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In today’s era, wedding events are not complete without recording videos of the whole event.

The reason why the videos are so important is that unlike wedding photographs, wedding videos capture not only emotions and joy but these videos also preserve the sounds, the voices, and the actions of one of the most memorable days of your life.

With these videos, you get to keep those moments saved for the rest of your life, ready to be experienced once again just as they had been on the big day itself. That is why I offer to you the best wedding videography services in New York to highlight the special moments.

Wedding Video Highlights and the most memorable moments in your life

Looking for someone to highlight the best moments of your wedding video? I’m the one!
Traditional Wedding Photography and Videography This Is What I Chose

Why choose me for your wedding videography?

I am a professional wedding photographer and videographer and I concentrate on capturing every single emotion there is to capture. For that, I have a set of stationary cameras set on tripods that apprehend your ceremony on a whole new level and a few in hand cameras to capture any angle of a specific shot and moment.

I stand out with my work because I don’t just stand there and make a video, but I communicate with people to make them familiar and more comfortable with the camera.

Whether it is the wedding couple or a 2-year-old flower girl, everybody feels comfortable with a wedding videographer who knows exactly how to bring the best out of people!

While memories fade away and the people dear to you, grow old; videos and photographs of them participating in your special day and your happiness become even more emotional and joyous to watch later on! My wedding video highlights will help you cherish the day forever and relive it at your will.

Magical Moments of Your Big Day are the Keepsake of Wedding Video Highlights

Nothing revives your wedding day like expert wedding video highlights!
New York Wedding with Fine Art Photography and Video Backdrop Something A Little Different

What packages do I offer?

Weddings are costly on their own and when people hire wedding photographers and videographers, they think it will tear their pockets apart.

But with me, that’s not a thing for you to worry about! I love to reassure my customers not just with the best wedding videos, video highlights, and photographs, but with my satisfactory and special feature packages as well!

I provide special discounts and packages for both the bride and groom, individually and combined as well. Overall, my discounts will save your pocket.

Wedding Video Highlights of Your Momentous Occasion in Cinematic Style

Capture Your Candid Wedding with Your New York Wedding Photographer
The highlights of your wedding video are just what will help you travel back to that day

What is included in my wedding video highlights?

As a professional wedding videographer, I make sure that I portray your wedding day and your emotions portrayed more intensely than they already were. With the right light effects and the right background music, I can make your wedding look like a fairy tale.

The highlights can include footage of the ceremony, and dance performances, your vows, footage of the reception, or any additional glimpses into the charming event.

Whether it’s a cinematic shot or a natural shot, whether it’s a small gathering or a large gathering, your wedding video highlights will be a perfect set of clips that you will always be proud to own!

Stunning Wedding Video Highlights and the Drone Photography of Your Big Day
Capturing Unusual Photos Will Make Your Wedding Such A Delight
Love the Way You Feel About Your Wedding Photos and Videos with A Professional Shoot

Where am I based?

I am a New York based photographer and videographer; I understand how fast and busy life can get when you’re from the city!

I assure you, with my skills and professionalism, you will get the best wedding video highlights and you won’t be able to stop yourself from showing it to every friend and family member of yours!

I am looking forward to being at your service and make your big day even more memorable!

Picture Perfect Photos and Wedding Video Highlights of Your Lifetime Moment
For Wedding Photos and Videos, CandleLight Photography Studio Brooklyn New York
New York Photographer Will Help You Make Your Special Occasion a Cherished Memory

Indian Photographers in NYC and NJ

New York — Weddings are often regarded as one of the most important events in a person’s life. Given the great importance of this event, couples usually place a great emphasis on the quality and professionalism of their wedding photographer. While there are many qualified wedding photographers across the United States, very few understand the parameters and details which accompany traditional Middle Eastern and African weddings. Given the extreme lack of experience among wedding photographers in this field, our company is making it their mission to provide the best wedding photography available for a wide range of traditional wedding styles.

CandleLight studios is a company based out of New York which is known for their ability to capture the most intimate moments at traditional weddings. Specifically, the company specializes in photography and cinematography for Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, South African, and Indian weddings. Given their wide range of abilities for settings like these, CandleLight studio has quickly become one of the most popular wedding photography companies in the United States. In fact, hundreds of customers have discovered the company based on a simple google search of, “Indian Wedding Photographers NYC NJ.”

CandleLight Studios has quickly become one of the most popular wedding photography companies because of their never-ending commitment to customer satisfaction. While many wedding photographers are simply concerned with getting paid, the employees at CandleLight Studio take great pride in being able to capture the magical moments which are a part of each and every wedding ceremony.

While CandleLight Studios has built an impressive resume for traditional wedding styles, they are known for having the best Indian photographers in the industry. Given the beautiful colors and attire which accompany a typical Indian wedding, the company has spent years finding the best techniques for proper lighting and camera angles. Given this great attention to detail, the company is known for leaving a lasting impact on Indian brides and Indian grooms, as well as countless wedding guests.

Potential customers are encouraged to contact CandleLight Studios to learn more about how the company can perfectly capture their special day. While the company is headquartered in New York City, they also serve New Jersey and the large Texas cities of Dallas and Houston. Given the company’s experience and wide array of packages, customers are guaranteed to have an experience they will never forget with CandleLight Studios.

How to Look for a Good Family Photographer
“Capturing life through our lens”

Everybody loves stunning family portraits and photographs that they can hang and display in their homes. But it is not as easy as snapping a photo and then getting it printed. One will need to take into account that there are techniques and skills needed in order to capture the perfect images. This is also the reasons why people would rather want to seek out the help of a Houston Family Photographers to get the kinds of pictures that they want.

Do remember that getting the best photos can come at a price. This is fine though as long as you find the right provider that can get you exactly the kind of photos that you know will be worth the fees involved. Still, not every single photographer where you are will be right for the job. So, it would be up to you to ensure that you will find exactly somebody who is going to be a truly good choice.

Assess your needs
It is always easier to decide which provider you should consider hiring when you know exactly what you want, it would be less daunting to sort through the number so choices available for you when you know exactly what it is that you are looking for. It is easier to weed out those providers that are not right for the cut when you know what you need and what you expect from him. Make sure that you specific the kind of pictures that you need from him too so deciding on a package later is going to be easy.

Sales are not always good deals
Just because a package is on sale does not mean that you should take advantage of it, just because something is offered at a low price does not mean that it would benefit you well. Take the time to really look into what these packages are, what they offer to you, and what you are paying for in exchange. Remember, the best service does not come dirt-cheap. If you want to get excellent service, you have to be ready to pay for a commensurate price.

Know the photographer’s sense of style
By now, you will find that different photographers tend to have their own way of taking pictures and of the results that they can produce. You need to decide whether these are the kinds of images that you want to be produced when you get your pictures taken by them. In fact, it would be best if you wake a closer look into his portfolio so you can determine if he has that sense of style that you know will reflect your preferences very well.

Good personality
It is not enough that you are looking at an accomplished or popular photographer, you have to remember that there is more to hiring one than just the photographs he takes. You have to consider how it would be like to work with him. You need to see how easy it is going to be for you to talk to him, communicate with him, and connect with him. Set his expectations well ahead of time too so he knows exactly what you want from him.

Get your family package today at CandleLight Wedding Photography and Videography Studio NYC

Choosing the Perfect Outfit for Summer Wedding

Done with most of the planning and still don’t know what to wear? Don’t worry, as this is the case with most people. Deciding what to wear to a wedding is one of the most interesting yet confusing parts of wedding plans. Selecting the outfit for the wedding basically depend on the wedding venues and season.

Many couples choose to have their wedding ceremonies in early summer as the flowers are in full bloom, the sunshine gives off a nice feeling and the temperature is perfect for the bride to look her best in her wedding dress.

Essentially, the summer wedding dress has to be cool and comfortable, while looking great as any wedding gown. Summer brides have a myriad range of stylish and elegant options, when it comes to picking the dress, as summer is arguably among the most popular wedding seasons. The first thing to remember is taking cue from the wedding venues and climate. Most couples select outdoor locations for their wedding like beaches, gardens and backyards. If the wedding is on a beach or a backyard, then an elegant wedding gown will not be an impressive choice.

It is best to avoid thick fabrics like velvet, fur, brocade or satin on a very hot summer day, instead a strapless style and a light, floating fabric will work best. It is best to select lightweight and cooler fabrics like chiffon, crepe, cotton, lace, organza, tulle, eyelet and georgette. A calf-length or a tea length summer wedding dress with a detachable train, and one that does not cling to the skin, will be a great option. As far as the neckline is concerned, you can experiment with various options available like strapless, sweetheart, off the shoulders, low cut necklines or a halter neckline for a much more modest wedding dress.

The biggest problem that the brides face in a summer outdoor wedding is keeping their hairdos under control. Now this can be a real hard job that is why in hot weather try soft hairdos or pretty hair barrettes. If you do not want to melt then don’t go for heavy makeup or chunky jewellery in hot, humid climates. Choose sandals or fancy flip-flops as per your dress for a comfortable summer wedding.

Choose the perfect dresses for your summer wedding ceremonies as per your location that is truly comfortable and stylish item, and you will feel like a fairy!

Ideas on Asian Wedding Planning
Weddings in Asia are a very grand and considered to be once in a life time affair. There are lot of customs and lengthy traditions to be performed, it needs a lot of planning for organizing a wedding successfully. Some families themselves do the entire task by running around while some prefer to take help from a wedding planner so that they themselves can enjoy on the occasion. There are about thousands of details that are to be looked into from planning a proper venue to music and entertainment. The venue should be selected and in Asia where wedding is a grand affair, the venue needs to be booked at least months in advance.

There are many vital factors that you must make sure while planning you wedding. In case of an Indian wedding the wedding event, it is full of rituals that needs very detailed attention. These ceremonies include rituals like sangeet, the bridal parties, elaborate decoration of the mandap and the reception hall. Apart from these the arrangement of food and fresh flowers also needs to be done in advance.

After confirming the number of guests coming, you have to choose a venue large enough to accommodate all the guests with ease. Parking facilities should be there within the premises itself as adequate space is necessary so that the guests don’t face any problems. The theme of weddings in India are mostly traditional like the Gujarat village theme, these may include indoor fireworks and flowers for decorative purposes.

Adequate seating arrangements must be done so that the guests especially the elders can be seated whenever they want. Placing chairs around the wedding hall in a perimeter is a good option. While making arrangements for music like for DJ’s, it should be made sure that it is charged per instrument and equipments. Apart from all the arrangements, most important thing that needs to be ensured is the rules and local laws, like in some residential areas late night events are not allowed.

With certain things preplanned you can shape your dream wedding as you always desired, now days many people prefer taking the help of Wedding planners.

Men’s Wedding Shoes Trends for 2010
Shoes are a very important and essential part of your whole attire but some of us never pay attention to it. To complete a personality with a proper dress one needs a pair of matching shoes.
No matter if it is an Indian wedding or a Destination wedding, shoes have to be selected so that the groom can match the bride in front of many guests.

While organizing a wedding, men usually don’t give much importance to their shoes, having several reasons for that. Well, wedding shoes does provide a finishing touch to your personality and compliments the wedding dress. While buying shoes you should keep in mind the attire of the Indian wedding you will be wearing and choose accordingly.

If you are planning your wedding as a simple black tie wedding, the only thing you wear is a tuxedo and along with it you should wear a nice black shoe. The shoes should be well polished and comfortable according to your fitting and if you find it difficult to polish the shoes then its better to hire a professional.

Weddings in different locations are becoming a lot popular these days by the name of Destination weddings. Being in the open doesn’t mean that you can compromise on your footwear, if it is a beach wedding then you can go with a pair of Vans or Converse Chuck Taylors, and have a good time.

While in jeans you can wear shoes of almost any color or style but avoid very shiny shoes, as they are more of a party wear. In case of casual pants, you can wear any of the Loafer’s or the oxfords that goes well with the color of your dress. While in dress pants, select a shoe that can match with your suit well. That can be of the same color or much darker than your pants or if you are wearing a belt then choose a shoe according to the belt. As wedding shoes, mostly leather shoes are preferred. While, white or brown shoes can be an option for you if it is a daytime wedding. Sneakers are definitely avoided during a wedding.

Women’s Wedding Shoes Trends
Planning how to dress yourself for your wedding is an important part of the wedding plans, especially in the bride’s case. Wedding shoes are usually one of the last details to be considered, and most brides invest more time and effort in the choice of the perfect wedding dress, their hair, and other things. Earlier, when long wedding dresses were in fashion, no one cared what you are wearing as your shoes. But since this year mini wedding dresses are in fashion. You have to wear wedding shoes that go along with your whole ensemble.

With numerous options in bridal shoes such as pumps, slingbacks, sandals and stilettos in different styles and colors, selecting the perfect wedding shoe along with your wedding dress is a daunting task. At times, the brides are dressed up in beautiful wedding clothes but forget considering their wedding shoes and land up wearing something unattractive or unmatched. In order to prevent you from committing such blunders we have some tips for the bride’s wedding shoes for 2010. The trend this season is of more sexy and feminine looking shoes, that looks sensual while you walk down the aisle.

Every season there is a change in the trend and this year we the retro look is in rage. To be inline with this theme you should choose shoes with delicate accents, feminine traces to get this look. Designers are also adding adornments like artificial stones, laces, hearts, butterflies and feathers to the bridal wedding shoes, which are in vogue this year. In summers, the mini wedding dress provides a casual look, so you should opt for sandals, sky-high heels, woven uppers, summer booties, wedges, and even flip-flops. Opt for open toe wedding shoes for beach wedding, which also give you a good comfort level.

To select a bizarre color for your wedding shoes is a bad idea. The silver colored shoes are also favourites for wedding occasions this year, as they display class and elegance while being formal. White being a shiny color is always preferred for the brides. The shade might vary from satiny white to plain white and it looks more stunning with diamonds studs or white beaded with gems. You can seek help of professional shoe designers to getting the most exquisite pair of wedding shoes within your wedding budget.

The key to become the star of your wedding night is that the dress that you select as well as the shoes should be in line with the latest trend while suiting your personality. Don’t be one of those brides who spends a lot on her dress without thinking about her shoes, as. your dress might lose its charm without a nice pair of shoes to complement it!

Diet Plan for Bride and Groom Before Wedding

It’s natural for any bride/groom to want to look gorgeous on their wedding, which most certainly is the most important day of their life. If your wedding is slated for this year and you too want to get in shape to add that ‘wow’ factor to yourself, then make a pre-wedding diet plan a part of your wedding plans. It is a great and popular option, which many new age to-be-wedded couples are resorting to look their ravishing best in the wedding ceremonies and of course, in the wedding pics.

Getting in shape is not a day’s work, so your planning must begin months before the wedding. Just like assembling the perfect trousseau can take months, getting in perfect shape may also take months. Last minute dieting may make you lose 20kgs but it has its own flip side. Most people who crash diet to lose weight complain of powerlessness and weakness. That’s why it is never advisable to skip a meal. It just makes the body store food and lowers the metabolism rate of the body.

When on a diet, the idea is to cut down on the excessive calorie intake. A daily intake of 1,800 calories for men and 1,600 calories for women each day is a decent target. These are spread over a number of small meals over the day. The three main meals of the day remains breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Being the first meal of the day, your breakfast is a very important meal of the day. It needs to pack in all the energy that you need to kick start your day. A good breakfast should comprise of protein and hi-fiber carbohydrates. A breakfast of egg whites along with brown bread and fresh fruit, like apples or berries is a great way to begin your day. Avoid sugar and starch based foods like biscuits, cakes and doughnut, since they are very high in calories.

Lunch, must spell complete nutrition without the extra calories. An ideal lunch for a bride/groom-to-be should be high in protein and low in carbohydrates. High protein food options for lunch may vary from grilled chicken and fish to low-fat tofu, lentils and beans. These coupled with high fiber foods like salad and brown rice or whole grain pasta and fruit make for a well balanced lunch that will keep you active for the maximum part of the day.

The dinner needs to be light and very low in calories. At that time of the day you do not need much energy, as you are about to retire to bed soon after. The body needs very few calories while sleeping. So, you are advised to keep the dinner light with salads or soups with grilled chicken or vegetables like spinach, all in small calculated portions. White breads, polished rice and desserts are a total no-no and need to be steered clear of.

For snacking, the diet plan allows you to munch on fruit like apples, berries, oranges, papaya and grapefruit; nuts like almonds and flax seed; roasted chickpeas and salads.

To complement this diet plan, regular mild exercising is suggested. It is seen to work wonderfully well when combined with mild exercises like walking or cycling. If both, the bride and the groom do this bit together, it could help in keeping the motivational levels high. Exercising becomes fun when trying to lose weight along with your partner. You can plan this while planning your wedding; a wedding is a celebration of togetherness after all!

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