The Rich Culture and Traditions Behind South Indian Wedding Photography
South Indian Wedding Photography is an art form passed down for generations. The beautiful landscapes and stunning architecture of South India make the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. Many traditions and customs are unique to South Indian weddings, and photographers must be familiar with these to capture the essence of the celebration. Many couples have their wedding photographed in South India to capture this beautiful region’s rich culture and traditions.

When it comes to wedding photography, south India is a powerhouse. With an array of traditions and ceremonies, there is no shortage of moments to capture. But one studio is rising to the top with its unique take on South Indian wedding photography: Candlelight Studio.

Experience the Colors of South Indian Wedding Videography

The video showcases the rich culture and traditions behind South Indian weddings. It highlights the importance of weddings in South Indian culture and how they are celebrated with much pomp and grandeur. The video is a must-watch for anyone who wants to learn more about the fascinating rituals and traditions of South Indian weddings and their unique customs.

South Indian weddings are colorful and lively, steeped in rich culture and tradition. From the elaborate ceremonies to the beautiful dress and decor, every detail of a South Indian wedding is unique. Candlelight studio videographers have filmed some critical aspects of a South Indian wedding, from the Mehendi ceremony to the final farewell, which makes South Indian weddings unique.

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A collection of romantic photographs from South Indian Wedding Photography
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Create Beautiful Moments of South Indian Wedding Photography

South Indian weddings are colorful and vibrant, steeped in rich culture and tradition. Everything about a South Indian wedding is designed to celebrate the union of two families, from the beautiful flowers and decor to the elaborate ceremonies.

One of the most important traditions in a South Indian wedding is the exchange of garlands between the bride and groom. Flowers symbolize their mutual respect and love for one another. After exchanging the garlands, the bride and groom take seven steps around a sacred fire, vowing to always be there for one another in good times.

Another important tradition is the Kanyadaan, in which the bride’s father offers her hand to the groom as a sign of his blessing. It is a highly emotional moment for both families, as it signifies their child is starting a new chapter in life.

Unlike Western wedding ceremonies, South Indian ceremonies involve some customs and rituals. Each part of it bears crucial symbolism in the couple’s married life. Being one of the many photographers hired for the event, you capture every significant moment for the bride and groom to see. It is also your responsibility to see whether the family wants a specific part taken, especially from the bride’s side.

Before you embark on your first South Indian Wedding photography, it is best to get close to a similar wedding where you observe the following pointers that are considered unique for both the bride and groom. You might also want to look at a video or two online to show you where you should stand and take photos of the couple.

Capturing your memories is the passion of South Indian Photographers
Here is a collection of romantic photographs from South Indian weddings for all those who enjoy the beauty of love, romance, and passion.

Picture Perfect Photos of South Indian Wedding Photography

On the eve
On the evening before the big day, the groom goes in a procession on a ride adorned in flowers from a temple. The parents of the bride will be escorting him to the Mandapam marriage. A band known as Nadaswaram will lead this procession. An official espousal ceremony will be conducted after the groom reaches the marriage hall. The God of Initiation, Ganapati, will be invoked here to guard against any hindrances.

Other gods, called the Nandi Devatas, will also preside over the ceremony. At this point, you want to take a photo of where the branch laden with a leaf from the Pipal tree is set up here. Five married ladies will perform a ritual by washing the branch with milk.

The official start of the ceremony
A dhoti and a saree are presented to the couple to appease the nine celestial planets that rule above human destiny. The official marriage ceremony starts with performing the Vratham separately on the groom and the bride. The bride will be tying the holy thread around her wrist. The groom prepares for a new chapter in his life, becoming the Grihastha or householder.

Inside the marriage hall
The fathers of the bride and the groom will face each other, which will formalize the last betrothal ceremonies. The Vedic priest then performs a chant on hymns in which the names of the bride, the groom, and three generations of their ancestral families are mentioned. The priest also recites the names of Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma. The bride is given a vermilion mark on her forehead.

South Indian weddings are colorful and vibrant, steeped in rich culture and tradition.
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Amazing South Indian Wedding Photography and Videography

The groom and the bride are then lifted to their shoulders by their respective uncles. In this position, they will exchange flower garlands that symbolize perfect union. It is also a symbol of accepting each other through exchanging their fragrances. The bride will sit on the lap of her father and will be given away, symbolically, to the groom. The ring made out of Kusa, on top of the bride’s head with the Mangal Sutra, will be poured with water through the aperture. The wedding evening is the final time for everyone invited, including the bride and the groom, to rejoice and relax.

Things You See at a South Asian Wedding
There is always something in a South Asian wedding that surprises most people, especially those unfamiliar with the tradition. Seeing all those colors, dancing, and food makes everyone enjoy what such weddings can bring. The brides make many decisions when planning their wedding, especially when hiring a professional to take up South Asian wedding photography. Professional photographers and videographers will take photos and videos of the event to record everything that happens for future generations.

As a photographer for a South Asian wedding, you must be familiar with the event. Local photographers know what to expect, but here are things to remember for the unfamiliar. The South Asian wedding you will witness will depend on the bride and groom’s cultural background, so you are expected to discuss this with the couples planning to hire you as their photographer. Conservative Bride and groom from a Tamil background must keep their hands folded, and you should have your camera ready for action.

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South Indian Wedding Photography Unique Moments Since 2000

Candlelight Studio captures the essence of a South Indian wedding by using only candles to light their shots. The lighted candles give the photos a warm and intimate feel, making the viewer feel like they are in the room with the bride and groom.

Before the party
The relatives and family place Haldi (turmeric) on the groom and bride to cleanse them in their respective homes. According to tradition, the bride is expected to wear green as the color of the henna or yellow for turmeric. The week of the wedding festivities starts with the Mehndi. As henna is placed on the bride’s feet and hands, the bride’s party throws a sophisticated event for her. All her friends, cousins, and sisters will perform songs and dances.

The wedding venue
South Asian weddings can either be Hindu or Islam. If it’s the latter, the wedding ceremony can occur at the mosque or banquet halls. If it’s the former, the choora ceremony takes place on the morning of the wedding day. The bride’s uncle sets up 21 bangles of white and red on the bride’s arms. A Bharat procession takes place, which is the opening act of the wedding.

The Baraat
The groom rides on either an elephant or a horse. Some get exaggerated with luxury cars or helicopters, which his family will welcome. There will be an entourage of drums and music while everyone dances to it. The baraat is followed by the Jai Mala, where both seniors of the bride and groom meet and exchange flower garlands.

As the sun sets on another beautiful South Indian wedding, the memories of this special day will last a lifetime. The photos taken by Candlelight Studio will help to tell the story of this day for years to come. Thanks to everyone who made this day possible, and congratulations to the newlyweds!

  • Importance of Candlelight Photography Studio at South Indian Weddings

Candlelight Studio is an integral part of South Indian weddings. It is a tradition passed down for generations and critical to creating beautiful wedding photos. Photographers at Candlelight Photography Studio are experts in South Indian wedding photography, and they can help to create stunning wedding photos that will be cherished for years to come.

When it comes to wedding photography, there is nothing quite like a traditional South Indian wedding. The vibrant colors, the beautiful rituals, and the atmosphere of joy and celebration make for some truly stunning photos.

Candlelight Photography Studio has been capturing the magic of South Indian weddings for over twenty years, and we know what it takes to get those perfect shots. We understand the importance of capturing all the details, from the exquisite sarees and jewelry to henna designs.

We also know that a wedding is about more than just pretty pictures. It’s about celebrating the beginning of a new journey, and we feel privileged to be able to capture those special moments for our clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you plan a South Indian wedding.

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