Explore CandleLight Studio’s exquisite wedding photography, where our premier Indian photographers capture your most precious moments. Each click tells a story of love and celebration, immortalizing your special day with stunning, soulful imagery. Let us make your wedding memories unforgettable.

Expert Indian Photographers for Innovative Wedding Photography | CandleLight Studio

Artistic Indian Wedding Photograph by Top Photographers Featuring Bride and Groom
Where Love Meets Art: Indian Wedding Photography Excellence

Embark on a journey of love and celebration with CandleLight Studio, where our premier Indian photographers specialize in turning your wedding dreams into visual masterpieces. With an eye for the magical and the meaningful, our team captures the essence of your special day, crafting a story that resonates with love and joy. From candid emotions to majestic setups, our photography blends elegance and artistry. Experience the charm of bespoke wedding photography that honors your unique story. Join countless couples who have entrusted us with their most cherished moments. Let CandleLight Studio immortalize your wedding day in a tapestry of captivating images, forever celebrating your union.

Romantic Moments: Indian Wedding Videography

Where Every Frame Narrates a Tale of Romance – Indian Wedding Videography.

Capture the Heartbeat of Your Love Story with Indian Wedding Videography.

Discover the art of storytelling through ‘Romantic Moments: Indian Wedding Videography.’ Experience heartfelt emotions and timeless love stories captured in motion. Our videographers specialize in immortalizing the essence of your romance, weaving each smile, tear, and laughter into a cinematic masterpiece that resonates with the soul of Indian traditions. Perfect for couples seeking a blend of contemporary style and cultural depth.

Crafting Visual Masterpieces of Love and Luxury in Indian Wedding Videography.

Step into a world of opulence with ‘Luxury Wedding Shots by Indian Videographers.’ Our team crafts visual extravaganzas that reflect the grandeur of your special day. From lavish settings to intricate details, our cinematography captures every luxurious element, ensuring your wedding video is nothing short of a cinematic spectacle. It is ideal for couples who desire a majestic and stylish portrayal of their wedding.

Elevate Your Wedding Day with Cinematic Luxury – Indian Videography at Its Finest.

CandleLight Studio: Unforgettable Moments with Top Indian Photographers

Capturing Unforgettable Moments: Wedding photography is more than just taking pictures. It’s about capturing the fleeting moments, the unspoken emotions, and the joyous celebrations that make your special day truly unforgettable. That’s where CandleLight Studio steps in. Specializing in wedding photography with top Indian photographers, we are dedicated to preserving the most precious moments of your life in the most beautiful way possible.

Meet CandleLight Studio: At CandleLight Studio, we blend the art of photography with the essence of emotion, making every picture a window to the heart of your celebration. Our team of skilled Indian photographers is not just adept at handling the camera; they are artists who capture the soul of your celebration, the laughter, tears, and joy that define your big day.

The Essence of Wedding Photography

Capturing the Celebration: Wedding photography is essential to your big day as a reminder of every small and significant moment. It’s about telling your love story through pictures. At CandleLight Studio, our Indian photographers are masters at capturing the essence of your celebration. From the bride’s shy smile to the parents’ proud tears, our cameras capture every emotion in its most authentic form.

The CandleLight Touch: Our approach goes beyond traditional photography. We focus on creating a narrative of your day, a visual story that unfolds the beauty and emotions of each moment. Our Indian photographers work tirelessly to ensure that every detail, every candid smile, and every loving glance is captured and immortalized.

Why Choose Indian Photographers for Your Wedding?

A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Indian photographers, with their deep understanding of traditions and modern aesthetics, bring a unique perspective to wedding photography. They are not just photographers; they are storytellers who weave the richness of Indian culture into your wedding album.

Enhancing Your Memories With Indian Photographers

 At CandleLight Studio, our Indian photographers use their cultural insight to capture the essence of traditional ceremonies while infusing a contemporary touch to your photos. This blend ensures that your wedding album is a collection of pictures and a treasure trove of timeless memories.

CandleLight Studio’s Approach to Wedding Photography

Our Style and Techniques

At CandleLight Studio, our style combines candid and traditional photography. We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality of images. Our techniques constantly evolve, keeping up with the latest trends and innovations in wedding photography.

Capturing Your Unique Story

Every couple and their story are unique. Our Indian photographers take the time to understand your vision, personality, and story. This deep understanding allows us to capture photos that are not just visually stunning but also deeply personal and reflective of your bond.

A Glimpse into CandleLight Studio’s Work

Showcasing Our Work: Our portfolio is a testament to our commitment to excellence in wedding photography. It showcases a variety of styles – from the grandeur of traditional Indian weddings to the intimacy of small, private ceremonies. Each photograph is a piece of art, capturing the moment’s essence.

Hear from Our Clients

The testimonials from our satisfied clients speak volumes about our service. “Our wedding photos are a dream come true,” says one couple. “CandleLight Studio captured every moment so beautifully, it felt like reliving the day all over again,” says another. These testimonials underscore our dedication to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

The Importance of Professionalism in Wedding Photography

Professionalism in Every Click

In wedding photography, professionalism is critical. It’s not just about the quality of the photos but also about understanding and respecting the couple’s vision, managing timelines effectively, and ensuring a seamless experience. At CandleLight Studio, professionalism is at the heart of what we do. Our team of Indian photographers is both talented and highly professional, ensuring that every aspect of your wedding photography is handled with care and precision.

Meeting and Exceeding Expectations

We understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Our photographers are committed to understanding your needs and preferences from the outset. We coordinate closely with you to capture every precious moment beautifully without intruding on your celebration. We aim to make the process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, allowing you to focus on savoring every moment of your special day.

Customized Packages for Every Couple

Tailored to Your Needs

We believe that every couple is unique, and so are their photography needs. CandleLight Studio offers a range of wedding photography packages, each designed to cater to different needs and budgets. Whether planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, we have a package just right for you.

Flexibility and Customization

Our packages range from basic coverage of the main events to comprehensive packages that include pre-wedding shoots, multiple photographers, and more. We understand that your wedding plans may change, and we’re flexible enough to accommodate those changes. We aim to provide you with a customized experience that perfectly captures the essence of your special day.

Pre-Wedding Photography: Crafting Your Story Before the Big Day

The Growing Trend: Pre-wedding photography has become essential to the wedding journey. It’s an opportunity to capture the excitement and anticipation of the big day. At CandleLight Studio, we specialize in creating beautiful pre-wedding photos that tell your unique story.

Capturing Your Journey: Our pre-wedding shoots are not just photo sessions; they celebrate your journey together. Our Indian photographers work with you to choose locations, themes, and styles that reflect your personality and relationship. Whether it’s a shoot at a location unique to you or a themed shoot that reflects your interests, we strive to make your pre-wedding photos as unique as your love story.

The Magic of Indian Wedding Photography

A Symphony of Color and Emotion: Indian weddings are a kaleidoscope of colors, emotions, and traditions. Our Indian photographers are experts at capturing these celebrations’ vibrancy and cultural richness. From the intricate details of the bridal attire to the grandeur of the wedding ceremonies, we capture every aspect of your special day.

More Than Just Photos: At CandleLight Studio, we understand that Indian wedding photography is about capturing the essence of your traditions and rituals. Our photographers are experienced in covering a wide range of ceremonies, ensuring that the cultural significance of each moment is beautifully preserved.

Post-Wedding Services: From Albums to Digital Galleries

Cherishing the Memories: our service doesn’t just end with handing over the photographs after the wedding. We offer various post-wedding services, including album creation and digital galleries. Our team works with you to select the best photos and design a wedding album that tells your story most beautifully.

A Complete Experience: Our digital galleries provide an easy way to share your special moments with friends and family. We also offer prints and wall art, allowing you to display your cherished memories in your home. At CandleLight Studio, we are committed to providing a complete and satisfying post-wedding experience, ensuring that your wedding memories are preserved and treasured for a lifetime.

Preparing for Your Big Day with CandleLight Studio

Choosing the Right Style: Before the big day, consider the style of photography you prefer. Whether candid, traditional, or a mix of both, our Indian photographers are skilled in various techniques to match your desired aesthetic.

Planning the Timeline: Discussing your wedding timeline with us in advance helps ensure we capture all the key moments. We’ll work with you to create a seamless photography schedule from the early preparations to the final send-off.

Why Trust Us for Your Wedding Photography Needs

  • Proven Expertise: CandleLight Studio brings years of experience and expertise in wedding photography. Our skilled team of Indian photographers has a keen eye for detail, ensuring that every photo we take is a work of art.
  • Satisfied Couples: The trust we’ve earned from numerous couples speaks to our commitment to excellence. Our testimonials and reviews reflect the joy and satisfaction of couples who’ve entrusted us with capturing their special day. Unique Approach: We believe every couple’s story is unique, and our approach reflects this belief. We focus on understanding and bringing your vision to life through our lenses, ensuring your wedding photos are as unique as your love story.

Tailored Wedding Packages: Discover Your Perfect Fit and Price

Unforgettable Memories: Explore Our Wedding Photography Packages
Preserve the magic of your special day with our meticulously crafted wedding photography packages.

Wedding Photography at Unbeatable Prices by CandleLight Studio

  • Welcome to New York’s Premier Indian Wedding Photographers | CandleLight Studio – Your Top-Rated Choice.
  • Get More for Your Money with Affordable Wedding Photography Packages
  • Unique Wedding Photo Albums Tailored Just for You
  • Cinematic Wedding Video Highlights Reels: An Unforgettable Journey
  • Share the Joy with Loved Ones: Live Stream Your Special Moments
  • Drone Flying Cameras: Elevate Your Wedding Experience
  • Unleash the Full Potential of Your Memories
  • Complimentary Online Gallery: An Artistic Showcase
  • Make Your Wedding Unforgettable with CandleLight Studio
  • Book Your Unforgettable Wedding Experience Now!

Contact us today to reserve your date and secure the most enchanting wedding photography experience. Let CandleLight Studio be your trusted partner in capturing the magic of your love story.


BASIC Package

4 Hours of Digital Photography

All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered Online

FREE UPLOAD of selected photos on the Internet


BRONZE Package

4 hours of High Definition Videography

UnEdited High Definition Video Footage Delivered Online

FREE UPLOAD of selected video clips on the Internet

Photos | Video

SILVER Package

4 Hours of Digital Photography and High Definition Videography

All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered Online

UnEdited High Definition Video Footage Delivered Online

FREE UPLOAD of selected photos on the Internet

Photos | Video | Album

GOLDEN Package

4 Hours of Digital Photography and 4K Videography

1 Flush Mount Photo Album – size 12″x36″ (25 Pages/50 Sides) with Plexiglas Acrylic Cover

5~10 Minutes Video Highlights Reel

FULL Length Edited Video (Dynamic Titles, Special Effects, and Matching Songs), Delivered on USB Drive and Online

All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered on USB Drive and Online

USB Drives are Playable on Smart TVs, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, etc., with USB input

Free Online Photo Gallery

FREE UPLOAD of selected photos and Video Highlights on the Internet

Common Questions About Indian Photography and Photographers: Your Queries Answered!

What types of wedding photography services does CandleLight Studio offer?

FAQs on capturing Desi weddings, couple's candid moment

At CandleLight Studio, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including pre-wedding shoots, wedding day photography, and post-wedding photo sessions. Our team of Indian photographers specializes in capturing every aspect of your special day, ensuring that no moment is missed.

Are there different packages available?

Houston Indian wedding photography FAQs, couple in sunset light

Absolutely! We offer various packages to suit different needs and budgets. From basic coverage to premium packages that include multiple photographers and extended hours, we have options to cater to every requirement. We can also customize a package specifically for your wedding.

How do I book CandleLight Studio for my wedding?

NYC wedding photography FAQs, couple's silhouette against city lights

Booking with us is simple. You can contact us through our website, email, or phone. We recommend booking early to ensure availability, especially during peak wedding seasons.

Captivating Indian Wedding Photography Services by CandleLight Studio

Exploring the Expertise of Premier Indian Photographers | CandleLight Studio

Contact Us and Start Your Journey: Ready to capture your unforgettable moments? Contact us at CandleLight Studio to discuss your wedding photography needs. Visit our website, email us, or give us a call – we’re here to make your wedding photography dreams come true.

Choosing the Best Indian Photographers for Your Special Day at CandleLight Studio

Book Your Consultation: We invite you to book a consultation with our top Indian photographers. Let’s discuss how we can make your wedding memories last a lifetime. Contact us today and start your journey with CandleLight Studio – where every moment is a cherished memory.

Indian Photography: Preserving Your Wedding Memories | CandleLight Studio

Step into the enchanting world of Indian Photography with CandleLight Studio, where we specialize in preserving your wedding memories with unparalleled artistry and passion. Our skilled Indian photographers capture every precious moment, from the vibrant colors of traditional ceremonies to the intimate exchanges of love and laughter. With a blend of creativity and cultural insight, we ensure that your wedding album tells the unique story of your special day. Let us transform your cherished memories into timeless treasures that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Trust CandleLight Studio to capture the essence of your love story with authenticity and grace.

Unlocking the Essence of Indian Wedding Photography – CandleLight Studio

About the Visionary: Discover more about Surinder Singh, a Pioneer in South Asian & Indian Wedding Photography and Videography.