This wedding video highlights a beautiful Guyanese Hindu wedding ceremony celebrated in Richmond Hill, Queens, and Long Island, New York.

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Regarding wedding photography, a few things are essential to many couples: quality, affordability, and cultural authenticity. Indian photographers offer all these things and understand the importance of capturing cultural traditions in videos and photos. Many Guyanese couples choose Indian photographers from CandleLight Studio to capture their big day.

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Hundreds of Hindus from Guyana and the surrounding areas gathered in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY, on Sunday to celebrate a traditional wedding ceremony. The streets of Queens in New York were alive with the sound of celebration.  A Hindu wedding ceremony was taking place, and members of the Indian community had turned out in force to witness it. The bride and groom, decked out in traditional wedding attire, were surrounded by their families and friends as they solemnly took their vows.

The bride, dressed in a red sari, was escorted down the aisle by her father to meet her groom. The first step is the Kanya Daan, where the bride’s father gives his daughter to the groom. The couple then recites traditional marriage vows and exchanges rings. Some highlights include the traditional dance performances by the bride and groom and their guests.

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They also partake in a ceremony called Pratigyaa, where they promise how they will treat each other during their marriage. Next comes the Saat Phere, where the bride and groom walk around a sacred fire seven times, pledging their love and devotion to one another. After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed the delicious feast of traditional Indian food. The photographers and videographers from CandleLight Studio were there to capture every moment of the day’s proceedings.

The bride and groom had hired them to immortalize their special day, and they would not disappoint them. From the preparations before the ceremony to the final dance at the reception, CandleLight Studio photographers captured it. The photos and videos from this Hindu wedding ceremony are memories for the bride and groom for generations to cherish.

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Capturing the love: Indian photographers document a Guyanese wedding

Indian wedding photographers offer an impeccable and truly unique wedding photography experience. From the moment you book your appointment, our photographers will work diligently to ensure that every detail of your wedding day is captured perfectly. Whether looking for traditional Indian-style photos or something more modern and contemporary, talented photographers at CandleLight Studio will help you create the perfect memories of your special day.

The Tassa band and dance is a traditional celebration often seen at Guyanese weddings. The band consists of musicians who play percussion instruments such as drums, clappers, and maracas. They are usually accompanied by a dancer who performs a folk dance called the Tassa. The Tassa is said to be derived from the ancient Hindu religious dance Bharatanatyam.

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When planning your Guyanese wedding, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is who will capture the memories of your big day. If you’re looking for exceptional wedding photography and videography packages, look no further than Indian photographers at CandleLight Studio.

Indian photographers from CandleLight Photography Studio have a reputation for creating stunning images and videos that capture the essence of your Guyanese wedding day. They’ll work with you to create a package that meets your needs and budget, and they’ll capture every moment of your special day. So, if you’re looking for breathtaking wedding photos and videos that will last a lifetime, consider hiring an Indian photographer from CandleLight Studio. Perfect Guyanese Wedding Photography by Indian Photographers of New York.

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Guyanese Hindu Weddings in New York. Since the early 1990s, Hindu weddings have occurred in New York City. One of the reasons is that Guyana, the country where most Hindus in New York City come from, is a small country with a population of fewer than one million people. Consequently, many young Guyanese couples have to go abroad to get married.

Another reason for the popularity of Hindu weddings in New York City is that they are very colorful and festive occasions. The ceremonies can last several days, including traditional music, dance performances, prayers, and religious rituals. In addition, there is usually a lot of food and drink at these weddings, and everyone enjoys themselves immensely. Hindu weddings in New York City are also very social events.

CandleLight Studio photography and videography services for Guyanese Hindu Weddings in New York. Regarding Hindu Weddings, nothing captures the essence of the day quite like CandleLight Studio’s photography and videography services. Based in New York, this company has been capturing beautiful memories for couples worldwide for years. Their talented photographers and videographers know how to capture your special day’s emotions, from laughter to tears. They will work with you to create a custom package that fits your needs and budget, ensuring you have everything you need to remember your wedding day.

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Brooklyn, New York-based photographers from CandleLight studio captured a Guyanese Christian wedding on a recent Sunday morning in the Church in Brooklyn filled with the beautiful sounds of a traditional Guyanese Christian wedding.

The bride, groom, and their families are of Guyanese descent and were excited to celebrate their special day with friends and family in their native country’s cultural traditions. The bride wore a white gown with gold embroidery, and the groom dressed in a traditional black suit with a red bow tie. Their ceremony occurred at the historic Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture building and was officiated by a pastor from Guyana.

The bride and groom exchanged their vows before God and family, surrounded by friends who had traveled worldwide to witness this special day. The service was conducted entirely in Guyanese Creole, with special music provided by a local steel band.

After the ceremony, everyone enjoyed a delicious Caribbean buffet with jerk chicken, curried goat, and plantains. It was a wonderful celebration of love and faith, and everyone agreed it was one of the most memorable weddings they had ever attended.

Indian photographers from CandleLight studio at Guyanese Christian Wedding in Brooklyn Church. When looking for a wedding photographer, most couples look for someone with experience who can provide them with beautiful photos that will last a lifetime. However, when a Guyanese couple married in Brooklyn, they found a photographer, Surinder Singh, who had the experience and skills they sought and a special connection to their faith.

CandleLight Studio is an Indian photography studio located in New York City. The studio is run by a team of professional photographers with over 20 years of experience. When Photographer Surinder Singh was asked to photograph a Guyanese wedding in Brooklyn, he was excited to have the opportunity to shoot in a church. According to Guyanese wedding traditions, Guyana Hindu wedding involves the couple’s families and friends, often at the bride’s home.

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that should be captured perfectly. When choosing a photographer or videographer, one must consider their style, experience, and price. It is also essential to ensure they can capture all the special moments of your wedding day.

  1. The critical thing to consider before hiring a photographer for your events:
  2. Good disposition, friendly and helpful personality.
  3. Experience in weddings and events Photography, videography, and styling.
  4. Professional work ethic, ability to work on time, and good communication skills.

FAQs: Questions to ask your Indian photographer for your Guyanese wedding photography:

What is the best time of day to shoot a wedding?
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There is no “best” time of day to shoot a wedding, as each couple’s schedule will differ. However, CandleLight Studio photographers recommend shooting in the morning or evening when the light is softer and more flattering.

When should we book you for wedding photography?
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We recommend booking your photographer as soon as possible. Famous photographers can book up to a year in advance, so it’s best to reserve your date as soon as you have set the wedding date.

How much does a photographer cost for a Guyanese wedding ceremony?
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There is no set price for wedding photography. It depends on the photographer’s experience and what services they offer. A good photographer typically charges around $1000 to $1500 for a full day of coverage.

Surinder Singh is a famous photographer specializing in wedding, portrait, corporate, and event photography
Surinder Singh is a professional photographer who provides high-quality photography services for events, parties, and weddings.

Planning a Guyanese Indian wedding is no small task. There are many things to consider, from the wedding venue to the catering and photography. That’s why booking your photographer as early as possible is essential.

If you’re looking for a professional photographer to capture your special day, look no further than Surinder Singh. His work has been featured in international magazines, and he has years of experience capturing weddings and other special events. He will work with you to create a custom package that fits your needs and budget and will ensure you receive high-quality photos you will cherish for a lifetime.

The CandleLight Photography studio is one of the most famous studios in the area, and they often book months in advance. So, if you’re considering hiring CandleLight studio for your big day, don’t wait – call them today!

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