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Candlelight Photography Studio has been recording wedding memories for over 20 years. Our Photographers and Videographers are unmatched, and we have the portfolio to prove it!

Marriages are made in heaven, and Professional Photographers and Videographers at CandleLight Photography Studio will help make these occasions memorable with their professional touch

Wedding Photographers and Videographers at Candlelight Photography Studio capture unforgettable moments through a fantastic photography and cinematography service since the year 2000

We capture every heart-warming emotion of your big day. Our Photography and Videography Services can work to your requirements and budget.

If you are looking for professional photographers familiar with wedding rituals and customs, you are in the right place! CandleLight Photography Studio assures high-quality photographs and videos at low prices. We offer multiple packages to suit various needs and budgets.

Wedding photography and videography are critical parts of your wedding. These are the memories of the wedding that you want to share with your children. These captured moments will make the joy and ceremony of the day come to life for those who could not attend. You will also enjoy reliving your anniversaries.

Wedding videography can help you re-hear the music, re-new your vows, feel your feet as you dance. Videography takes all the most vital moments of your wedding and other events and brings them back to life.

And good wedding videography means good videographers, professionals who know which moments to capture, from which angles, and how to stay as unobtrusive as possible while still getting those shots that you’ll want to remember forever.

Top Wedding Photographers and Videographers | Candlelight Photography Studio

Top Wedding Photographers from CandleLight Photography Studio
It is essential to find the right photographers to commemorate your celebration. Our top photographers and videographers at CandleLight Photography Studio will make your dream wedding come true

Wedding photography is a specialty in photography. CandleLight Studio photographers and videographers primarily focus on the photography and videography of weddings and events related to weddings.

You will feel proud to share the high-resolution photos and high-definition videos from your wedding with friends and family. They are sure to garner many ‘likes’ on your social media pages. We help you to preserve your wedding photo albums for generations to come and take a walk down memory lane.

Candlelight Photography Studio has The Best Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Best Wedding Photographers at CandleLight Photography Studio
You deserve the finest on your wedding event day. Photographers and Videographers at CandleLight photography studio will make Her Say ‘YES I Do’ In a Heartbeat and will exceed your expectations in every way.

CandleLight Studio photographers and videographers specialize in portrait photography of the couple, a pre-wedding engagement session, and marriage ceremony and rituals throughout the wedding day(s).

Good video editing is also a must. Wedding receptions can go on for hours, in varied lighting with varied volumes of audio. A good video editor can take the most important and memorable parts of the event, show them at their best and make a very long event into a reasonable length movie, with excellent lighting and equalized audio.

Professional Photographers and Videographers | Photography Packages by Candlelight Studio

Professional Wedding Photographers at CandleLight studio
At CandleLight photography studio, our photographers will capture traditional and modern style wedding to create ultimate memories on your big day.

CandleLight Studio photographers specialize in weddings, engagement photos, and bridal portraits at iconic outdoor locations to bring your big day to life.

Wedding Photography Packages by CandleLight Wedding Photographers includes the following:

  • High-Resolution Digital Wedding Photography
  • High Definition Videography
  • Cinematic Style 4k Cinematography
  • Aerial Drone Coverage of Fantastic Wedding Photography and Cinematography
  • Professionally Edited Wedding Video Trailer Highlights
  • Custom Designed Flush Mounted Wedding Photos Album
  • Free Uploads of Wedding and Engagement Photos and Videos

Candlelight Photography Studio | Wedding Photographer and Videographers capturing the unique love story

Famous Photographers and Videographers at CandleLight Photography Studio
The CandleLight photography studio will capture those beautiful moments that you can connect emotionally and cherish forever.

CandleLight Studio photographers and videographers embrace realism and beauty in documentary-style wedding photography and videography.

A great photo is one where the bride is posing naturally for the camera. Understandably, you may feel some amount of tension on your wedding day. Our experienced wedding photographers will relax you, get you comfortable, and always manages to capture great shots that make you look like the dazzling bride you are!

Specializing in Drone Coverage of Wedding Photography and Cinematography

Our professional wedding photographers and cinematographers use drones to capture the fantastic aerial highlights of the wedding ceremony.

Award-winning Photographers and Videographers | Candlelight Photography Studio
Award Winning Photographers at CandleLight Photography Studio
Photographers at CandleLight photography studio will make the memories of your big day as marvelous as you are.

You should have the very best on your big day. CandleLight Studio’s top wedding photographer and videographers have been capturing newly-weds for over 20 years. We promise to photoshoot your wedding that will exceed your expectations in every way.

Talk to Us Today! We at CandleLight are eagerly looking forward to working with you from your engagement to your wedding. The top photographers and videographers at CandleLight Photography Studio can capture your most intimate and joyful moments and keep them fresh for you forever.

With first-class equipment, experienced photographers and videographers, and the finest in editing, CandleLight Studio can present to you the finest in wedding albums and engagement and wedding videos. All done with a smile and the satisfaction of knowing you are happy with the results. What more can you ask?

Wedding Photography Packages at CandleLight Studio will Awe You
Save those colorful moments of your wedding photography
Weddings have lots of events, and we are ready to cover those beautiful, energetic, and colorful events while you have the best time of your life.

We have different wedding packages like drone photography, Cinematography, 4K videography, bridal party photoshoots, family portraits, and many more to choose from our wedding photography package list.

Portrait digital photography is a specialty in photography during Wedding celebration rituals throughout the special day. Weddings are joyful occasions and celebrated with extensive colorful decorations and music. Wedding celebrations differ according to the area and the new bride and bridegroom’s religious beliefs and families.

Top 5 Questions to Ask Professional Wedding Photographers

What is a reasonable price for wedding photographers?

Reasonable Cost for Wedding Photographers

Average professional wedding photographers charge between $1250 to $3800 for wedding photography, depending on the events’ timings, location, and date.

What is included in wedding photography packages?

Wedding and Event Photography and Video Packages

The wedding photography package includes high-resolution digital pictures, high-definition videography, and a custom-designed photo album.

How many photos should I get from my wedding photographer?

Wedding and Event Photos and Video Highlights

Professional wedding photographers usually take between 400 to 600 high-resolution pictures at the wedding. They deliver all photos without any watermarks within a couple of days of the event

How to find the Wedding photography Studio near me?

Best Wedding Photography Studio NYC

Most photographers have their photography studio portfolio websites. It’s easier to use the search term “wedding photographers near me” on google to look at their portfolio and find their contact information.

Do you need 2 (two) photographers at a wedding?

Wedding Video Highlights and Trailer

Two Photographers must capture both the bride and groom getting ready photos and videos when they are getting prepared simultaneously at two different locations.

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