shots of the wedding couple and bridal party at the religious or civil ceremony at City Hall NYC.

Indian Photography Studio New York City (NYC) Wedding Photographers Near Me are recording photographic memories, and cinematic style wedding highlights videos for over 20 years.

CandleLight Studio, the Indian Photography Studio (New York City), and their group of professional Wedding photographers Near Me in New York City are tape-recording photographic memories and cinematic style wedding and events highlights, videos, teasers, promos, trailers for over twenty years.

Wedding event videography is a video production service that records wedding events on video and taped and hard drives. The end product of the videographer’s recording is typically called a wedding event video. It is a wedding events motion picture or a wedding event movie.

Finding the local New York City Wedding Photographers near me for my wedding photography is a more affordable, practical, and personal choice to have unforgettable memories in vivid details for generations to cherish.

Finding the right wedding photographers near me in New York was very challenging. A simple search will not give you what you need. It would help if you had someone with experience, with an eye for detail, someone who captures every single moment, slip-up, and snort. It would certainly be best if you had a videographer with creative skills that will connect the fabric of your story the right way.

I will never forget that day, but between nervous excitement and knowing it was the first day of forever, it was hard to focus on the details. That’s where CandleLight Studio’s Best Wedding Photographers near me came in. It was nice to see all that, and even better, hold on to the memories with something we could hang on our wall.

Easy. Inclusive. Affordable. Beautiful. Thank you, CandleLight Studio and the finest team of photojournalist Wedding Portfolio and New York Wedding Photographer, for capturing not just what happened, but our hearts.

Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me with Fantastic Photography Ideas

NYC Wedding Photography Packages at its best by New York Photographers
We offer the best photos and video packages with high quality, brilliant NYC wedding photography results that you will cherish forever.
  • CandleLight Studio is a Premiere Photography and Videography Vendor with a team of Best NYC Wedding Photographers.

My wedding was perfect, but I am glad I will never have to plan one again. If I did, though, I would choose the Indian wedding photographers near me from CandleLight Studio every time, and whether it’s traditional, quirky, or full of glamour, you should too.

  • Choose NYC Wedding Photographer an Expert to Capture your Wedding Day

Whether you have planned an intimate wedding, an elopement, or a formal affair in a stunning garden, rustic barn, beach, or rooftop, Candlelight Photography Studio will capture all the special moments be precious for the rest of your life.

Be it those traditional scenes or the more emotion-filled candid shots, we will deliver high-quality wedding photography in New York that will tell your story. Working with you at every step of your wedding journey, we will ensure the images of your special day are perfect in every single way. As your chosen photojournalist photographer, we are here to listen to you, understand your vision, and always live up to your expectations.

Importance of Choosing Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me in NYC

FAQs, like choosing the best wedding photographers in New York City, is important to ask!
The most significant benefit you get from New York Wedding photographers is excellent high-quality, timeless images and pictures that you can frame as large as you want.

The Best New York City Wedding Photographers are recording photographic memories and cinematic style Videos for over 20 years.

  • Trust us, and We Will Deliver Treasured Memories

We are the Best Wedding Photographers in NYC; we know all the best spots in the city and beyond. With extensive knowledge built up over years of experience, Candlelight Photography Studio is well-known within the wedding industry for delivering the finest service that goes above and beyond.

We have developed invaluably close relationships with many of New York’s most desirable and sought-after wedding venues over the years. Meaning we know all the top spots to make you look your absolute best.

When it comes to your big day, you don’t want to miss out on perfectly capturing all your special moments through a fantastic photography and cinematography service offered by Indian wedding photographers in New York City.

Weddings are full of anticipation, excitement, and of course, anxious moments. At CandleLight Studio, our photographers and video producers are unmatched, and we have the portfolio to prove it!

Candlelight Photography Studio NYC, the Indian Wedding Photographers New York City, has been recording photographic and videography memories for over 20 years.

The team of Indian wedding photographers near me in New York primarily focus on the pre-wedding, engagement, and portrait photography throughout the wedding day(s). They are always willing to answer any questions you may have related to your wedding and event photography.

Professional Indian wedding photographers near me with an eye for detail

For the Remembrance of a Lifetime, please contact New York's Finest Photographers
The wedding day is just one day, but you will remember it for a lifetime through pictures.

The wedding day is just one day, but you will remember it for a lifetime through pictures. Please contact NY photographers, and they will make that happen for you.

From the Scenery to the clothes and food, the professional photographers of Candlelight Studio will construct a tale that shows what makes your day perfect.

We are friendly and listen to your ideas and opinions. We want to know how you want your story to be told and are very respectful of your guests. We will carefully organize everyone to create the best setup for the perfect photoshoot and your wedding videography.

Cost of Studio Photography by Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me

Create a keepsake of your Wedding Story with New York photographers
The time on your big day goes so fast, and New York Wedding Photographers help save the beautiful moments that become a keepsake for your life.

At CandleLight Studio, a wedding is as important as the last. We’ve been to thousands of weddings, and each one is beautifully unique, but with our help, they are preserved in perfect splendor.

I trust the Indian wedding photographers near me believe moments should be captured as they happen — every smile, laugh, and tear – one hundred percent naturally. But it isn’t just the main event of the big day that deserves our attention. They are there for every detail.

If you seek a New York wedding photographer with years of experience and a creative approach, Candlelight Photography Studio is your perfect choice. Please feel free to call and get in touch via our contact page, and let’s begin the journey together.

Experienced Professional Photographers of Brooklyn, New York to ensure extraordinary results

Cherish your Day forever because of Wedding Photographers of New York
The New York fearless photographer will capture every intimate moment with its emotions that you will cherish the memories by just looking at it.

Candlelight Photography has a team of experienced photographers, videographers, and cinematographers to cover your ceremony. We continuously learn new tips, tricks, and methods to capture your ceremony in a way that will make your day special and provide you with excellent results.

Find an NYC Wedding Photographer and let the professionals at CandleLight Studio immortalize this once-in-a-lifetime moment so you can relive it in detail forever.

Wedding Photographers Websites — A Valuable Resource for Finding the Best Fit for Your Wedding Photography

Local wedding photographers in NYC won't let any moment slip away on your Big Day
From the bride’s entrance to the groom’s reaction, the ring bearers to parent’s dance, each moment is saved by the locally available New York Wedding Photographers.

Perusing wedding photographers’ websites allows you to view their portfolios and philosophies from the comfort of your home.

  • Spectacular wedding photography by Wedding Photographer in New York, NY that you will love for a lifetime

Candlelight Photography Studio NYC Wedding Photographer has been one of the most popular wedding photographers & videographers in New York since its birth back in 2000. From the very beginning, we have relished every special moment we have been able to capture for our newly-weds and continue to adore documenting their weddings on film.

Your destination wedding photos should be individual, uniquely reflect your big day, and be shot by a destination wedding photographer who does not impose on your celebrations. At Candlelight Photography Studio, we specialize in the natural, capturing moments as they happen without the need for countless setup images.

As the most well-respected NYC wedding photographer in New York, we know that capturing the real romance of the day is key to creating a photo album that you will love for a lifetime. From the newly-weds’ first kiss as man and wife to grandad taking his granddaughters for a spin on the dance floor – not a moment will be missed.

Wedding Photographers in New York with a Unique Perspective

Excellent Quality Wedding Photography by New York Photographers
No one left out with New York Wedding Photographers, from close friends to far relatives everyone will star in the album of your NYC wedding.

The ability to view a wedding photographer’s work before making a final decision is crucial. Fortunately, most wedding photographers have websites with digital photo galleries you can look through at your leisure. With a photographer’s website, there’s no need to rush and no pressure to decide.

  • The Advantages of Viewing a Photographer’s Wedding Photography Portfolios Online and their knowledge about wedding venue

New York Wedding Photographers, Candlelight Photography Studio is known for its modern yet timeless wedding photography approach. Throughout our 20 years in business, our brides and grooms have never been disappointed in the trust that they bestowed in us to create memories that will last a lifetime.

As specialists in both photography and wedding videography, we are distinctively geared up to record every minute of your wedding as it unfolds. With 4K video camera and the latest drone technology, your wedding event videography will come to life in a manner you might have imagined. Each client we serve has a unique story to tell, and we thrive in bringing it to life in the finest quality.

Flexible Wedding Photography and Cinematography in Queens, New York

Choose Indian Wedding Photographers NYC for Traditional Indian Photography
We are experts and wedding specialists; we know the value of time on a wedding day. Our Indian wedding photographers’ team is available for events in New York, and we assure to get it all done completely and on time.

New York City Wedding Photographers at Candlelight Studio, are incredibly detail-oriented. We understand that the perfect wedding is a combination of tiny pieces.

We will capture every flower bud, accessory, and hairpin that makes the ceremony what it is. We are organized and would be present for every wedding tradition to tell your love story.

  • Specialists in Weddings of All Faiths

Weddings are joyous events, whatever your faith. At Candlelight Photography Studio, we have many years’ experience in shooting weddings from every background. Be it Jewish, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Hispanic, to name but a few – we know your special traditions and rituals that you need to have captured on camera.

Alongside these vital shots, we pride ourselves on being renowned wedding photographers in New York for also taking the shots in-between, the ones you never expected you’d love the most.

A lot can happen during ceremonies and traditions. Plans can also change. At Candlelight Studios, we understand this very well; therefore, we ensure that your event gets the utmost importance. We have a flexible booking system which accommodates changes in plans.

Memories for a Lifetime by Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me in New York City

Pre-Wedding Photography by New York Photographers NYC
We capture those wonderful moments of pre-wedding ceremonies like wedding rehearsals, rehearsal dinners, a family gathering, and other important events and activities related to wedding photography in NYC.

Candlelight Studios was founded in the year 2000 in New York and has captured beautiful moments since its inception.

We pride ourselves on connecting the dots and creating a story worth telling and seeing through photos and videos.

In our hearts, we know how vital memory storage is. That is how we work, with brides and grooms to be and soon to be couples, towards capturing, preserving, and telling stories that will thrill anyone from start to finish.

  • Breath-taking Photography, Unforgettable Memories, Quality Service

We understand that trusting us to play such a vital role in the memories that you will cherish with your family and friends, and loved ones for several years to come is no small responsibility. But with Candlelight Photography Studio, you can trust in our wealth of experience and stress-free planning process to ensure your wedding photography always lives up to your very highest expectations.

Our knowledge of some of the most prestigious destination wedding venues in New York is second to none alongside our impeccable service. Our invaluable relationships with these venues and our know-how will guarantee you will look your very best from every angle.

If you are looking for experienced wedding photographers and videographers in New York, we would love to create some memories with you. Please feel free to call and get in touch with Candlelight Photography Studio via our contact page.

Surinder Singh is certified by the American Wedding Group (AWG) and has covered over 1000 weddings in New York, NYC, New Jersey, NJ, and their surrounding areas. We are certified by the American Wedding Group (AWG), and we are professional members of PPA, the Professional Photographers of America. We are also associated with WPPI, the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International.

We provide Photography, Cinematography, and 4K Videography services for perfect Indian maharaja and maharani weddings in and around the New York and New Jersey areas. We know that there are brides from different cultures and traditions; therefore, we have covered a vast repertoire of weddings from American, Jewish, and Latino weddings to Indian, Pakistani, Guyanese, Bangladeshi, and various others.

Candlelight Studio ensures that we deliver only the best service and ensure that you are included and engaged with your audience and your story.

Why Choose Indian wedding photographers of New York to bring creativity to life?

CandleLight Studio is one of the premier Wedding Photographers and Videographers in the NYC and New Jersey area.

Wedding photography is a specialty in digital Photography that is primarily focused on the high-resolution Photography of events and tasks associating with wedding celebrations.

Wedding photography might include various other kinds of portrait photography of the couple before the main wedding day, such as a pre-wedding and engagement photo session. You can later use these photographs for your wedding invitations. On the big day, digital wedding photographers will certainly document the whole wedding and the rituals throughout the day.

CandleLight Studio is a Premiere Photography/Videography Vendor in the New York City Area

Get the Bigger Picture of Your Event photography and videography in NYC.
Have an extravagant experience of your event coverage by New York Photographers as we use the latest Drone Photography to provide a “Bigger Picture”.

Choose Indian Wedding Photographers for Traditional Indian Photography

Elegant Bridal Photography by New York Photographers
Elegant Bridal Photography by New York Photographers Fearless photographer will help you save those precious moments that you spend as a bride, that blush, elegance, nervousness, and happiness in our wonderful bridal photography package for NYC events.

The Right Destination Wedding Photography to Immortalize Your Unique Moments

Splendid Park Photography Packages by New York Photographers
Want a park photoshoot with your bridal party? Get incredible fun while our photographers take candid and posed pictures that you will cherish for life.

Immortalize Your Wedding Day with Candlelight Studio of New York

Get affordable packages for Destination Weddings by New York Photographers
We are local wedding vendors, and we offer incredible yet affordable photo and video packages for destination weddings. We assure you that your destination wedding journey will be an affair to remember.

Creative and Imaginative Wedding Photography by Indian Photographers

Awesome styles of wedding videography by New York Indian Photographers
Vintage or Modern, Classic or Edgy, what’s your favorite style, our amazing team of Indian videographers will make that dream wedding movie that you wished for.

New York Wedding Photographer and Videographer with Great Social Skills

Get that amazing quality Wedding Cinematography by New York Photographers
Cinematography is as important as Photography, and we are thrilled to tell you that we provide the best wedding cinematography in Brooklyn, Queens, and New York City.

Professional Indian Wedding Photographers with an Eye for Detail

Awesome Coverage of Wedding Venues by talented New York Photographers
Get your wonderful wedding venue and party halls covered too, the altar design, the sittings, and everything is saved for you by our brilliant and talented photographers of Brooklyn, New York.

Indian Photographer Knows How to Get the Best Out of You

Wedding photo galleries for the keep sake by NYC Photographers
View Complete Galleries of lasting memories of wedding photos from your wedding and engagement sessions captured by NYC Wedding Photographer.

Weddings in India vary according to the area, the faith, the community and also the personal preferences of the groom and bride.

Capture the simplicity and ethnic essence of Muslim Weddings
New York Talented Photographers are here for lasting memories Muslim weddings, we ensure to deliver the true essence of an ethnic Muslim Wedding.

Relive the Special Moments of Your Lifetime Event Forever

Gujarati Wedding Photography by NY Photographers
We are always thrilled to work on a traditional Gujarati wedding. We shall capture all the rituals, nuptials, and dance moves on your wedding day.
  • FAQs: Important Questions to ask Wedding Photographers answered by CandleLight Photography Studio New York

New York wedding photographers cost $6OO or more for a minimum of 4 hours of wedding photography.

For a traditional wedding in New York City with about 100 guests, you can expect to pay $650 or more for 4 hours of wedding photography.

The average cost of wedding photography in new york is $650 or more for a 4-hour wedding.

Central Park is a prominent photo session choice when discussing New York City’s most romantic wedding and engagement photo locations.
Various other romantic photography locations for pre-wedding photoshoot in NYC are Bethesda Terrace Arcade, Bethesda Fountain, The Loeb Boathouse, Bow Bridge, Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center, The Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Greenwich Village, Washington Square Park, Washington Mews, Riverside Park, and SoHo.

Indian wedding photographers are available on, and you can call them now at 917-304-9878

CandleLight Studio is the best wedding photographers specializing in traditional and modern wedding photography. You can call them at 917-304-9878

Surinder Singh is a professional Indian wedding photographer, experienced in photographing and video capturing weddings and events of various nationalities and religious backgrounds. He is available at 917-304-9878

Nearest photography studio is CandleLight Studio located in Manhattan, New York. They are offering professional wedding photography and videography services in New York City, New Jersey, and their surrounding areas. You can reach them at 917-304-9878

Central Park NYC is one of the most romantic photoshoot locations for pre-wedding and bridal photography in New York City. For more information, please visit

Local wedding photographers CandleLight Studio is in Manhattan, New York. Please call them at 917-304-9878

You will find wedding photographers by visiting their website at and by calling them at 917-304-9878

CandleLight Studio is the number one wedding photographers specializing in digital photography and cinematic style videography. Their telephone number is 917-304-9878

Candlelight Studio is your one-stop-shop for wedding photography and videography. Visit our website at to view our wedding photography packages, and book a consultation by calling 917-304-9878

CandleLight Studio, located in New York City, is the best wedding photographer specializing in traditional and modern wedding photography. You can call them at 917-304-9878

Found a professional wedding photographer near you, offering a discount on wedding packages. Calling CandleLight Studio now at 917-304-9878

Professional photographers at CandleLight Studio are famous for capturing once-in-a-lifetime moment so you can relive it in detail forever. Call them now at 917-304-9878

Candlelight studio’s top team of photographers will capture your day so you can relive and remember the special memories for many years to come. Call Candlelight studio at 917-304-9878 or visit their website at

What makes the Indian wedding photographers near me so great?

As Indian wedding photographers near me, we understand this; it is in our culture to see the deepest roots and emotions of a special day. By understanding this principle of pure love and devotion, we know just where and when to photograph the perfect Indian maharaja and maharani weddings to capture the memories.

Wedding Photography Packages by Indian wedding photographers near me

Wedding photography and cinematography packages can range from the bare minimum still Photography. Or to all-encompassing packages that include still photographs and videography, wedding albums, photo thank you cards, video invitations, and edited videos that put Hollywood and Bollywood movies to shame. No matter what your event, there is always a wedding photography elopement package available to suit you.

Indian wedding photographers near me will bring creativity to life

If you want the best work and the most consistency, you must hire one photography studio to do it all. That way, the work quality will remain consistent from event to event. You won’t have to worry, which is what you want on your wedding day.

Let the Indian wedding photographers near me in New York have free rein while you enjoy a worry-free wedding, and reap the results when your photography package finally arrives.

  • Brooklyn Wedding Photographers offers Negotiable Photography Prices
Negotiate photography prices with Brooklyn Wedding Photographers
Can you negotiate photography prices with Brooklyn Wedding Photographers for events in New York? Yes, our prices are negotiable.

CandleLight Studio Wedding Photographers Brooklyn, NY, offers negotiable prices for pre-wedding and engagement photography.

  • CandleLight Studio Average Cost Wedding Photographers Queens New York
Average Cost Wedding Photographers Queens New York
What is the average cost of Wedding Photographers in Queens, New York for Indian Wedding Photography

The Average Cost of Engagement and Wedding Photographers offered by CandleLight Photography Studio Queens, NY, is based on the event location and number of hours. Queens wedding photographers help in creating memories that you cherish for your lifetime.

  • CandleLight Studio Best Wedding Photographers Manhattan New York City
Who is the Best Wedding Photographers in Manhattan New York
Outstanding Wedding Photography by The Manhattan Wedding Photographers | CandleLight Photography Studio New York City

Find your best wedding photographer at CandleLight Photography Studio Manhattan, New York, by browsing our website. Learn who the best wedding photographers in Manhattan, New York, and easily book us for your wedding photography by calling us today.

  • Reasonable Price Local Wedding Photographers Long Island New York
Where can I find reasonable price Wedding Photographers
CandleLight Photography Studio Reasonable Priced Local Indian Wedding Photographers Long Island New York

Long Island Professional Indian Wedding Photographers offers reasonable prices to capture a distinct love story | CandleLight Photography Studio NY

  • Book Now CandleLight Studio Indian Wedding Photographers Bronx New York
When to book Wedding Photographers
Book Bronx Wedding Photographers who records one-of-a-kind romantic wedding memories | CandleLight Photography Studio NY

Please call CandleLight Studio and discuss your photography details with one of our wedding photographers in the Bronx, NY, to book your events.

  • Why Choose Indian Wedding Photographers Hicksville New York
Why Choose Hicksville Wedding Photographers
For Top Indian Photography Choose Wedding Photographers of Hicksville New York

Choose CandleLight Photography Studio, the TOP Wedding Photographers in Hicksville, New York, for your wedding and engagement photography.

  • How much does Wedding Photographers Cost in Staten Island, New York
How much wedding photographers cost
CandleLight Studio Affordable Cost Wedding Photographers Staten Island New York

The Affordable Cost of Wedding Photography by the famous wedding photographers of Staten Island, NY, includes the bridal party’s park photoshoot.

  • Benefits of Having (2) Two Wedding Photographers in New Jersey
When do I need (2) Two Wedding Photographers
Two wedding photographers in New Jersey are helpful when the bridal party is getting ready in two separate locations

Two wedding photographers in New Jersey adds advantage and allow for one photographer to be with the bride before the wedding and the other photographer to photograph the groom before the wedding. Finding the local wedding venues and professional wedding photographers at the WeddingWire website is relatively very easy.

  • CandleLight Photography Studio Wedding Photographers Upstate New York
What is included in wedding photography packages offered by Upstate Wedding Photographers?
My beautiful wedding photos and videos by wedding photographers of Upstate New York

Preserve the liveliness of your Wedding Memories with the very best digital photography by Wedding Photographers in Upstate NY

  • CandleLight Studio Wedding Photographers Westchester County New York
How many photos should a wedding photographer give you?
Photographic memories by Wedding Photographers of Westchester County New York – CandleLight Studio provides between 400 to 600 pictures of a wedding day

I Chose My Wedding Photo Locations, My Professional Wedding Photographers from Westchester County, New York, Made Them Look Stunning, and everyone loves those photos. CandleLight Studio gave us all 600 high resolution pictures on a USB Drive

  • CandleLight Photography Studio provides wedding photographers in New York and New Jersey with photography and videography services for engagement, pre-wedding, bridal shower, birthdays, sweet sixteen party, and wedding-related events.

Best Indian Wedding Photographers for Your Upcoming Wedding Day

Startling Engagement Photography by New York Photographers
Capture the intimate moments of the delightful surprise when you propose to her, get your engagement party moments saved forever by New York wedding photographers

Flexible Wedding Photography and Cinematography Prices

Surreal Engagement photo shoot and Wedding Photography by NY Photographers
Our amazingly skilled professional engagement photographers will make the photoshoot and videos beautiful and a surreal experience for your engagement shoot and wedding events.

New York Indian Wedding Photographers Are Like Your Personal Artists

Guyanese Wedding Photography by New York Photographers
The traditional Guyanese wedding has so many rich cultural values that we as New York talented photographers love to capture with our lenses for you to cherish for a lifetime.

Professional Wedding Photography and Videography at Affordable Prices

Bangladeshi Wedding Photography by New York's Finest Photographers
Our brilliant photography team will cover the beautiful ethnic Bangladeshi Wedding in the best ways so that it will stay in your life forever.

Sitemap of Indian Wedding Photographers of New York City

Treasure your Kerala and Malayalee special day forever in the wedding pictures and video
Our motive at NYC Photographers is to provide not only the best, high-quality Kerala wedding pictures but also precious and emotional moments that you treasure for life.

Intimate Wedding Photography and Videos of Bridal Party

Classic Pakistani Wedding Photography by New York Photographers
We love to celebrate different countries’ cultures and traditions; we make the classic Pakistani wedding pictures as rich in culture as possible.

Experienced Professional Photographers to Ensure Extraordinary Results

NY Photographers are best at capturing the traditional values of a South Indian Weddings
NY Photographers is proud to say that we love the different cultures and traditions of South Indian weddings. We capture Photography and videography in the true essence of the values you hold.

Lifetime Moments of Your Special Day for Generations to Cherish

Best Church Wedding Photography by NYC Wedding Photographers
Having a Church Wedding? We cover the best shots at a church wedding, from walking down the Aisle to taking the Vows, everything is covered beautifully.

Elegant Photos of The Bridal Couple and Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Make your precious Jewish Wedding Memorable with NYC Photographers
The Jewish Wedding has its cultural values, traditions, and rituals, we will capture those precious moments that you can see and relive later forever.

Photo and Video Galleries of Your Special Moments

Amazing Bride and Groom Photoshoots of Punjabi and Sikh wedding by NYC Photographers
NY Photographers’ incredibly flawless pictures will remind you of the fun, excitement, nervousness, happiness, and all the emotions you were feeling on your big day at Punjabi Wedding.

Wedding Photography Costs and Packages included by Indian wedding photographers near me in NY

What is included in the cost and prices of wedding photography packages
The cost and prices of wedding photography and videography packages include digital pictures in high-resolution, wedding video highlights, and a custom-designed flush-mounted photo album.

Many packages are available so you can find the right plan for your needs. We build custom packages according to your requirements. For the local list of Vendors, please visit Wedding Photographers in New York, NY – The Knot

  • Yes. Your cost and a wedding package that is specific to what you want and what your event requires.

Wedding packages of Indian wedding photographers specializing in emotionally bold and vibrant imagery that captures the love between you.

  • Digital Photography
  • 4K Videography
  • Flush Mount Photo Album with Plexiglas Cover
  • Edited Video with Dynamic Titles, Special Effects, and Matching Songs
  • Online Photo Gallery
  • FREE UPLOAD of a Digital Photo Album of selected photos and Video Highlights Trailer, Teaser, Intro of the event with selected video clips uploaded on the Internet.
  • New Jersey Indian Wedding Photographers and Cinematographers

Find the best photographers to capture all the best memories of your Indian wedding in a photo album. Indian wedding photographers that are great with intimate ceremonies will help you remember the special day you spend with family and friends forever.

  • Services offered by Indian wedding photographers near me in New York

CandleLight Studio services offered are the best Indian wedding photographers near me around. With more than 20 years of experience, CandleLight Studio has photographers and videographers who know their business, who have the skill and insight to capture the photos, the moments, the ambiance, and the joy you need to make the photographs and videos as memorable as the events themselves.

The staff of Indian wedding photographers near me is sensitive to your needs. They will provide you with the best in modern photography and videography, with albums and video that will have you back dancing in the aisles, and that will provide you with your photos, albums, and video quickly and seamlessly. The image and video editors will knit together your memories and give you albums and pictures that you will be pleased to share and videos that you will enjoy for years – even decades – to come.

  • Indian wedding photos by Indian wedding photographers near me

Indian wedding photos are much the same, yet different than other wedding photos. Indian wedding photos are full of color. No white dresses for brides, no black suits for grooms – the participants in Indian weddings are resplendent in colorful, native garb, jeweled and sequined dresses that reflect the light and all the spectrum colors as hennaed hands and intricate gold jewelry.

Wedding venues are significantly embellished and similarly vibrant and require to be photographed with fantastic care to highlight rainbow hues’ effects. Additionally, Indian ceremonies differ. Whatever from the flowers to the food to the cake, and even the groom’s horse, requires to be thoroughly contrasted so that the colors stand apart and the individuals appear in their most adequate light.

A Valuable Resource for Finding the Best Fit for Your Wedding Photography

Latino Spanish Wedding Photography by NYC Wedding Photographers
We capture the modern and traditional nuptials of the Latino Wedding in a beautiful way that will last forever with you in pictures and videos of Spanish wedding photography.

Advantages of Viewing Photography Portfolios Online

Marvelous Memories of Afghani wedding photography saved with the help of NYC Wedding Photographers
We are well-aware that a wedding day is the most precious day in one’s life, we work our best to make the memories of Afghani wedding day as marvelous as you are.

Another Great Resource for Brides to Contact A Wedding Photographer

Video Highlights to cherish your Memories for a Lifetime of your Special Day
Sit back, relax, and let the New York Wedding Photographers present you with the best wedding video highlights of your big day.
  • Arangetram Bharatanatyam on-stage performance photography and videography of Indian classical dance and music

CandleLight Photography Studio specializes in the Photography and Videography of Arangetram Bharatanatyam and other Indian classical dance performances.

NYC Photographers are the best for Arangetram dance recital photography and videography
With the best deals, the best pictures, the best videos, we can proudly say that NYC Photographers are the best in capturing classical dance performances such as Arangetram and Bharatanatyam.

Bridal Photography by Professional Indian Wedding Photographers Who Care

Budget-friendly Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me
New York Photographers are the best Indian wedding photographers near me that fit my budget and deliver the finest quality work.

Best Indian Wedding Photographers for Wedding Photography In New York

Freeze your best Memories in Pictures forever with Fearless Photographers:
NY Fearless Photographers will freeze the best memories of your special day. Whenever you look at them, you will feel all the love and emotions of that day.

Types of Photography Services Offered by Professional Wedding Photographers

Capture the Indian Wedding Photos and Videos with NYC's brilliant Photo geniuses
The glamorous Indian weddings are a treat to the eyes. We capture the true dazzling essence of your Indian Wedding photos and videos for you to cherish.

Capture Your Cherished Traditions with Indian Wedding Photographers

Get the best Wedding Pictures by New York's talented Photographers
Our talented photographers are skilled enough to capture the little moments in seconds, so you get the real essence of that moment through the picture.

Wedding Photography Is About Capturing the Most Precious Moments

Capture the Intimate Moments Forever by NY Photographers
Those intimate moments at your wedding are very special, like the blushing bride, the groom’s reaction, parent’s love, and emotion; we capture them all.
Save you Wedding Memories in Timeless Images Manner by NYC Wedding Photographers
Save the precious memories of your special day as NYC’s best photographers will make those memories eternal and timeless images

What to Expect When Working with Indian Photographers

Incredible Wedding Photography Packages by NYC Wedding Vendors and Photographers
We NYC Wedding Vendors and Photographers offer the best and affordable packages of expert wedding photography and fantastic videography for you to cherish.

Benefits of Using an Indian Wedding Photographer for Your Wedding

We help you save those New York City Hall Weddings elegant and precious moments forever
New York City Hall Weddings are memorable; they hold emotional and precious moments that NYC wedding photographers capture for you to save forever.

Hire Indian Photographers and Your Big Day Can be as Perfect as You Want

Unforgettable Memories of your event at New York Wedding Venues
Our artistic photographers will make your unforgettable memories more beautiful and enjoyable every time you look at the pictures of your event at New York Wedding Venue.

Amazing Wedding Photographers for Posed Wedding Photography

Capture your Loving moments as long-lasting memories
With NYC’s finest photographers, you can capture the loving moments of your special events like weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, and make them long-lasting memories.

Choose an Affordable Wedding Photographer for Your Big Day

Special Packages for Indian Wedding Photography NYC
Wedding Photography NYC offers special discounts and packages to cover all the beautiful events, colorful rituals, and traditions of an Indian wedding.

Traditional Wedding Photography Packages

Creative and Genius Wedding Photography by NYC wedding Photographers
Our genius NYC wedding photographers will make the wedding album a work of art. Every picture will represent a whole beautiful story that you cherish forever.
  • Bridal Photography by Expert Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me

It was always inevitable. I knew I was going to get married to him. It didn’t matter how or when; what mattered was the love we shared – and it’s been growing ever since.

I’ll never forget that day, but between nervous excitement and knowing it was the first day of forever, it was hard to focus on the details. That’s where CandleLight Studio came in.

  • Budget-Friendly Indian Wedding Photographers New York
NYC's wedding photography by the best photographers save the day for you
NYC wedding photography and photographers are professional enough to save your day with all the required back up equipment to fight any mishap.

At CandleLight Studio, we capture every heart-warming emotion of your big day. Our Photography, videography and Cinematography services can work to your requirements and budget for events in New York, New Jersey, and their surrounding areas.

  • Professional Wedding Photography and Videography at Affordable Prices
Let New York Wedding Photograph do the action while you enjoy
Release some tension from your day; while you and your family enjoy, NYC’s Artistic Wedding Photograph will take the best images for you.

If you’re looking for Indian wedding photographers familiar with Indian wedding rituals and customs, you’re in the right place! CandleLight Studio assures high-quality photographs and videos at low prices. We offer multiple packages to suit various needs and budgets.

  • Relive the Special Moments of Your Big Day Through Beautiful Photos and Videos
Engagement Photo Shoot has memories of a Lifetime
Wedding is that one special day that you remember forever in your life. Pre-wedding and Engagement Shoot make those memories more memorable and worthy.

You will feel proud to share the high-resolution photos and high-definition videos from your wedding with friends and family. They are sure to garner many ‘likes’ on your social media pages. Preserve the photo albums for generations to take a walk and come down memory lane.

  • Your Big Day Can be as Perfect as You Want! Fill Us in with the Details
Pick the best from the lot, the NYC Wedding and Engagement Photographers
We are the best in business; we are professionals with expert quality equipment, so choose the best Wedding and Engagement Photographers for your special day event photography.

How many rituals are scheduled for the day? Will the wedding party be traveling from one venue to another? Do you prefer candid or formal photos? How many photoshoots of the bride and groom do you want? How would you like your wedding video to be edited?

Let us know the essential information and your expectations so that everything goes like clockwork on your special day, and our engagement photographer and videographers can plan accordingly.

  • Our Engagement Photographer Knows How to Get the Best Out of You
Photo Journalist makes instant decisions and carries photographic equipment to take pictures and video.
Photo Journalists create pictures that contribute to the news media and help communities connect.

A great photo is one where the bride is posing naturally for the camera. Understandably, you may feel some amount of tension on your wedding day. Our experienced wedding photographer relaxes you, gets you comfortable, and always manages to capture great shots that make you look like the dazzling bride you are!

  • Customized Wedding Website
Astounding Wedding Videography and Drone photography by NYC Wedding Photographers
Our latest videography equipment, like drones, etc., will make your wedding movie an awesome and unique show for everyone to watch the Drone photography in action.

We can help you with your very own internet website so you can share everything you intend to share with your family, friends, and guests to keep them aware and even more thrilled to celebrate with you. Share your wedding celebration party schedule, so everyone knows who’s who on your big day. Include information for all your occasions, traveling information, hotel room blocks, and things to do around the location.

  • Speak With Us Today! We are Excitedly Looking Forward to Dealing With You.
Amazing Wedding Preparation and getting ready Shots by New York's Finest Photographers
We assure to give you the best time reliving those beautiful wedding preparation moments like getting ready shots, arrival, and everything.

At CandleLight Studio, high-quality photojournalist Photography doesn’t come at a high price. Please have a look at our various and different styles of wedding photography and videography packages now. Please do not be reluctant to connect with your concerns and questions about our Desi Indian wedding photographers for events in New York, New Jersey, and their surrounding areas.

In the year 2000 in New York, Candlelight Studios was established and has captured special moments since its inception. Our founder, Surinder Singh, is an Indian photographer who specializes in shooting engagement photos, weddings, and pre-ceremony events and connect the dots and create a story worth telling through photography and videos.

Expert Quality Professional Wedding Photography by NYC's Best Photographers
Our professional photographers will deliver expert quality work and amazing professional wedding photography and videography that every bride and groom will cherish forever.
  • Another Great Resource for Brides and Grooms — Wedding Photography Blogs, Tips, and Tricks
Affordable Wedding Photography & Videography by NYC Photographers
Our brilliant team of affordable wedding photographers offers the most affordable packages of any event’s Photography and videography than anyone else in the business.

Many photographers post photos, poster frames, valuable tips, and tricks on their wedding photography websites in addition to showcasing their work. These often take the form of a wedding photography blog and become a valuable wedding planning resource for busy bridal couples.

  • Keep Your Remote Family Members Involved with Online Wedding Photo Galleries
Precious Bridal Photography by Brooklyn Wedding Photographers
Brooklyn Wedding Photographers offer an incredible package for bridal portraits and couple shoots that captures and saves the elegance and eternal beauty of a newly-wed couple.

Online photo galleries are included with Candlelight Studio’s wedding photography packages. A selection of photos, and videos depending on the package, are uploaded to the photographer’s website. Your friends and family and your loved ones worldwide can view your wedding photos and share your joy.

  • Wedding Photographers’ Websites Help You Learn More about Wedding Photographers Near Me

A wedding photographer’s website is also a great place to get acquainted with your wedding photographer. Not only can you view his or her work, but you can also learn more about their background, approach, areas of expertise (such as traditional Indian wedding photography), and additional services offered.

  • Wedding Photographers’ Websites Makes it Easy to Contact a Wedding Photographer

Most wedding photographer websites include a “contact us” page and social media channels where you can initiate a conversation or schedule a consultation. If you prefer to speak in person, look for a local or toll-free phone number on the website.

  • Majesty of the Special Day with Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me

Are you planning your wedding soon? Turn your wedding into an outstanding affair to cherish forever. I recommend the team of professional Indian Wedding photographers near me from CandleLight Studio who take pride in providing creative, excellent, and efficient services. They offer all the clients quality photos and videos delivered in a cinematic style and capture the unforgettable moments that you can share with generations to come.

  • Find Reliable Local LGBTQ Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me New York

LGBTQ weddings are dear to us, and we’re committed to capturing the magic of your special day with outstanding wedding photography.

Are you looking for LGBTQ and Same-Sex Wedding Photographers? If so, then it’s vital to select the right one for your needs. LGBTQ Wedding Photographers Capture the Magic of the Day!

The moment they said “yes” is truly magical. With a little advanced planning, LGBTQ wedding photographers can capture that moment! Whether you prepare to propose on the beach, on a mountaintop, at a ballgame, or your preferred dining restaurant, we will be there, unobtrusively recording the proposition.

And when it’s time to share the news of your engagement formally, our professional engagement photos will do so with style and elegance!

  • Before the Wedding: LGBTQ Wedding Photographers Document the Preparations

One of our favorite parts of any LGBTQ wedding day is the morning of the nuptials. These are extraordinary times with parents and the bridal party as each partner gets dressed in their finest wedding attire. We can arrange to have LGBTQ wedding photographers present at each of your homes, capturing those oh-so-special moments before getting married to the love of your life.

  • During the Wedding: LGBTQ Wedding Talented Photographer Capture the Emotion

Getting married is emotional for any couple, and often more so for those in the LGBTQ community. They have longed and battled difficulty for the right to married. At last, this is a reality, and your wedding is likely to be an emotional day filled with love and good cheer. Having an LGBTQ wedding photographer on hand to capture every moment is a must. Candlelight Studio understands the nuances of same-sex weddings and has photojournalist photography styles in place to convey your love story beautifully.

  • After the Wedding: LGBTQ Wedding Photographers near me Deliver Your Wedding Photos

Candlelight Studio delivers your LGBTQ wedding photos as high resolution, non-watermarked digital pictures on a USB drive after the wedding. USB Drive is a cost-effective way to get the best wedding photos as you can print the images you love the most on your own without worrying about overpaying for prints. Most of our packages include an online photo gallery as well so that you can share your wedding photos immediately with family and friends.

  • LGBTQ Wedding Portraits: Intimate Wedding Photography in Our Studio or Your Home near me

Besides our LGBTQ wedding packages, you can get professional wedding portraits in our studio or your home before or after the wedding. A studio photo session is a lovely way to commemorate the big event in advance or after the fact, and it leaves you with more time to enjoy your wedding day. Scheduling LGBTQ wedding portraits on a day other than your wedding also allows you to be more relaxed and less stressed while giving the talented photographer greater control over lighting and composition.

Indian wedding photographers near me cover a wide range of events:

CandleLight Photography Studio provides photographers for photography and videography of the following events:

  • Wedding Ceremonies at the Venue

A wedding ceremony unites two people in a marriage. Wedding event traditions and customs vary substantially between cultures, ethnic groups, faiths, and nations.

  • Pre-wedding and Engagement Parties

Several pre-wedding parties that include engagement parties to the rehearsal dinner are celebrated to honor the newly engaged couple who are the spotlight for all of these celebrations

  • Sweet 16 and coming-of-age Ceremonies

The Sweet 16 celebration on a girl’s 16th birthday often entails a timeless image of entertaining at a dance hall with friends and family.

  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs Celebrations

Bar mitzvah is a Jewish coming of age ritual for boys, whereas bat mitzvah is the equivalent for girls.

  • Birthdays Parties

Birthday celebrations are significant because they offer everybody a day to really feel special and see how much those around them love them.

  • Graduation Parties

Whether you’re commemorating a high school or college graduation, one thing is for sure: Your graduate and all of their impressive success deserves to be fêted.

  • Wedding Receptions

A reception is celebrated as a kind of welcome for those who attended the wedding event. The couple receives family and friends for the first time as a newly married couple. Furthermore, their family and friends receive the newlyweds as a married couple.

  • Stage performances, and more

Stage performances involve entertaining an audience by doing something such as singing, dancing, or acting.

Please send us a text message, contact us via phone or send an email to inquire about your custom events.

Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me at Affordable Photography Cost

Intimate Wedding Photography on Bow Bridge, a cast-iron bridge located in Central Park, NYC, crossing over the Lake, is a favorite New York City Photographer location.

New York City’s Times Square is a Perfect Backdrop for Contemporary Wedding Photography where Bride and Groom love to take their pre-wedding pictures with their Bridal Party.

We are Passionate about Classic Outdoor Wedding Photography at Jones Beach Long Island, NY. We will create your real wedding story in candid, natural, and classic photos and videos. Our team of Photographers, Cinematographers, and Videographers use Nikon, Canon, and Sony Cameras for high-resolution photography and Cinematic Style 4K Videos.

Our reasonably priced and Affordable Wedding Packages for Bridal Portraits, Candid, and delightfully Artistic Photography in Central Park NYC, are very cost-effective.

Pre-wedding portraits by Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me in NY

Professional wedding photographers offer various packages from which you can choose depending upon the coverage you desire. It is remembered that wedding photography is not just about taking a series of photographs and Editing High Definition Wedding Videos of bride and groom and engagement session photos. Any perfect wedding is not complete without covering all the events long before the marriage process begins.

In addition to the clicking of the pictures and taking high-definition Cinematic Style Wedding 4K Videos, many unique Indian wedding photography features can be highlighted through good Editing of Wedding Videos and adding striking titles, sub-titles, and credits. A melodious song or a soulful beat playing in the background suiting the occasion’s mood will certainly give Smooth Transitions and Special Effects to the Edited Wedding Videos.

There could be a gracious attempt to narrate an anecdote of your romantic journey, and then your wedding videos and photos can be uploaded on Google Drive for Storage of Wedding Photos.

Please check the Website Portfolio of Wedding Photographers, mostly built-in WordPress, which is open-source software, to create a beautiful wedding website, blog, or app.

It is always advisable to research or get some advice from a friend who can refer a qualified and experienced photographic artist. Plenty of them advertise on the internet, and their qualifications and samples of their work are available there. One of the best ways to reach out to them is through emails and phone calls or conferences through Zoom to discuss the Cost of Wedding Photography with the available details on their web sites.

Most photographers provide a written Wedding Photography Contracts prepared in Microsoft Word processing software.

About Wedding Photography, Indian Wedding Photographers, Videographers and Cinematographers

A wedding ceremony is where two people are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. After the wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom enjoy the wedding reception and cut a classy wedding celebration cake.

Wedding Photography and Cinematography is the art of motion-picture photography that includes video production and post-production.

  • About Us | Candlelight Photography Studio | Wedding Photographers and Videographers New York City NYC

Thank you for spending the time to look at our portfolio. Our team at Candlelight Photography Studio would be thrilled to be a part of your wedding journey and engagement session photos.

The Candlelight wedding photography studio in New York started life back in 2000. Since then, we have been capturing hundreds of happy newly-weds on their special day. It is a job that has filled us with endless joy and unforgettable memories.

In this time, we have become well known for our expertise in capturing a timeless image of weddings of all faiths and backgrounds. Be it American, Jewish, Indian, Pakistani, Guyanese, Bangladeshi, Hispanic – we have secured the knowledge to capture any wedding just as our client’s desire. Our love for all weddings has seen us expand through the years, meaning we now have a base in New York and New Jersey. Serving both states with the same quality and care that our clients demand.

  • Certified Wedding Photographers & Experienced Videographers for capturing Intimate Moment

As a proud NYC wedding photographer certified by the American Wedding Group and a Member of Professional Photographers of America, you can place your trust in us to shoot your wedding to the very highest standard and quality. Alongside our credentials in photography, we have also experienced wedding videographers. Utilizing the latest in drone technology and 4K cinematography, Candlelight Photography Studio is very proud to offer its clients an all-round wedding package that is unparalleled in the industry.

Our dedication to capturing beautiful photos of those special moments extends beyond weddings too. We specialize in photographing engagement shoots, Wedding Party Photos, Sweet 16’s, Bar Mitzvahs, and Birthdays. If you have a memory that you would love to have cherished on film, Candlelight Photography Studio will relish the opportunity to create it for you.

Please feel free to contact Candlelight Photography Studio via our contact page, and let’s discuss your dream wedding!